7 Ways to Have More Fun at the Casinos

Woman With Arms Outstretched Over Her Head Facing a Casino Floor

Do you ever just get tired or bored of the same casino experience?

I found myself last July in Las Vegas bored, disillusioned, and over it.

I had to ask myself why I left my family to come to my favorite casinos to gamble when it wasn’t fun anymore.

I found that I was getting too wrapped up in a routine when I went on a casino vacation.

I wasn’t doing new things, seeing new casinos, or actually enjoying myself anymore.

I‘m officially getting behind the phrase casino fatigue. It’s going to be Webster’s new word of the year. You heard it here first.

I had to stop myself and take a hard look at how I could go back to finding joy and excitement in playing the casinos.

Here’s what I’ve found.

Maybe you can use some of these tips, too.

1 – Visit Different Gambling Destinations

Vegas is everyone’s go-to casino vacation spot. It has it all. It’s easy and cheap to get to (at least for Americans). It has the glitzy wow factor everyone wants. It’s a no-brainer.

But I’m over it.

Have you thought about visiting some other famous American casino destinations?

Just two hours away is the funky gambling town of Laughlin, NV.

It’s weird, a little more old-school, and a change of pace.

Aerial View of Laughlin Nevada

You could also do something totally off the beaten path and go to Blackhawk, CO. This native land casino town in located in the breath-taking Rocky Mountains right outside of Denver.

Much like Vegas, it is easy to travel to and has plenty of the amenities most gamblers expect from a casino vacation.

Another United States option is any of the Old South gambling destinations. You’re transported back in time when you visit New Orleans and one of their riverboat casinos. It’s a little bit slower and a lot less crowded than the Vegas experience.

Try a different casino destination to relive your casino fatigue. Give yourself a different real money gambling experience than your usual go-to, which we all default to Vegas.

2 – Set a Budget

This is a newbie rule. I never even leave for a casino trip without setting a personal gambling budget for myself. I learned this in my early days of gambling.

The second I set foot on the casino floor I know I have XYZ amount of money to play with. Once that budget for the day is gone, I’m done. I leave the casino floor and hit the pool or a show.

I have found that poor money management can be the biggest contributor to casino fatigue. When I don’t set a spending budget for my gambling, I find myself stressed out and trying to win back my losses. This is the ultimate losing strategy.

When I find myself at my limit and leave the casino floor, I end up finding something to do. I have discovered local restaurants that aren’t a big name celebrity chef regurgitated dining experience. I have visited the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop from Pawn Stars. This leads me to the next way to have more fun at the casinos.

Set a budget for your gambling. It might for the day or the hour. Leave the casino floor when you’ve hit your spending limit.

3 – Play a New Game

When I first started playing games at casinos, I tried all the different games. I knew I wanted to learn how to gamble, and I honestly didn’t know where to start.

My first visit to a casino was when I was 23 for my aunt’s 4th wedding.

Fitting right?

I had never gambled in a casino.

I had placed bets on horse races with my dad, bought squares for the Super Bowl, and played in a drunken poker game here and there.

I had never played at an official casino in my life. While my family was off seeing shows and eating their way through the Reno’s buffet offerings, I just sat at any table or slot machine that looked interesting. This might seem brass, but it but it taught me to like a diverse group of games.

This approach is awkward but ultimately better for your entire gambling strategy. If it’s a high-limit table, it’s probably not a good fit for a new player.

I would also avoid table games that you don’t understand. Instead, sit down at an empty table and ask the dealer how to play.

This experience (my naiveté) has given me a love for almost all casino games. Diversity is literally the spice to casino vacations.

Closeup of a Baccarat Game

Next time you’re on the casino floor, mix it up.

Do you usually play blackjack?

Try baccarat.

Like slots?

Play roulette.

Learn how to play a game you’ve never tried before. Not only will this improve your understanding of gambling, but you might find keno is your jam.

Make sure to ask the dealer how to play.

Since you’ll be going to an empty table, they have the time to show you.

Always tip, even if you spend an hour being taught how to play, please tip.

4 – Understand the Game You’re Playing

This is key to winning.

And winning equals fun.

As I mentioned earlier, dealers at empty tables are more than happy to teach you to play the game they are working.

Another great way to learn the details of almost any casino game is to play online before your big casino trip. Online casinos offer a lot of simulated casino games. Some online casinos even have live dealer games.

Many online casinos offer a practice mode for new players to learn how to play the classic casino games. Most online casinos offer free sign-up bonuses that’s basically free money to practice with.

The approach will give you the practice and confidence to start winning real money at the land-based casinos.

Practice your gambling skills ahead of you trip from the comfort of your home at online casinos. Many online casinos offer practice modes for many classic casino games.

Knowing what you’re doing will improve you trip experience exponentially.

5 – Go Easy on the Free Drinks

If you’re playing at a casino that offers free drinks as long as you’re on the casino floor playing something, be prudent. The casinos, especially the mega casinos that adorn the Vegas strip, know that this is an easy sell. Money and booze don’t mix.

Let me elaborate.

You would never go buy a new car or house five drinks deep, right?

This is the same concept.

Don’t overdo it on the free drinks on the casino floor. Your decision-making skills decline significantly with every drink you ingest.

The casinos want you to lose – the house edge is already against you. Why add alcohol to the mix?

Save your heavy drinking for one of the night clubs.

Or how about this novel idea?

Don’t overdo it on the booze. You won’t have more fun at the casinos hungover.

I usually save my heavy drinking for a dinner or when I know I’m taking a break from the casino floor. I am going to talk about that next.

Don’t drink too much and gamble. Those free drinks aren’t as great as they seem. You’ll most likely end up losing more money.

6 – Take a Break Every Now and Then

Most American casinos are their own mini-cities. There is more to do at any given moment in a Vegas casino then there is in most main street towns on a Friday night. This can be something magical.

Take a break from the casino floor and go see and do all the other things most casino destinations have to offer. Where else can you see a headline show, ride a roller coaster, high end shop and eat at a Michelin star rated restaurant all in one day?

You might not even have to leave the casino mega complex you’re staying at. The mega casinos are designed to keep you entertained. That’s what you’re there for. So do it. You’ll thank me later.

Man and Woman Enjoying a Hotel Pool

If the crowds are getting to you, go to one of the pristine pools and enjoy some down time. This would be an excellent opportunity to safely enjoy a few adult beverages and let the desert sun and the cool water wash away all the casino stress.

Take a break from the floor and see the other entertainment, relaxation, and food offerings the casino or the casino town you’re in have to offer.

There’s so much more to do when it’s time to take a break from the casino floor. The actual casino floor is designed to keep you playing. If you follow my budget tip, you’ll most likely be up for a break.

Take advantage of all the attractions and gamble responsibly.

7 – Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely not a pro poker player. You’re probably looking for ways to better enjoy the casino experience, hence the title of this post. You’re more than likely not going to hit it big and retire from your day job.

We all wish we could live out that once in a lifetime experience of putting a $20 chip down and walking out with our kid’s future college education paid for.

Bad news.

The odds are against you.

When I find myself too wrapped up in the win or dollar signs, I lose sight of why I’m there. I’m at the casino to have fun and enjoy my hobby. Hobby gamblers are there to have fun, and that’s you.

A mentor of mine once told me about the philosophy of living the best full life achievable. Do things for the act of doing them, not the outcome.

These words stuck with me through the years and apply to how I play at casinos.

I simply ask myself, am I enjoying this?

If not, I move on to another game. Winning money is a plus, but it should be for the act of gambling, not the money (the outcome).

Enjoy the act of gambling by not taking your gambling so seriously you don’t enjoy it.

That’s not a hobby, that’s a job.


I hope these tips will change how you plan your next casino trip. Practice, a little planning and setting the goal of enjoyment will get you out of the casino fatigue.

If you follow these seven ways to have more fun at the casinos you will have a renewed vigor for your favorite casino or gambling destination.

I would love to hear your thoughts and questions. Please leave a comment below.