9 Dynamic Vacation Destinations Near WinStar World Casino

Two Attractions in Background With Winstar World Casino and Resort Logo in Front

WinStar World Casino and Resort is one of the largest if not the largest casinos in the world. With its many casino venues within the venue, along with a plethora of amenities, you don’t need to venture from the premises if you don’t want to.

But if you’re looking to explore the areas surrounding Thackerville, Oklahoma, out of curiosity, today’s post will give you a few cool ideas of where to look. You’re never short on excitement at WinStar World Casino, but it’s just the beginning of a thrilling vacation to the area.

Use today’s post to build that vacation itinerary. So, once the adrenaline-pumping games at WinStar World have worn you out and you’ve been through the amenities, you will now have nine more places in the area to explore.

Ready to discover all of what is waiting for you in Thackerville? Keep reading.

1 – Circle ‘N Dairy

You will find Circle ‘N Dairy in Gainesville, Texas, as you will for many of these attractions. And if you’re into the local farm scene, Circle ‘N Dairy is where you’ll get a few behind-the-scenes looks. It is at 2074 County Road 446 in Gainesville. So, like many farms, it’s out there.

They allow your kids to interact with the animals, and you can shop for perhaps some of the cleanest dairy products in the area.

If you live somewhat nearby and you’re looking for a full proof alternative to what you will find at a national grocery store chain, Circle ‘N Dairy is a great stop—especially when you’re on your way home from the casino.

2 – Deschain Cellars

You will stumble upon plenty of outstanding cocktails over at WinStar World Casino. But if you’re looking for a break, head over to 8363 US – 82 in Gainesville for arguably the most unique experience of your life as far as wineries go.

Here, you will find signature dry red wine from winemaker Willem Johnson. And yes, he has handcrafted each one right from those homegrown Texas grapes to give you an authentic, local flavor. Enjoy the sweet, sparkling drinks in an outdoor setting and catch a stunning view of the open Texas landscape.

Hardly a thing in the entire area beats the view or the rich flavor you will get at Deschain Cellars.

3 – Amelia’s Attic Antique Store

At 115 W. California Street, you will find perhaps the most popular antique mall in the area. Amelia’s Attic Antique Store offers reasonable pricing, an ultra-friendly staff, plus such a vast selection of goods that many reviewers on TripAdvisor had to take their time here.

Amelia's Attic Antique Shop

While you will find plenty of modern-day designer options at all the boutique outlets WinStar World Casino offers, if you’re in the camp that prefers a quaint setting and selection, Amelia’s is where it’s at.

So take the trip to Gainesville as you will find a treasure at this rather obscure but vibrant shop. It’s one of those hidden gem, small-town attractions that you won’t find everywhere.

4 – Wiese’s

Head over to 109 S Commerce Street in Gainesville and you’ll come across yet another specialty shop. Wises’s features an amazing selection of gifts in which to buy, including a Christmas section, wind chimes, baby gifts, tees, sunglasses, wallets, cross pens, ponchos, and more.

The shop also specializes in jewelry and even repair services if you have a watch that has gone out of whack.

However, since you’re traveling into town, you’re less likely to use the repair services as opposed to gift browsing and buying. If you didn’t find anything over at Amelia’s, Wiese’s may just become your next top shopping outlet outside of WinStar World Casino.

5 – Leonard Park

If you’re looking for a great way to entwine yourself with the natural Texan scenery, head over to 1000 W. California Street in Gainesville and you’ll find Leonard Park. One reviewer noted the playground equipment is so sturdy that even adults can enjoy it.

So, if you’re looking to have fun and let the kid in you shine, Leonard Park is the place to go. While Leonard Park lacks walking paths, they have several walkways in which you can make your own. This makes Leonard Park an ideal location for a scenic walk when you are looking for one.

Plus, you will find the Frank Buck Zoo on the premises. If you’re interested in learning more about the zoo, see Section 9 of this post and it will tell you all you need to know.

6 – Border Casino

Thackerville, Oklahoma isn’t just the home to WinStar World Casino and Resort. You will also find a little casino here called Border Casino, which is yet another Chickasaw-owned gaming venue. Since WinStar World comprises nine casino gaming venues, you can think of Border as the unofficial 10th gaming venue.

This is the casino you want to frequent if your goal is to avoid all those crowds. As a smaller venue, you will find a casual atmosphere, a friendly, helpful staff, and of course, more than a few electronic gaming devices.

A few reviewers on TripAdvisor have praised the Chickasaw Nation for renovating this venue. Among the renovations, reviewers now state that they had easier access to and from the casino, a greater variety of games, which implies a few rotations among the selections, and an expanded bar and cafe area.

Border Casino in Oklahoma

So, if you need a break from the thousands of casino-goers that WinStar World Casino will attract, you will find a fine consolation at Border Casino.

7 – The Bradshaw Bunch Ranch

Once upon a time, Terry Bradshaw probably wasn’t the most popular guy in the area, having beaten the Dallas Cowboys in two Super Bowls during the 1970s to claim the Team of the Decade for his Pittsburgh Steelers.

However, since Bradshaw has not played in nearly 40 seasons and serves as comic relief on Fox NFL Sunday, he has become one of America’s favorite TV personalities. Thus, you will find the setting of the Bradshaw Bunch right here in Thackerville.

If you’re a fan of those Pittsburgh Steelers (those fans are everywhere, even in Cowboys territory), or if you admire Bradshaw’s TV show or his takes on Fox NFL Sunday, take a ride by the ranch when you need to find a cool roadside attraction to snap a few photos.

It’ll be one heck of a scenic pic for yourself or anyone else in your family who grew up idolizing the former Pittsburgh Steelers star quarterback.

8 – Just Kiddies

Head over to 315 E California Street in Gainesville, Texas, and you will find a great spot for the youngest kids in your travel group. If you need to keep them occupied while the oldest in your group enjoy a game at one of the nine casino plazas, Just Kiddies is the perfect option.

Just Kiddies Boutique For Kids in Gainesville Texas

It’s about 10 minutes from Thackerville, so you’re looking at just a short jaunt from the casino. And this kiddie boutique outlet has just about everything for infants, toddlers, and young kids (think early grade school and younger). They operate more as the primary target market.

However, their description on TripAdvisor also suggests that they carry gifts for adults, too, so perhaps you will find a treasure here. They tout that everything they carry is handmade and yes, most of these gifts are one of a kind. You won’t find duplicates anywhere beyond this location.

9 – Frank Buck Zoo

And finally, it’s never a complete vacation without a trip to a popular zoo. So, head over to 1000 W. California Street in Gainesville and you’ll find yet another hot spot for the kids in your travel group.

The family-friendly location offers 85 acres within Leonard Park (see Section 5 for more on the park). Here, you will find more picnic tables, covered pavilions, plus a community playground. Seasonally, they offer access to a miniature train ride and an aquatic center.

Popular exhibits at the Frank Buck Zoo include the African Savannah and African Outpost, the former of which comprises eight species of animals inhabiting the area below the elevated walkway.

Having served the area for over 50 years and attracting an estimated 75,000 visitors annually, the Frank Buck Zoo is a vibrant small-town attraction with much to see. If you’re an animal or nature lover, plan your trip for when you need a break from the adrenaline-pumping madness at WinStar World Casino.


Yeah, WinStar World Casino may be one of the world’s most ultimate casino destinations. Therefore, it makes sense that many will turn a trip to the casino and only the casino into a grand getaway. And that’s cool. But even in a small area like Thackerville and nearby Gainesville, you have a lot to see.

If you’re not wishing to limit yourself from all there is to experience in the area, use today’s list to build that vacation itinerary. Play the slots and tables at a few of WinStar World Casino’s gaming plazas, then head on out and experience this obscure region.

Have you visited WinStar World Casino? If so, did you visit any of the nearby attractions listed in today’s post. Tell us where you went and let us know about your experience. Also, let us know if you visited an attraction not listed above. We are looking forward to reading your stories.