8 Remarkable Vacation Attractions Near the Vicksburg Casinos

City of Vicksburg Mississippi With Two Local Attractions In The Background

Some of us know Vicksburg for its history, while others know it for the vibrant casino scene. So, if you’re in the latter group but you’re looking for cool ways to entertain yourself when you need a break from some adrenaline-pumping casino games, today’s post is one that you must read.

It features eight non-casino attractions that will fit into any vacation itinerary throughout your time in Vicksburg. Whether you are staying at Casino Vicksburg or the Ameristar Casino Hotel, these attractions are not too far for a quick trip out into the town.

As expected, you’re getting quite the number of historical tours here, beginning with Vicksburg National Park. But you’ll also find haunted attractions, an attractive set of murals, a mansion, and more. If you’re looking to spend an entire day or two away from the casinos, you can probably explore each attraction listed here within that time span.

So, are you ready to discover what’s waiting for you in Vicksburg? Let’s get going.

1 – Vicksburg National Military Park

Once the site of a huge battlefield, Vicksburg National Military Park is now a peaceful land. Head over to 3021 Clay Street in Vicksburg and catch a phenomenal history lesson that has cemented itself as one of the top tourist destinations in the country.

This is an exceptional attraction to pair with if you plan on visiting the Vicksburg Campaign Trail, a scenic drive just one-tenth of a mile away from the National Military Park. Or if you plan on heading to the McRaven House or the Old Court House, both of which sit about 2 miles away.

So, come on out and entwine yourself with nature as you venture through this 1,800-acre park that is now a peaceful ground, even if they say ghosts of another time continue to haunt the place. At the site, you will see memorials dedicated to the battle, old artillery equipment, inscriptions, dedications, and more.

It’s a glorious trip for you if you’re a fan of American History. But it also makes for a good nature walk.

2 – U.S.S. Cairo Museum

The U.S.S. Cairo Museum sits right inside the Vicksburg National Military Park. Odds are you will stumble across it during your time here. This was the first ship to be sunk by a torpedo, and the 2020 TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Recipient draws thousands to its ruins every year.

USS Cairo in Vicksburg Mississippi

Sometimes, they open the nearby visitors center, but even when closed, you can still get up close and personal with this historic vessel. If they open the center to the public, head on inside and scour through the exhibits.

But even without a trip to the museum, reviewers on TripAdvisor agree it’s more than worth visiting not only for the close-up but also because of the detailed descriptions surrounding the U.S.S. Cairo. Once again, if you appreciate a good history lesson, it’s worth visiting.

3 – Vicksburg Riverfront Murals

It’s just a football field away from the Jesse Brent Lower Mississippi River Museum and Interpretive Center, so on your way over, make sure you stop here for a closeup that tells the rich tale of Vicksburg, Mississippi. And no, you won’t just catch a tale of the war. There is far more to the wonderful history of this town.

With stunning works of art depicting the town’s earliest settlers to what Vicksburg’s historic downtown looked like back in the day, these old murals show you what day-to-day life was like centuries ago.

Art at the Vicksburg Riverfront

Oh, and you’ll probably find yourself stunned with how photogenic these murals look. It’s as if you’re looking into actual photos some artist had plastered onto the walls. Odds are, you won’t find too many murals like these anywhere else in America that depict so much culture and history in a single setting.

4 – McRaven House

Head over to 1445 Harrison Street in Vicksburg and you will stumble across the McRaven House. A rather haunted attraction. If you’re into the paranormal, put this one at the top of your list.

But if you’re one who’d like to step back in time, it’s also worth touring the property and the building. And you won’t find yourself disappointed.

Not only have reviewers stated they’ve seen more artifacts from the original families who had lived here present at this home; they also witnessed plenty of ghostly activity. So, the confirmations of such suspicions have arrived from those who had stepped foot inside.

It’s more than worth the visit. Plus, given its proximity to the Riverfront Murals, Jesse Brent Center, and Old Courthouse. So, you got four excellent attractions in one area. Speaking of the courthouse and Jesse Brent Center, let’s talk about them next.

5 – Old Courthouse

Besides the McRaven House, you will also find the Old Courthouse near the Anchuca Museum, which rests within a quarter-mile of the structure. If you’re looking for more on the history of the Civil War, you’ll find it here, and they boast tons of artifacts.

You’ll come across artifacts like old weapons, swords, maps from the war, newspapers, and even prominent paintings. A few reviewers found themselves so impressed by the Old Courthouse that they returned for second tours.

Old Courthouse Museum in Vicksburg Mississippi

Head over to 1008 Cherry Street in the heart of downtown Vicksburg and catch yet another prominent history lesson that you will not find in any other American city. And odds are, you may join that group of reviewers on TripAdvisor who have taken multiple tours of the place—especially if you’re a fan of Civil War history.

6 – Jesse Brent Lower Mississippi River Museum and Interpretive Center

Head over to 910 Washington Street and you’ll run into the Jesse Brent Center. It’s yet another fine history museum, but this one talks about the history of the Mississippi River and the corps of engineers. Again, you’ll discover that Vicksburg is much more than just a prominent Civil War town.

You’ll discover how the people of Vicksburg used the river, but long before the industries settled here. Learn about its significance to the Native Americans, early settlers in the region like the Spaniards and later, American settlers.

Timelines, descriptions, old photographs, and audio will tell you quite a compelling story. As of June 2021, reviewers have praised the location for its free admission.

Oh, and if you’re from out of town, make sure you consult with the knowledgeable staff who are always willing to converse with you about the city’s history and even point you in the direction of the finest local restaurants as you’re leaving.

And since you’re already on Washington Street, carve out some time to visit one of the Jesse Brent Center’s neighbors, the Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum, which sits at #8 on today’s list.

7 – Anchuca Mansion

If you’re visiting the Old Court House, stop by Anchuca Mansion at 1010 First East Street in Vicksburg. Here, you’ll discover the first columned mansion that defined the region’s antebellum homes that first offered tours in 1955.

A member of the National Register of Historic Places, this attraction boasts Greek Revival architecture and has seen quite a number of prominent Americans cross its threshold. Including former presidents.

Anchuca Mansion in Vicksburg Mississippi

Best yet, you’re stepping back in time across 3 centuries. And antiques gracing the location represent each century and tell an interesting tale of the home’s history.

Open from 9 am until 4 pm daily, step right up, pay your $10, and prepare for a mind-boggling tour of one of America’s most historic homes. Your admission fee will go toward preserving Anchuca Mansion for decades to come as new generations come from all over to tour the property.

8 – Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum

You’ve heard of Coca-Cola, right? Here’s where, per TripAdvisor, they first bottled the beverage in the late 19th century. Unlike some of the other attractions on today’s list, you won’t spend too much time at this one, with many reviewers on TripAdvisor noting they spent less than 30 minutes here.

So, it makes for a good quick stop on your way back to your favorite Vicksburg Casino, or if you’re looking for just a fast break between the slots or table games.

It’s a great place for a history lesson that also differs from the other attractions listed in today’s post, since as we all know what kind of cultural icon Coca-Cola has become today. Oh, and don’t forget to take a photo of their iconic soda fountain in the back.

Head on out to 1107 Washington Street for a small, but interesting history lesson that depicts one of America’s most distinguished brand names.


The Vicksburg Casinos guarantee a fun time whether you’re one who loves the real money slot machines, card and dice tables, or sports betting. But the town goes so much further than its grand casino scene, as today’s post proves.

So, catch a few cool history lessons over at Vicksburg National Military Park, the Cairo Museum, Riverfront Murals, and the Jesse Brent Lower Mississippi River Museum.

And make sure you visit the old courthouse and the mansions listed too, as they offer so much more than your typical history lessons.

Have you visited any of the attractions listed in today’s post? Tell us in the comments and let us know of any more remarkable vacation destinations near the Vicksburg Casinos that you visited.