8 Remarkable Tourist Destinations Surrounding Fire Rock Casino

Hot Air Balloons Launching on Left and Scenic View of a Valley on Right

You will find Fire Rock Casino within the Navajo Nation as one of the top attractions. If you’re already planning your visit and looking for some remarkable tourist destinations close to Fire Rock, today’s post is one that you must read.

Surely, you will come across a few more cool things to do in the surrounding area that goes beyond the scope of this post. But if you need help building that vacation itinerary, then you will find some of the most popular destinations in the sections below.

Oh, and if you were lucky enough to win big at the casino games over at Fire Rock, consider yourself luckier because you will find a few specialty shops in the following sections.

Red Rock Park

If you’re looking for some of the most stunning geographic formations out there, head over to Red Rock Park and view them from a distance. For the adventurous types, it would be fun to hike up to the rocks and see for yourself what makes them such remarkable pieces of natural architecture.

Many reviewers on TripAdvisor venture here when they’re looking to stretch their legs before venturing either deeper into New Mexico or west into the State of Arizona. Best yet, it’s right off the highway, so you don’t need to drive miles out of your way to get here.

It’s pretty empty, per one reviewer, besides the campers frequenting the spot. Highly scenic, many love the trails here because they can just take a quick jaunt before heading back into the car to continue their trip. Or, if you’re in the area for an extended time, you can always opt for a longer hike.

X-Treme-Lee Fun Balloon Adventures

If you’re afraid of heights, you may want to consider steering clear of this next attraction near Fire Rock Casino. However, if you’re cool with heights or if you’re a thrillseeker, you must check out X-Treme-Lee Fun Balloon Adventures.

You’re catching a bird’s eye view of the area when you embark on X-Treme-Lee. Light up that hot air balloon with a guide, and checkout the terrain from thousands of feet in the air. Admire the red sandstone canyons, spires, desert rocks, and more.

X-Treme-Lee Fun Balloon Adventures in New Mexico

If you’re venturing or thinking about venturing to Red Rock Park, you’re already in the vicinity. So once you’ve stretched the legs a bit and are now looking for yet another remarkable thrill in the area, head on over to X-Treme-Lee Fun Balloon Tours, book your tour from the air, and see New Mexico from a different angle.

The Gallup Cultural Center

Head over to 201 East Highway 66 in Gallup and you will find the Gallup Cultural Center. Located next to the Navajo Code Talker Museum, this is a great place to travel when you’re looking for a well-rounded educational experience regarding the Navajo People.

Some reviewers have noted that the cultural center is rather confusing at first glance since they have stated it being mislabeled as a visitors information area. However, some were surprised to see the museum on the second floor, and they commended the clean and well-kept exhibits.

It’s also a good place to catch a sound overview of Gallup’s history, and the nearby railroad tracks create a quaint atmosphere that reviewers have also commended. You will also find various sand paintings here, a music room featuring traditional instruments, and so much more.

Overall, the Gallup Cultural Center is rather small, but per most reviewers on TripAdvisor, is more than worth the visit. So if you’re looking for something interesting but would like to spend no more than an hour away from the gaming floor, consider spending some time at Gallup.

Nugget Gallery

Step back in time to the old 1920s trading post days here at Nugget Gallery. Located at 1302 S Second Street in Gallup, New Mexico, you will find Nugget Gallery near a few attractions on today’s list, such as the Navajo Code Talker Museum and the Gallup Cultural Center.

It’s a great place to venture to if you won some money over at Fire Rock Casino and would like to engage in spending some of those winnings. Because of its vast selection, prepare to spend at least two, if not three, hours here to browse around.

Exhibit at Nugget Gallery in New Mexico

Many reviewers on TripAdvisor describe Nugget Gallery as “eclectic,” and they note that almost everything in the shop is Native-made. This gives it quite the regional flair if that’s what you’re looking for.

Just a few of their many items include kachinas, baskets, pottery, necklaces, and more. There are several galleries in the area to shop at and trading post types of places, but most reviewers insist that you shop here before you go anywhere else.

Perry Null Trading Company

If you did not find anything you were looking for over at Nugget Gallery, perhaps you will find something at Perry Null Trading Company. Like Nugget Gallery, reviewers commend the place’s vast selection of items.

Located at 1710 S Second Street in Gallup, it’s not far from Nugget Gallery, so you can even venture into both shops to compare the shopping experiences. Just like the other trading posts in the area, Perry Null comprises mainly of Native American-inspired selections, adding to the regional flair experienced at Nugget.

You will find jewelry, baskets, rugs, plus a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Best yet, reviewers commend the place’s reasonably-priced objects. So, even if you didn’t win at Fire Rock Casino, you can at least shop here and find a few regional gifts to take home with you.

Indian Touch of Gallup

You’re looking at yet another trading post-style specialty shop to spend those winnings or at the very least, find some good prices on regional items. And while some reviewers prefer Nugget or Perry Null, Indian Touch has its fan club, located at 105 W Historic Highway 66 in Gallup, New Mexico.

Many who venture to the region from elsewhere make annual trips to Indian Touch, mainly for its tremendous selection of jewelry that includes necklaces, rings, earrings, and more.

Man Behind a Counter at Indian Touch of Gallup in New Mexico

If Jewelry is your thing, Indian Touch of Gallup may be your best option in the area. Reviewers commend the bargain prices, friendly staff, and personable owners, all of whom are willing to help you find what you need.

Navajo Code Talker Museum

Head over to 106 W Historic Highway 66 and you will discover the Navajo Code Talker Museum. As discussed earlier in today’s post, you will find the Code Talker Museum near many of today’s attractions, and given its location on Highway 66, odds are you won’t need to go out of your way to find it.

They don’t just pertain to the Navajo, but also the Acoma, and it features hundreds of items and artifacts on display. One reviewer said they had free entry, which negates the need to win anything over at Fire Rock Casino to cover the price of admission. And you can explore the museum at your own pace with a self-guided tour.

Some reviewers weren’t too hot on the Code Talker Museum because they said there wasn’t as much to see as other reviewers pointed out. However, this is a small museum that won’t take too much time out of your day to visit. If you’re looking to spend between 30 and 60 minutes somewhere, this is the place.

El Morro Theatre

And finally, we have an entertainment outlet called El Morro Theatre. Located at 207 W Coal Avenue in Gallup, El Morro is the best place in the area to catch any current movie that you wish to see while you’re on vacation in or passing through New Mexico.

And while this theatre contains up-to-date amenities, it’s also a trip back in time with an old-fashioned atmosphere that includes the location’s interior design, which many reviews have found to be more eye-catching than some of the films.

Front Entrance of El Morro Theatre

But as mentioned, innovation entwines with tradition here, and it hasn’t been too long since they renovated the place. The movies are crystal clear through the screens, and the sound quality will leave your ears and the walls vibrating.

Talk about updated amenities amidst a classic backdrop! If that’s something that interests you, it’s more than worth checking out.

Our Thoughts on These Attractions

With all these attractions nearby, it’s no wonder it made our list of fantastic casino resorts you don’t know about.

Overall, you’re getting a mid-sized casino here at Fire Rock, so you will want to check out Church Rock and the nearby area for some fun things to do when you’re not living it up on the casino floor.

Hopefully, today’s post gave you a few interesting options to pursue when you’re looking to explore the region, much of which includes nearby Gallup, New Mexico. It just proves that even in small-town America, there are plenty of ways to have fun.

Are you planning to take a trip to any of the attractions in today’s post? Let us know in the comments and tell us about your experience. We’re looking forward to reading your stories.