8 Coolest Points of Interest Near Foxwoods Resort Casino

Attractions Near Foxwoods Resort Casino in New London Connecticut

Foxwoods Resort Casino is one of America’s largest casinos. It’s so large and full of so many different things to do that you may just opt to stay at the venue. However, if you’re curious to discover all there is to do in the surrounding area, today’s post will serve you well.

We will go over several fun locations found in and around the Mashantucket, Connecticut area. So play a few rounds of casino games at the four major gaming venues at Foxwoods. And once you’ve finished gaming for the day, check out the venue’s attractions.

Or, if you already played your fill and visited all those non-gaming points of interest at the resort, head out into town.

Are you ready to discover all there is to do near Foxwoods Resort Casino? Keep reading for more information.

1 – Garde Arts Center

Head over to 325 State Street in New London and catch a production if the entertainment isn’t cutting it over at Foxwoods Resort Casino, or if you’re just looking to explore the area around it and would like to see a show.

However, you’re getting more than just theatrical productions when you visit the Garde Arts Center. If you’re looking for some of the hottest musical acts around, you may just find them here featuring artists like Melissa Etheridge, Joan Osborne, and others.

You have several places to park near the center, most of which are free unless you park in the Water Street or Cornish Garage. With reasonable admission prices and thrilling events regardless of the time of year, you’re in for quite an entertaining evening when you visit Garde Arts Center.

It’s a family-friendly venue that has remained a staple in New London, Connecticut for years.

2 – Cross Sound Ferry Lighthouse Cruises

Head over to 2 Ferry Street Cross Sound Ferry in New London, and you will embark on a history lesson of a lifetime right on the water that will take you from New England to Long Island on a clear day.

You can head inside the ship if you’re looking for a controlled environment amidst indoor seating or if you’re looking for a stunning view of the surrounding scenery, sit topside.

Cross Sound Ferry Lighthouse Cruises

And you will get an informative narration on the area’s history plus the many lighthouses that you come across. The ferry will circle each lighthouse so there are many photo opportunities available, and you will even catch a lesson on the islands and old forts scattered about the area.

You also have the choice between the Classic Tour, or the Lights and Sights Cruise. Between the two tours, you will approach a total of 12 lighthouses. Make sure you arrive well before your 12:30 departure time and carve out at least 2 hours.

3 – Fort Trumbull State Park

Also in New London, you will find the state park at 90 Walbach Street and it’s one of a few locations in the area for recreational opportunities. And best yet, it’s near Cross Sound Ferry Lighthouse Tours, so once you’ve stepped off the ferry, continue your outdoor experience at Fort Trumbull.

You’re getting sensational views of the water, but on land, of course. And if you’re looking to maximize those views, climb to the top of the fort and treat your eyes to a stunning panoramic view of the harbor. There is nothing quite like it.

Take a walk around the surrounding landscape, hit the sidewalk trails, take snapshots of the fort, along with the old nearby ship on the harbor. And if you’re into history, you will love the progression that the fort went through from the American Revolution all the way to the Cold War.

4 – Ocean Beach Park

Head over to 98 Neptune Avenue in New London to what many claim is New England’s top beach and boardwalk attraction.

Expect to spend at least a few hours here, as you can embark on games of mini-golf, hit the arcade, gift shops, rides, and take part in water activities over at the kiddy spray park.

Or if you’re here with an older travel group, the Olympic pool and surrounding health club may pique your interest. If you’re into the outdoors and recreation, check out the nature walks that you can embark on.

Ocean Beach Park in New London Connecticut

And once you’ve finished your daily activities, check out the numerous food concessions and dining options they offer. On a nice day, you can even take your food outside and enjoy the clear blue skies over the sandy beaches.

As you can see, Ocean Beach Park is fit for the entire family given its many activity outlets. If you stopped by while looking for something fun to do near Foxwoods Resort Casino, expect to spend at least three hours here.

5 – Thames River Heritage Park

You will find the attraction at 1 Waterfront Park in New London, and like Ocean Beach Park, Thames River is brimming with activities everywhere you look.

One of which is the Thames River Park Water Taxi, which will transport you to one of three landings at the park. Yes, you can bring alcohol (no glass), dogs, and even your bike onboard. Round trip tickets start at $10 for adults and $5 for kids.

Hop onto the taxi, then hop off in different sections of the park, which comprises dozens of historical landmarks in the New London and Graton areas. And if you’re looking for something more in-depth, make sure you check out their historic-themed boat tours.

The guides are always happy to further your education on and appreciation of area history, and they have plenty of stories to tell about the nearby battlefields, Mohegan Indian culture, and so much more.

If you’re looking for yet another family-friendly activity near Foxwoods Resort Casino, Thames River Heritage Park is where it’s at, whether you’re just looking to have fun on the water taxi, explore those landmarks on a self-guided tour, or if you’re interested in taking a theme tour.

6 – New London Ledge Light

As you already know from the Cross Sound Ferry Lighthouse Tours, there are a dozen lighthouses scattered about the New London area. But perhaps there is no lighthouse in the area more famous than the New London Ledge Light.

If you’re looking for a breathtaking piece of architecture that also acts as a cultural and historical icon to the people of New London, take this attraction and place it toward the top of today’s list.

The Ledge Lighthouse Foundation took the time to restore, and as of 2021, preserve the Ledge Light.

New London Ledge Light

Today, the lighthouse has an interpretive center within its walls (it literally looks like a floating house), with historical photographs scattered about most of its rooms. You can also watch an interesting documentary that talks about Ledge Light’s history.

Continue your tour to the furnished keeper’s room, and end it over at the gift shop, which is a good place to spend some winnings if you were lucky enough to earn any at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

7 – Lyman Allyn Art Museum

Head over to 625 Williams Street in New London and you will find the Lyman Allyn Art Museum. Expect to spend between one and two hours at this family-friendly location.

The neo-classical building has served the people of New London and the surrounding area since 1932. And today, it’s proud to have visitors flocking in from all over the world.

You will find a vast collection that spans over 17,000 objects that span the course of human history from every corner of the world. Catch ancient artifacts from Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe, from ancient times until the present day.

They take special pride in their American paintings, especially from the Victorian Era. You will also find toys from the era, dollhouses, and more.

Outdoors, they have a cool sculpture trail, 12 acres worth of lush gardens, and large-scale works throughout the landscape.

8 – New London Harbor Light

Another popular lighthouse in New London, this attraction won’t take too much time out of your day and it’s a great way to end your trip to New London before you loop around and return to Foxwoods Casino Resort.

New London Harbor Light

The lighthouse, a prominent fixture on the New England coast, is situated right on the black rocks, where the foaming high tides provide an excellent opportunity for photos if you’re camera-savvy.

And for a stunning view of the ocean and surrounding area, climb those 116 stairs to the top and look out below.

Our Conclusions

Foxwoods Resort Casinos is one of those gaming outlets in America that will provide you with a complete vacation. However, if you’re curious to venture into nearby New London, you can spend an entire day exploring the parks, lighthouses, and even the museums.

Take a day off from the casino gaming and even those fun family activities at Foxwoods Casino, visit New London, and see why it’s become a popular place that tourists travel to from all over the country.

Have you visited any of the above attractions near Foxwoods Resort Casino? If so, tell us where you went in the comments and let us know about your experience. We are looking forward to reading your stories.