7 Tricks for Getting Your Belly Full and Back to the Action in a Rush

Casino Buffet on Left With a Satisfied Man With Hand on His Stomach

The dietary habits of casino gamblers don’t get much attention. For any number of reasons, the gambling pundits focus on strategy, fitness, and sleep while ignoring the fuel that keeps it all going.

Perhaps the talking heads don’t appreciate the mental acuity that goes into a successful gambling campaign and the physical toll that may come along with that.

Sure, playing roulette or slot machines for hours on end may seem like the perfect place to enjoy a few alcoholic beverages without burdening yourself with a meal. However, staying in peak headspace is as vital for the slots enthusiast as the poker sharks circling the tables.

So, how do you get the maximum benefit from your meals while still staying close to the games?

Let’s look at seven tricks for getting your belly full and back to the action in a rush. These tips will not only have you back to the games quicker, but you’ll also be feeling more refreshed and alive.

The Casino Dining Experience

Casinos are expertly crafted to relieve guests of their money. The games and overall environment ensure that players stay as relaxed as possible throughout their time in the casino.

Many people assume that the sights and sounds of casinos are meant to keep you alert and fresh. However, they merely serve to keep you engaged.

Alert gamblers are less prone to having a lapse in judgment. Engaged gamblers may simply be going through the motions, which causes misplays and bankroll management mistakes.

Fortunately, one of the most straightforward ways of combating the grind of casino sessions happens to be among the most enjoyable. What and how you eat in the casino have a profound impact on your mental and physical well-being.

So, it’s critical that you make the most of your dining options in the casino. You don’t have to take shortcuts in the nutritional area to stay in the game.

In many regards, your dining experience in the casino will be among the highlights of your trip. Casinos are known for throwing out the red carpet in an attempt to lure in new customers, and having a selection of the finest dining options on the planet is sure to draw attention.

Don’t spoil a wonderful meal with friends and family by rushing to get back to the tables. Your memories around the dinner table will last long after the casino memories fade.

Still, time is at a premium for many of us. When operating on a short schedule, making the most of every second in the casino is paramount.

I understand these time constraints and encourage you to follow these seven tricks for getting your belly full and back to the casino action in a rush. However, you should only be rushing through meals when it’s appropriate.

1 – Making a Dash for Meals

When it’s time to break for a meal, your body will give you cues that it needs energy. Most of us are accustomed to the gentle way in which our bodies are feeding these clues on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, the distractions of the casino may play a significant role in how we interpret or blatantly ignore our body’s need for sustenance.

If you’d like a prime example of this, take a group of starving 10-year-olds to the pizza place with the giant mouse and all the games. My suspicion is that they’ll instantly be nourished by two bites of pizza that they want to play games for two hours.

Cyber Quest/Kids Quest at Mohegan Sun

I regularly see casino gamblers exhibit similar behaviors. Don’t allow your excitement to deny yourself basic needs.

You can make a smooth dash to the deli or casual dining spot and be back at the tables in under half an hour.

2 – Avoiding Food Lethargy

Eating food can have the undesirable side effect of making you lethargic. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the scene on Thanksgiving after we’ve all stuffed ourselves with turkey.

Tryptophan is the amino acid found in protein-rich foods that promotes serotonin levels rising in the body. So, while having a large steak dinner is highly advisable during your casino trip, it’s best reserved for an evening away from the casino.

Anything that causes your body to have a possible lethargic reaction should be saved for another time.

Eating a healthy meal that’s light on the stomach will be best for your gambling sessions. That’s due to the way our bodies break down food.

Digestion is most affected by activity; after all, it’s nothing more than fuel. If we’re sitting around a casino table, the meal will weigh heavy on us, and we can become lethargic.

Keep meals light and small. Avoiding sleepiness at the tables is your chief focus.

3 – Put Some Pep in Your Step

One sure-fire way to keep the fire burning during your gambling session is to introduce some caffeine into your body. This may have unintended consequences for many.

For example, my wife can’t function without two cups of coffee and an energy drink. She thrives on caffeine; it’s her lifeblood.

On the other hand, I can’t drink a cup of coffee without becoming jittery and talking a mile a minute. In comparison to my typical demeanor, it’s almost frightening.

Barista Pouring Creamer Into A Cup Of Coffee

Still, you should be alert enough to tell the difference between requiring the nutritional benefits of food and a quick jolt provided by a cup of coffee or energy drink. You may discover that all you needed was a little bit of energy to boost your awareness.

4 – Starting on the Right Foot

Your best bet for keeping your mind fresh is by starting the day on the right foot. I’m referring to the most important meal of the day, breakfast.

Regardless of what time your gambling activities start, you’ll be burning energy throughout the day. If you’re traveling on the same day you’re gambling, the mental strains of travel can quickly deplete your energy reserves.

By having your large meal in the morning, your body has plenty of fuel to break down and absorb as the day progresses and you exert more energy. This is in direct opposition to the players, who will load up on a vast buffet at 6 pm then head directly for the casino.

Giving your body the necessary time to begin using the food for its intended purpose will stave off the drowsiness associated with large meals. By the way, breakfast for dinner is not what I’m referring to, as impressive as it may be.

5 – Don’t Overdo It

Casinos are famous for showering gamblers with free booze. Much in the same way, it’s critical to not overdo it on the red meat; you shouldn’t go nuts with the alcohol. Yes most gamblers enjoy a drink while playing their favorite casino games, but there are pros and cons of drinking while gambling that need to be considered.

The alcoholic drinks cost many players more than they ever realize. That’s a direct result of the booze lowering our inhibitions and causing lapses in sound reasoning.

I’m not telling anyone that they shouldn’t enjoy a few complimentary drinks to help take the edge off. Still, taking the alcoholic beverages to excess will surely cost you.

Cocktail With Poker Cards and Chips

Drink water instead, or at least have a healthy rotation of waters in the mix. Avoid the bars and drinks when you step away from the tables to grab a quick bite.

I know many gamblers that will fall into a trap at the bar, only to return to the tables several drinks in and blow through piles of cash on a whim.

Everything in the casino is intended with the caveat of moderation.

6 – Enjoy the Break

There’s no rule or a strict limit set by the casino regarding how you utilize your breaks. Nor do they have the right to say what duration your breaks should be.

Sure, the free drinks stop coming, and the casino comps are no longer earned when you take a break. However, if the sole purpose of your visit is to gamble 100% of your available time, you’re missing the bigger picture.

Casino games are a blast. But if that’s all you care about, try an online casino. They’re more convenient and offer better odds.

You’re likely in the casino to be entertained; you’re merely uncertain of what that looks like. Enjoy the time away from the tables and look for exciting opportunities.

The casino games aren’t going anywhere, so there’s no need to be in a rush. Slow down and enjoy your surroundings.

7 – Make Good Choices

Much of our ultimate success or failure in the casino comes down to choices. Many of the games we play don’t afford us a ton of ways to influence our outcome.

However, we are in total control over what we put into our bodies. That means it’s each of our responsibilities to make good choices.

Large Spread of Breakfast Foods

Having a fatty fish like tuna or salmon boosts brain function and gives us much-needed energy. So, skip the burger and fries for sushi.

Avoiding unhealthy habits in the casino may pay great dividends when it’s time to cash in and head home.

In Summary

These seven tricks for getting your belly full and back to the action in a rush focus on the importance of proper nutrition. You shouldn’t be in more of a hurry to gamble than you are to put healthy foods in your body.

Eating right can have a tremendous impact on your winning or losing in games that require skill or strategy. Make sure to be at your best, and the time at the tables will be most rewarding.