9 Awesome Vacation Destinations Near Ameristar St. Charles

Main Street of St. Charles and a Classic Car Garage

Ameristar St. Charles is one of many top-end casinos in Missouri and it is one of those casino venues that you can spend ages in and never get bored. However, St. Charles, Missouri, is brimming with fun things to do at every turn, so you’re shorting yourself if you don’t at least head out and discover a few hot attractions.

Today’s post will cover nine of those vacation attractions near Ameristar St. Charles. Many of which, such as the St. Charles Historic District, boasts an attraction within the attraction. This post is also not a complete list, and odds are you will find even more awesome vacation destinations to visit on your trip to the area.

Keep reading to discover a bit of what’s waiting for you near Ameristar Casino Resort & Spa in St. Charles.

St. Charles Historic District

It is a recipient of the 2021 Traveler’s Choice Award and it’s an attraction near Ameristar St. Charles in which you will find plenty of attractions within the attraction. So, if you’re looking to spend at least a few hours away from the gaming floor, make a quick jaunt to the St. Charles Historic District.

You’re getting 16 blocks worth of retail options, restaurants, and even hotel options if you’re still looking for a place to stay in the area. Come on over and spend those winnings from the Ameristar if you have any, check out their endless entertainment options, or grab a bite to eat in town.

The historic district is the oldest settlement in St. Charles, dating back to 1769 when the area was nothing more than a wild frontier. Almost every building that you will come across has been restructured and repurposed for its current use, so there is arguably more history here than anywhere else in Missouri.

In the district, you will find other attractions like the First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site, and Missouri Artists on Main Gallery, just to name a few.

Fast Lane Classic Cars

Fast Lane Classic cars traces its roots back to 1994 and it has since remained a fixture in the St. Charles area. And while it’s technically a collector car dealership, they are always open to tours, so feel free to come in even if you didn’t win enough money at Ameristar St. Charles to get that collector car.

Best yet, they offer free tours, meaning you don’t need to win a single penny to embark on a tour that features 180 cars, trucks, and motorcycles, along with a restoration shop. During the tour of the buildings, you will also find art, memorabilia, antiques, and so much more.

Fast Lane Classic Cars in St. Charles

If you won some money at Ameristar but not enough for a full-sized collector car, don’t sweat. Head over to the nearby gift shop and find something cool to take back to the casino.

If you’re interested in checking out these classic muscle cars, head over to 427 Little Hills Industrial Boulevard in St. Charles.

Lewis and Clark Boat House and Nature Center

If you’re interested in learning more about the formative period of America’s most prominent explorers, check out this hub dedicated to the lives and times of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

You will find replicas of boats from the era that Lewis and Clark used, plus an on-site museum that highlights their entire trip, which started at this very spot in St. Charles, and ended at Fort Clatsop in what is today Northwest Oregon.

You’re getting a front-row seat of the wildlife and nature scenery they encountered, along with important events and stops during their expedition west.

Many reviewers on TripAdvisor urge that you watch the film at the museum that gives you a broader insight into the expedition. And if you’re looking for a few cool items to take home with you, there is plenty to shop for at the gift shop.

If you’re a history buff, expect to spend a few hours here. Regardless, you will spend at least one hour touring the facility. Find the museum at 1050 S Riverside Drive.

Katy Trail State Park

This is a great place for a hike and to embrace the great outdoors, and it’s a great attraction to pair with the nearby Lewis and Clark Boat House. Once you’ve finished your expedition through the museum, head over for a hike at Katy Trail State Park.

You’re getting a wide, flat trail, making it an easy jaunt for anyone regardless of age or fitness level. Given its vast width, Katy Trail State Park is also a good place to ride your bike. The only downside is that reviewers noted the trail lacks mile markers.

Katy Trail State Park in Missouri

It’s a popular place for locals during the warmer months of the year, making it an outstanding hot spot to mingle and to make a few friends.

Weldon Springs Clark Trail

The state of Missouri acts as the Gateway to the West. And when we think of the West, everything from rolling hills to flat cornfields, deciduous forests, open prairie, and vast mountain ranges fill our minds.

One place to catch a few of those remarkable views of the west is Weldon Springs Clark Trail, and it’s yet another hot spot for both local hikers and tourists.

Unlike the trail at Katy Trail State Park, reviewers have warned that Weldon Springs is far more challenging. It’s winding, bounding, and it will lead you away from civilization faster than you can blink.

Like Katy, it also lacks markers. And given its winding, far more narrow paths, it’s much easier to get lost at Weldon Springs. Reviewers urge that you at least bring a GPS with you to prevent that from happening.

However, given the risks involved regarding Weldon Springs, reviewers have commended the place for its impeccable views. If you’re looking for the perfect landscapes to snap a few photos of, you will find them at Weldon Springs.

August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area

Head over to 2360 Highway Drive and you will find this vast conservation area along with even more picturesque views, especially if you’re looking for a romantic evening watching the sunset.

It’s also a hot spot for locals to fish, and to nature watch. The only downside, as reviewers noted, is that you may come across hunters in the area during specific times of the year. So, if you’re out and about during hunting season, make sure you wear bright orange or lime green for safety reasons.

August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area in St. Charles Missouri

On an interesting note, you will find a solid number of TNT plant bunkers left over from World War II.

First Missouri State Capitol State Historic State

This is a perfect tour if you’re interested in regional history. You will find the historic site at 200 S. Main Street in St. Charles, and it’s right in the historic district. If you’ve ventured to the top attraction on today’s list, you’re in the neighborhood.

This site acted as the first seat of Missouri’s state government, and the timber floors that you will walk across are the same ones from back in the day.

Inside, you will stumble across numerous interpretive programs that give you an idea of how they formed the first state government.

Other exhibits will show you what life was like in the area back in the early 19th Century, long before Missouri became a state.

The Family Arena

While you will find a good deal of entertainment at Ameristar St. Charles, or at least in the St. Charles Historic District, there are still many other avenues in the area to satisfy the entertainment craving. The Family Arena is one of those places.

Head over to 2002 Arena Parkway in St. Charles, where you will discover a top-notch concert venue with a plethora of restaurants nearby when you’re looking to grab a bite before or after the show. Besides the tickets, they often charge about $10 for parking.

The Family Arena in St. Charles Missouri

Overall, it’s a no-frills arena, per the locals. However, regardless of whether someone local or nationally known is gracing the stage, or even if a popular production is in town, reviewers rave about the venue’s top-notch sound system, easy parking, and the fast-moving lines at both will-call and security checkpoints.

Missouri Artists on Main Gallery

This is a rather quick stop. So, if you’re looking for something that won’t take you too far out of your way from Ameristar St. Charles, Missouri Artists on Main Gallery should figure to be a solid destination.

Located at 315-321 on Main Street in St. Charles, it’s home to an eclectic assortment of works from local artists. Regardless of the types of artwork, or genre, they have a sensational selection.

And best yet, this isn’t necessarily an art museum as much as it is a shop. When you want a piece of St. Charles to take home with you, look no further than the Missouri Artists on Main Gallery.

Our Final Thoughts on St. Chalers Missouri

There are many cool things to do near Ameristar St. Charles, and today’s post lists just a few of them.

As mentioned in the intro, you will probably find a few more cool things to do that did not make the cut on today’s list. Keep those eyes peeled and see if you can spot a few more things to add to your list when you are planning your itinerary.

Have you visited Ameristar St. Charles? Did you visit any of the above attractions on today’s list? Let us know where you went in the comments.