8 Fun Things to Do Near Argosy Casino Riverside

Macken Park Near Argosy Casino

Argosy Casino Riverside is a casino just outside the Kansas City, Missouri, area. So, if you’re looking to play at a dynamic casino in the region, but you’re not a fan of large cities, Argosy Riverside makes for a great consolation.

Further, you also do not need to venture far if you’re looking to do a few more fun things outside the casino. Nope, there’s no travel into the big city necessary when you need a break from the casino floor at Argosy Riverside.

Today’s post will list eight fun things to do near the casino, and it encompasses both Riverside, Missouri, and nearby North Kansas City. Below, you will find breweries and distilleries, trails, plus a cool climbing gym.

Are you ready to discover all there is to do near Argosy Casino Riverside? Keep reading for more information.

Line Creek Trail

Line Creek Trail is a sensational first stop on our tour of fun things to do near Argosy Casino Riverside. It’s a great place to entwine yourself with the area’s scenery, especially if you’re into hiking, trail running, and biking.

Reviewers call this one a “natural gem” outside of Kansas City. And it’s not just a great place for a hike. If you enjoy nature watching, venture out here. Reviewers have listed deer, spot owls, eagles, and hawks, just to name a few examples of wildlife.

Make yourself at one with nature and unwind after a long day on the casino floor. It’s especially a meditating experience if you come over during the early morning just after sunrise, or during the evening hours before the sun sets.

If you’re looking for the finest that the Riverside, Missouri area offers in terms of scenery, head over to 2699 NW 60th Street in Kansas City (KC address only) and treat the eyes to a breathtaking experience. But Line Creek Trail is not the only place to get excited about in the area.

Check out Macken Park in the next section.

Macken Park

Head over to 3005 Howell Street in nearby North Kansas City and you will stumble across Macken Park. It’s a sensational place for locals, many of whom make return trips whenever they’re back in town.

And during the fall months, you will see many of them making their homecoming, given the proximity to the local high school football field. If you’re here on a Friday night during the fall months, don’t be surprised if you’re treated to some live music from the high school bands within the stadium.

It’s also a family-friendly and pet-friendly location, given its paved trails and well-maintained landscape. The trail makes a full circle, so if you’re one who’d prefer not to venture out into seclusion, you will not need to.

Macken Park in Missouri

You’re getting impeccable scenery, but everything remains nearby. Come on out for a run, a place to take the youngest in your travel group, or if you’re interested in it, high school football on a Friday night. And if you know anything about the Midwest, high school football is a big thing out here.

With that said, you’re in for quite the treat whether it’s a scenic view, or just a little nostalgia on the high school football field.

Paul and Jack’s Tavern

Heading back to 1948, Paul and Jack’s Tavern has proudly served the area for over 70 years. You will find it at 1808 Clay Street in nearby North Kansas City, and it’s near the Cinder Block Brewery and Restless Spirits Distilling Company, making it the ideal place to dine after you sample a few drinks.

It’s a hot spot for locals to sit down and have a dinner out, and it’s an even greater consolation prize if you’re out on the town and aren’t quite ready to return to Argosy Casino Riverside. Most reviewers on TripAdvisor love the seafood fare here, such as the crab and salmon, but there are other good options too.

Other food, mainly bar staples, such as sandwiches, wraps, and burgers are present. They also have weekend entertainment here if you’re looking for more than what Argosy or the other Kansas City Casinos are offering. Just check out the local talent gracing the floor.

Cinder Block Brewery

Sure, you will find plenty of local crafts at Argosy Casino Riverside, but it’s never a complete trip to the area without trying the best local crafts. Cinder Block Brewery may have the best crafts out there, given its rave reviews on TripAdvisor.

Head over to 110 18th Avenue in North Kansas City and you will find Cinder Block near Paul & Jack’s, Callsign Brewing, and Restless Spirits, giving you a nice trifecta of other local breweries, distilleries, and local restaurants in the area. With that said, a trip to Cinder Block is the perfect cornerstone for a night out.

The Bar at Cinder Block Brewery

It’s a small brewery, featuring a selection of both beers and ciders. If it’s your first time there, and the staff is good with pinpointing this, they will give you a free taste of all their brews so you can pick out your favorites.

They’re also reasonably-priced, with most reviewers stating something between $5 and $6 per brew. And best yet, it draws a rather classy crowd, as another reviewer stated out. Visitors do not get rowdy here, and it’s always a plus.

Screenland Armor Theatre

Once again, you’re looking at another flow of entertainment that even Argosy Casino Riverside cannot bring. It’s a great place to catch the latest movies. As a small theatre, it has only two screens, per one reviewer.

While small, it has and continues to draw rave reviews. So, if you’re lucky enough to get a seat, check it out. They have plush seating, interesting murals on the walls, your typical theater food along with a few extras like nachos and grilled cheeses, and even a small bar area.

The bar features mainly local beers, and considering its proximity to Cinder Block and Callsign, odds are the local breweries supply at least a few of the brews. If you’re interested in Screenland Armor Theatre, you will find it at 408 Armor Road in North Kansas City.

Restless Spirits Distilling Company

If you’re not into brews as much as you are liquors and spirits, Restless Spirits Distilling Company is for you. You’re getting a few Irish-style spirits here, as one reviewer pointed out.

And they offer an entire Irish flair, with irish-inspired music and even live entertainment on select days. You’re getting some authenticity. Customers have also raved about Restless Spirits’ tasting room as being one of the best in the area, even rivaling some of KC’s more established breweries.

Inside the Restless Spirits Distilling Company

If you’re interested in checking it out, head over to 108 E. 18th Avenue in North Kansas City and immerse yourself in an Irish-inspired atmosphere amidst some of the region’s finest drinks.

Callsign Brewery

Callsign Brewery is a small but popular hang out spot in the middle of North Kansas City. Having been around for a little over three years, it’s still for the most part getting established. However, its selection of brews, plus the outdoor, covered seating with ceiling fans have made this one a draw to area locals.

Since the founders were in the Air Force, they have gotten creative with naming the drinks after Air Force call signs, a rather unique twist. If you’re looking for something smaller and more intimate, Callsign is where you need to be.

Find it at 1447 Gentry Street in North Kansas City. And if you’re looking for a few more options, they are not far from Cinder Block or Restless Spirits.


And finally, RoKC is a unique climbing gym that has drawn sensational reviews from everyone in the North Kansas City region. Those who have frequented the place, anyway. RoKC is a great place to burn those calories you may have built up over at Argosy Rivrside, given its climbing atmosphere.

RoKC Climbing Gym

If you don’t like heights, you may want to pass on it. But if you’re looking for a fun and unique way to burn those calories during your time in town, RoKC has you covered. It’s also a family-friendly location, with their services including climbing instruction.

If you are interested in attending RoKC during your time in the Riverside/North Kansas City area, head over to 1501 Howell Street and let the fun begin.

Our Final Thoughts on These Attractions

As you can see, there is plenty to do near Argosy Casino Riverside that does not involve venturing into Kansas City if you don’t want to. By staying near Riverside and North Kansas City, you’re getting far fewer crowds and much more intimacy among the attractions listed above.

Plus, you will also find yourself near the casino at all times, along with nearby Harrah’s North Kansas City, so make sure you check out the latter if you stumble near it. Overall, these small but popular attractions are great ways to complete your vacation to the area.

Have you visited Argosy Casino Riverside? How about any of the other casinos in Missouri? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments and let us know if you ventured to any of the above attractions. We are looking forward to reading your stories.