7 Tips for Betting on Madden Simulations

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If nothing else, sports bettors can rest assured that there will always be something to gamble on – even if the games aren’t happening on a physical field. Betting on Madden simulations is still a polarizing endeavor, but if there’s an opportunity to make money, people will always participate.

Obviously, betting on a simulated video game has its differences than when it’s the real thing. The question is, what exactly are those differences, and what do they mean for my betting strategy?

In this article, I’ll lay out seven tips to help you win money by betting on Madden simulations.

1 – Quarterback Mobility Matters

The NFL has seen a shift from the prototypical pocket quarterback to having a preference for signal-callers who can move. Mobility isn’t just important for those 10-yard runs to convert third downs, but it means keeping plays alive longer and minimizing sacks that kill a drive’s momentum.

Allow me to get nostalgic for a minute – anyone born before the year 1994 remembers growing up with Michael Vick as a type of cheat code in any version of Madden available in the 2000s. He was as unstoppable as any player has ever been in a video game. In today’s Madden game, the running quarterback is still a major advantage.

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It was clear – after viewing a handful of simulated games – that quarterbacks who could run fared much better against teams with strong defensive fronts. This might sound obvious, but the difference is more impactful than I would have imagined.

If you’re considering betting on a game and the only discrepancy in matchups between the two teams is in evaluating the quarterback, I would recommend going with the one who can get out of the pocket if necessary.

Also, for those out there who refused to play with anyone but Michael Vick in those early-2000s Madden games, I hope you can live with yourself – you know it was cheating.

2 – Live Bets Are In-Play

Sports gamblers who enjoy live betting will be thrilled to know that you can use your skills in the Madden simulation bets too! In fact, momentum is a very real phenomenon, even though the human element is understandably lacking.

One interesting takeaway I’ve had from each of the games I’ve watched and bet on is that halftime swings seem to happen with regularity.

Nothing is a guarantee, even in a computer simulation, but if a team is down a bunch of points at halftime, the game usually ends up a little bit closer. If you’re looking to make money by betting on the spread following halftime, I would seriously consider taking the team that is losing – no matter how much they’re down.

In addition, if you like betting totals by half, the majority of the games I’ve seen have followed a pattern of hitting on the under in the first half, and then covering the over in the second half. Again, it’s not a hard-and-fast rule that never goes the other way, but it seems to be the most common scoring progression regardless of the teams involved.

3 – Don’t Sleep on the Dogs

I wouldn’t have expected the underdogs to be so competitive when it comes to a Madden simulation, but I was proven wrong shortly after I began the experiment of betting on a computer.

The matchup was the 49ers vs. the Jags, with the Jaguars coming in as a +275 underdog. Though it was a close game throughout, the Jaguars ended up taking home the victory on last-minute drive. This served as proof that underdogs needed to be taken seriously moving forward.

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It’s always tough to go all-in on a moneyline underdog when it seems highly unlikely that they have any chance of winning. But, it’s important to note that if you’re able to hit on these longshot-odds bets with the slightest bit of consistency, it can do truly amazing things for your bankroll.

Just because it’s a simulation doesn’t mean that you’re going to be hitting on underdogs at an insanely-high rate that doesn’t at all resemble real life, but it’s still notable that these upsets happen. My advice would be to set aside a small percentage of your bankroll and take a couple risks by betting on the underdogs with the moneyline every so often. You might be surprised at the results.

4 – Recognize Patterns

Though the games are just as unpredictable as in real NFL Betting, there are some patterns that bettors should look for throughout the game.

These “flaws” or “glitches” can actually work in your favor if you know what to look for and live bet with that information in mind. Some common themes are: poor clock management, unrealistically-long field goal attempts, and questionable play calling when winning.

Keep in mind that almost all of these things benefit a team who is trailing. That means if you’re betting on games half-by-half, the team who is behind might be worth betting on to win the second half.

5 – Don’t Pay for Sports Betting Advice

Anytime a new type of betting option pops up, in this case betting on sports simulations, there is going to be someone telling you they have some inside information that’s going to help you dominate. Please, don’t believe them.

It should be a basic rule amongst gamblers that if someone ever asks you to pay them in exchange for their opinion on a bet, running the other direction is the only responsible course of action. It does make sense, however, that bettors would be especially susceptible in the case of Madden simulations.

When it’s a computer, instead of real-life athletes and teams, there’s a general feeling of a code that can be broken, hacked into, or at least understood. Unfortunately, it’s still random, and the outcomes aren’t predictable.

The bottom line is that the internet is full of gambling “experts” who promise you the world (or at least an over 50% winning rate). If you’re paying them to give you advice on your picks, it just means you’re starting out in a hole. It’s been proven that paying for sports betting picks, whether in real-life or in a Madden simulation, is almost never worth the money. Don’t fall victim to these offers.

6 – It’s Smart to Watch the Game

I get it – you probably have better things to do than to sit and watch a simulated football game. I understand the sentiment, but if you really want to learn how to make money from these simulations, watching the games can be very beneficial.

Madden 2020 Play

For all the many differences between a regular football game and a simulation, they share one thing in common – knowing the game matters. Sure, you could throw money down on any option at the sportsbook, walk away, and you just might win. Though you might get away with a few wins, it’s not sustainable.

It sounds simplistic but it’s inarguable: the more familiar you are with how simulations function, the better chance you have of being able to capitalize as a gambler. Not to mention, you’ll be surprised at how much fun they are to watch…even if the players aren’t real.

7 – Use Sportsbook Bonuses

Online sportsbooks are notorious for providing extremely attractive bonuses to their newest, and most loyal, customers. Seek out these perks and you’ll have a lot more slack when it comes to keeping your bankroll alive and well.

Madden simulations are a relatively new form of betting, so the sites that offer sports betting bonuses are in the process of trying to increase participation. This can mean significant bonus offers – even free credits to use.

Each platform’s incentives are going to be different. The important thing is to keep an eye out for them and use them to your advantage if you can. Even though bonuses can seem “too good to be true,” the verdict is in, and they’re extremely beneficial.


Madden simulations have been growing in popularity, and it’s likely that they’ll be sticking around many online sportsbooks for years to come.

Get acquainted with them now, and there’s potential to make serious money when the real-life games aren’t working out for you.