7 Ways Beginners Can Outsmart Casinos

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There isn’t a magical hack that can help you win money at casinos. Despite what you might have heard or read in the past, you can’t rig slot machines to hit jackpots, or develop a system that will net you massive wins at blackjack tables.

Gambling is a challenge, as it’s supposed to be. Still, there are things that any gambler can do to help give themself a boost.

Casinos are businesses with the primary goal of parting a customer from their money. Almost everything that occurs inside a casino is set up with this goal in mind.

Once you become aware of these tactics, it’s almost too easy to avoid falling victim to them. The following tips might not guarantee you major wins, but they will help you become a sharper, more intelligent gambler.

Here are seven ways beginners can outsmart casinos and stop losing money.

1 ‒ Don’t Play the Slot Machines by the Doors

Casinos are set up in a way that makes it exceedingly difficult to stop gambling. As you know, there’s little natural light and often not a single clock in the entire establishment.

This creates a space where time ceases to exist; a perfect environment to forget about everything outside of a casino.

Even when you can snap out of the trance and make a break for the door, you’ll likely notice rows and rows of slot machines. The fact that a slot machine is the first and last thing you see isn’t an accident.

Upon arrival, some gamblers want to immediately jump into gambling, so they’ll find the first open slot machine. Upon departure, some might want to place one last round of bets, so they’ll sit down at one of the machines closest to the exits.

By doing this, you can eat into your bankroll early or throw away some of your winnings before you leave. Sure, there’s an outside chance you can win a few bucks here and there, but that money is better suited to remain in your wallet.

If you want to play slots, make sure to be deliberate in your choice of slot machines. Don’t settle for the first one that catches your eye.

You might be eager to gamble, but there’s no need to rush.

2 ‒ Stay Focused on the Game You’re Playing

For a place of business that’s designed to accept wagers, a casino sure makes it hard to focus on gambling.

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Casinos are full of distractions that often trip up amateur gamblers. These distractions come in all forms and depend on the casino you’re gambling at but mostly involve:

  • Loud music all around the casino
  • Countless television screens situated at bars and around the gaming floor
  • Bright, flashing lights from the ceiling or games
  • The constant sounds you would expect to hear at a casino
  • Hostesses and drink runners constantly circling the floor

Whenever your eyes wander, the casino wins. If they can take your mind off of gambling, for even a split second, they are decreasing your chances of winning money.

If you want to soak up all of the sights and sounds, be sure to walk the casino floor before you lay your money down.

3 ‒ Remind Yourself That Nothing Is Free

For those gamblers who are blissfully unaware of a casino’s ulterior motive, the plethora of freebies might seem like a kind gesture.

Who doesn’t like getting free drinks, complimentary meals, discounted rounds of golf, and even a free night at a resort? While the gesture might seem genial, it’s anything but.

Nothing is free inside a casino, and if you’re getting something on the house, it’s probably going to cost you money.

When casinos offer you something like a free meal or free night’s stay, there’s an obvious reason. That gesture can make customers for life and inspire a sense of loyalty.

To be fair, those perks are some of the better customer loyalty benefits for gamblers. If a casino wants to give you a free round of golf, there’s little harm in taking advantage of the offer. Other perks are less genuine and can present gamblers with a few issues.

Casinos offering gamblers free drinks is one of the oldest and most effective tricks in the book. Gambling while intoxicated rarely works out well for beginners, or most gamblers for that matter.

So, the next time you’re thinking about ordering another round on the house, think about why casinos want to pay for your drinks in the first place.

4 ‒ Forget About Near-Misses

There are a few old sayings that perfectly apply to casinos. The one that often comes to mind is “close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”

As I said earlier, casinos are experts at keeping their customer base gambling for as long as possible. Another popular method they use is making gamblers feel like they are close to winning significant amounts of money.

People Sitting at Table With Dealers Hand On Table

This tactic is most commonly used in real money slot machines. Narrowly missing a jackpot is more exhilarating than disappointing so gamblers feel inspired to continue to feed money into machines.

The issue with this is that near-misses are quite common and infinitely more so than actual jackpot wins. By resisting the urge to continue to chase near-misses, you’ll save yourself money in the long run.

5 ‒ Pretend ATMs Aren’t There

There are a few things that casinos rarely lack: dejected gamblers, ugly carpets, strange decor, and countless ATMs.

You’ll find an ATM next to those slot machines right by the entrance, another one next to the casino bar, and probably a couple within arms reach of the table games.

If you ever run out of money, casinos want to make sure you have easy access to your bank account. This is one of those things casinos do that should make you raise your eyebrows.

Of course, gambling establishments want to make it convenient to get more money. By placing these ATMs all around the casino floor, casinos can trap you into knee-jerk reactions.

Let’s say you’re having an off night and blow your entire gambling bankroll. Even if you talk yourself into heading home early, you’ll likely have to walk past several ATMs on your way out of the casino.

While the obvious solution is to act like they aren’t there, there are a few things you can do if you lack the discipline to resist the urge to withdraw more money.

ATM Machine on a Casino Floor

I always recommend stopping at your bank before you gamble, withdrawing the exact amount of money you’re okay gambling with, and leaving your debit and credit cards at home.

Doing this may seem drastic, but once you start gambling it can be hard to stick to your initial budget.

6 ‒ Stretch Your Legs Every 20 to 30 Minutes

It’s normal for gamblers to lose track of time in casinos. Luckily, it’s becoming harder and harder to do so, thanks to cellular devices.

Casinos strive to hypnotize gamblers and keep them sitting at their tables, so it’s your responsibility to take back some control of your gambling habits.

An easy way to do this is to take a break every half hour or so. If you’re playing slots, that might mean cashing out and walking around until you find another machine you’re comfortable with.

Table game players can always push back from the table, stretch their legs, check their phones and clear their heads. This tactic might seem unnecessary, especially if you think you’re on a winning streak.

But it’s important to gamble at your best, and you’re not at your best after sitting around a table for hours on end.

7 ‒ Play the Odds

The last pro tip should go without saying: Play the games with the best odds.

Slot Machine On Left Roulette Wheel On Right Casino Bets RTP Words In Center

If you’re concerned with making money then don’t waste your time playing games that have terrible odds. Every single casino game, whether it’s a machine or a table game, has different odds.

Craps, roulette, and blackjack typically offer gamblers with the best opportunity to win money. Meanwhile, slot machines and keno usually have some of the worst.

This isn’t breaking news by any means, but beginners often put themselves in a position to fail without even realizing it.

Don’t let the casino own you from the start. Play the games that give you the best chance to take money from the house.

Summarizing How to Outsmart the Casino

Anyone can outsmart the casino, regardless of your amount of gambling experience.

Casinos often use tactics to lure gamblers into losing money unnecessarily. By arming yourself with information about these methods, you can avoid making careless mistakes.

Always remember that foolish gambling decisions are one of the main reasons casinos stay in business. Take control back from the casino and don’t fall for any of their ploys and traps.

Avoid slot machines by the entrances and exits, focus on the games themselves, and don’t get caught up in all the freebies they’ll offer you.

Nothing is free inside of a casino.