7 Ways to Gamble Smarter and Separate Yourself From the Pack

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Casino gamblers of every degree of proficiency face an uphill battle when they face off against the casino. The casinos make a business of stripping the vast majority of gamblers of their money a little at a time and passing a small percentage of it to other players.

Still, it may be easier to win than you assume when you look at the genuine numbers. At the bare minimum, there are several ways to ensure that you’re not losing as much.

First, you’ll have to get out of your losing ways. Many gamblers approach the casinos as a losing proposition. They believe they must go for broke on every hand to gain a fighting chance.

Frequently, merely playing the games more intelligently will put you in a better financial position. Use these 7 ways to gamble smarter and separate yourself from the pack.

1 – Learn Bankroll Management Fundamentals

Properly managing your gambling bankroll is one of the most rewarding and imperative aspects of casino gambling. How you work and spend your money in the casino will ultimately determine how long your activities can last.

Bankroll fundamentals or a lack thereof are often responsible for walking out a winner or loser. If you freely bet beyond your means and pay no attention to your expected hourly losses, you’re doomed to failure.

I see a high number of newbie casino gamblers grow frustrated and swear off gambling forever as a result of poor money management skills.

In my early years’ gambling in casinos, I had zero sense when it came to fiscal responsibility in the casino. I’d sit down with every dollar I could find to gamble and blow through it faster than I imagined.

Those short trips made for some irritating drives back home with an empty wallet. It got so bad that I had decided gambling was for suckers, and I swore the entire industry off at one point.

Thankfully, I had someone to point out keys to bankroll management, and everything began to turn towards the black. You can find a ton of amazing content on this site regarding bankroll management.

Start with the fundamentals, and your casino results will instantly improve. You’ll also begin noticing just how poor the average casino gambler is with their bankroll.

2 – Research Casinos to Find the Best Value

Whether you’re an online casino gambler or prefer the sights and sounds of land-based casinos, it’s vital that you shop around for the best casinos.

Most savvy gamblers know that you’ll rarely find the best games or value at casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Still, your average casino rookie has little clue what they’re walking into. They book rooms in posh casino resorts and plan their activities accordingly.

However, the downtown casinos and off-strip joints in Las Vegas typically have much better rules and better odds. The casinos on the Strip have a captive audience, and they know it.

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So, regardless of what the less desirable casinos elsewhere are doing, they’ll never see a hit to their bottom line. The masses will continue pouring through their door by the hour.

Look for casinos that are positioned to entice players by having higher RTP and diminished house edges on the games you love. Swim against the current of gamblers going for the popular spots and find a casino that gives you the best chance to win.

3 – Know What You’re Up Against

If you’re going to find a casino that gives you the best odds of winning, you’ll need to know what you’re up against.

Too many gamblers walk into a casino and begin playing without giving a single thought to the house edge. That’s a typical scenario for the recreational gambler merely looking to be entertained.

For the gamblers whose ambition is to exchange money for high entertainment value, that won’t kill the dream. Still, knowing the odds you’re up against will give you some clue about the entertainment value you receive.

However, for players looking to break from the herd, it’s a different story. You should have only a minimal interest in sole entertainment.

It’s possible to combine the best odds of winning with the most entertaining and find your perfect fit. I prefer poker and blackjack for this ideal combination.

Blackjack and poker allow me to implement strategies and skills to improve my chances of winning. That keeps me engaged and entertained for much longer than a game where I’m simply placing a bet to win or lose.

Furthermore, blackjack has a house edge below 1% when proper strategy is implemented, and poker comes with no house edge. Sports betting is another excellent example of gambling activity with a high entertainment and value expectation.

Seek out the games you are drawn to with the lowest house edge and begin to focus solely on these games.

4 – Never Buy Into the Hype of Betting Systems

Don’t believe in the inherently flawed betting systems that so many novice gamblers fall into using. These systems often have you vary your bet size to offset losses and paint a picture of never losing in the casino.

First of all, if players had a simple method for never losing, the casinos would be forced to shift their entire operation. You’d no longer see games like roulette or blackjack on the casino floor because they’d cease to be profitable.

Secondly, if someone had come up with a brilliant system for beating the casino, it would be one of the most closely guarded secrets on the planet. You’d essentially be writing your own check, as long as the casinos didn’t catch wind of the technique.

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Once the casino figured you out, the jig would be up. They’d immediately close the tables until they discovered a way to combat your system.

That’s the fatal flaw of betting systems; they look good only on the surface. Once you dive into the actual math, things get much more straightforward.

Betting systems aren’t going to make you a better gambler. They will regularly have you burning through your money at a much faster pace.

5 – Practice Before You Play

Have you ever walked into a casino, placed your money on the table, and began playing a new game for the first time?

I shamefully admit that I have done that more than once. I’m not alone; many casino newbies or recreational gamblers do exactly this every day in casinos.

Fortunately, you no longer need to be lumped in with the masses of unaware and untrained gamblers. There are dozens of ways to practice your casino gaming skills before you ever walk into the casino and begin playing for real money.

My preferred method is using free-to-play online games to practice my basic strategy on blackjack. For you, it could be any game you choose to play.

Gaining familiarity with the games before you begin playing for real money will do wonders for your overall satisfaction. It will also negate many of the mistakes brought about by not knowing a game, which will save you money.

6 – Avoid the Sucker Bets

I can’t think of a casino table game that doesn’t come with its share of sucker bets. Even the games with a low house advantage like baccarat have the sucker bets waiting in the wings.

Sucker bets will often be masqueraded as a beneficial option for the player. They appear as a way for gamblers to hedge their bets or make up some ground on the casino by taking advantage of the higher payout.

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Yet, they provide little in actual benefits to the gambler. They also carry a much higher house edge than the game’s standard bets.

The key is to learn the best to avoid on the games you frequent. Players who know the ins and outs of the games they prefer are much better at preventing the sucker bets.

Learning as much as possible about specific areas of gambling is the fastest way to separate yourself from the pack.

7 – Chasing Comps Is a Losing Proposition

Signing up for the casino’s rewards program is a fast and simple process that not nearly enough gamblers take advantage of when they walk into a gambling establishment.

The casino will reward players with free gifts and discounts based on how much the player is gambling. These comps can range from small items up to impressive rewards for the higher levels. Still, regardless it’s theoretically saving you money on some level.

So, it’s critical that you take full advantage of these programs. However, you need to walk a fine line between earning your freebies and chasing the comps.

Many players become fixated on the next level of free stuff at their disposal and completely abandon sound judgment and reasoning. Unfortunately, you’ll almost exclusively spend more money trying to earn the next gift than its actual value.

So, play your steady game and allow the comps to roll in at their own pace.

Our Conclusions About These Tips

When it comes to getting the most from your casino experience, learning everything you can is the most absolute way to rise above the unfortunate casino gamblers that constantly lose more than needed.

Use these 7 ways to gamble smarter and separate yourself from the pack to boost you to another level of gaming. Maybe one day, you’ll be able to pass this knowledge on to others and pull them from the depths of chronic loserdom.