7 Ways Mediocre Gamblers Can Increase Their Chances of Winning

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There comes a time in a gambler’s playing days when they decide it’s time to make an effort to improve. You can only remain stationary and mediocre for so long before you get tired of giving the casino money.

For some, being a mediocre gambler is perfectly acceptable, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If your purpose for gambling is to merely have some fun, then playing cards might be enough for you.

If you are actually concerned with winning money, then there are several things you can do to improve rapidly. Practicing, together with reading about certain games and strategy is a time-intensive activity that takes patience and diligence.

However, there are a couple of quick fixes that might help you reverse your fortunes at the casinos. Here are seven ways mediocre gamblers can instantly increase their chances of winning while gambling for real money.

1 ‒ Don’t Waste Money on Long-Shot Wagers

Being a mediocre gambler is frustrating. In all likelihood, you’ve worked your way past the beginner stage and no longer commit costly rookie mistakes, and have learned some betting strategies along the way.

Yet you might still find it challenging to win any money at the casino. That’s because average gamblers are still prone to making costly mistakes.

One of the most common errors that average gamblers make is consistently placing wagers on long-shot bets that have a very slim chance of winning.

The appeal of these types of bets should go without saying. If one of these bets somehow wins, then you can make an absolute killing. But the odds are against you, and you might as well just hand the casino the money you would have bet in the first place.

These bets are tempting and might not seem all that damaging to your bankroll. But the money you spend on these wagers will add up over time.

Instead, consider placing this money on bets that have better odds of winning. Those winnings won’t be as substantial as a long-shot bet, but they will be more reliable and lead to consistent wins.

2 ‒ Play Games With Better Odds

Game selection is one of the more important determining factors of whether you will win or lose money at casinos. Typically, beginners devote very little time and energy when deciding where they will spend their time and money.

Once they settle in on a game, they get comfortable and tend to gravitate towards those games every time they gamble. Even after you improve your gambling abilities, it can be hard to grow out of the games you used to play.

But playing the games you’re comfortable with doesn’t always lead to success, especially if the game has terrible odds.

All casino games favor the house, meaning the casino almost always has an edge. But that edge is inconsistent and depends on the game and casino in question.

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Odds vary from game to game, so an average blackjack player will often perform better than an average slot player. Additionally, certain tables can offer different odds for the exact same type of game.

It’s your job to find games that give you the best chance of winning with the lowest house edge.

3 ‒ Focus on Table Games You’re Familiar With

Familiarity with games and comfortability in a casino are equally important to a gambler’s success. Although the last point advised against going where you’re comfortable, there are ways to assure comfort and profit at the same time.

Once you find a game that offers gamblers decent odds of winning, there are ways to become familiar with it. Games like blackjack, craps, and roulette all have pretty good odds and are easy to learn and improve at a rapid pace.

When you’re learning to play new games, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Read the rules before you start gambling.
  • Come up with a solid strategy and execute it.
  • Don’t play for money until you’re confident in your abilities.
  • Find a table that’s not at full capacity.

Everyone’s learning process is different, but more often than not, you’ll find it easier if you can do that learning on your own time. Never force yourself into an uncomfortable situation, and don’t start shelling out serious money if you aren’t completely familiar with a game.

Someone might try to talk you into playing a game you’ve never heard of. But falling into this type of peer pressure is an easy way to start in a hole.

4 ‒ Make Your Money Count

It’s no secret that money management is one crucial aspect of a gambler’s success. If you’re incapable of handling your bankroll responsibly, there’s little reason to expect you’ll win money.

For the purpose of this article, I won’t go into detail about the significance of bankroll management. Instead, I’ll be stressing the importance of stretching your money and making the most of your budget.

Getting in as many repetitions as possible is a proven way to become a gambler. Other forms of preparation and practice are important, but nothing trumps the in-person gambling experience.

To get the most experience as possible, you have to know how to stay at the casino table for the most amount of time possible.

Being conservative and responsible with your bankroll is obviously recommended, but there are some less obvious things you can do to accomplish this goal.

First off, make sure your money is staying at the casino table. Don’t spend it on superfluous, unnecessary items around the casino.

This goes for overpriced drinks at the casino bar, unnecessarily expensive knick-knacks in gift shops, and subpar food inside casinos. Spending a few bucks here and there may seem harmless, but once again, that money will add up fast.

You’re at the casino to gamble, so you might as well get as much gambling in as possible.

5 ‒ Start With Low Table Minimums

Another effective method to stretch your budget and increase your number of hands played is by sticking with low table minimums. If at all possible, gamblers hoping to improve their abilities should always gamble for as little money as possible.

A low-risk low-reward approach to gambling might not sound appealing, but it will assist in honing your playing skills.

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Additionally, you’ll likely find that tables with lower minimums are stress-free and more relaxing. That is likely due to the fact that most people gambling at these tables have less riding on each hand.

By putting yourself in these types of situations, you’ll develop skills that will help you break through the ceiling of mediocrity.

The winnings you secure at these tables won’t make you rich. But the ability to secure consistent wins will help boost your confidence and prove that you have what it takes to win money.

Sometimes, that’s more valuable to the future of your gambling career than anything else.

6 ‒ Improve Outside Casino Walls

Once you’re done gambling for the day, you might think that your work is done. But you’d be sadly mistaken.

As I said, the most effective way to improve is by gambling at an actual casino. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to continue to improve both your chances of winning and your gambling abilities.

There are several things any gambler can do to get better regardless of how far away from a gambling establishment they are. Playing free online casino games, reading about betting strategies, and continuing to learn about gambling odds and casino culture will all make you a better gambler.

That might not sound nearly as exciting as playing, and it’s not. But if you’re serious about getting better, fun doesn’t equate to success.

7 ‒ Appreciate Small Victories

Gamblers who are passionate about their craft and desperate to get better often put an immense amount of pressure on their shoulders.

When things don’t go according to plan, it can be hard to reconcile the time and energy they perceive to be wasted on a pointless cause.

But it’s crucial to your development to allow yourself to celebrate minor victories and avoid fixating on minor setbacks. Along the way, you will more than likely encounter a few setbacks, which is to be expected.

Instead of beating yourself up, try to flip your mindset and learn from these challenges. More importantly, there’s no such thing as a meaningless win.

Even if you walk away from a casino a mere $20 wealthier than before, that’s still an accomplishment. As you’ll likely recall, gamblers aren’t supposed to win the houses’ money.

When you do, pat yourself on the back.

Our Final Thoughts

There are countless gamblers who are perfectly content gambling recreationally and giving the casino their hard-earned money from time to time. Recognizing that you want to be better than average is an accomplishment in itself.

If you want to get better, know that there isn’t one tip that will transform you into a gambling expert. Instead, the process can be a challenge that will be well worth it in the end.

In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to immediately increase the likelihood of winning.

Make sure to pay attention to the odds of the games you’re playing and the bets you’re placing. Stretch your bankroll as far as possible and start out at tables with lower minimums.

Finally, try to improve on your own time and be sure to celebrate all the small victories along the way.