7 More Things NOT to Do in Vegas

Angry Man With a Las Vegas Casino Background

You’re getting ready for that first trip to Vegas.

There are 1000s of blog posts about what to do in Vegas.

Not a lot of people want to talk about what not to do in Vegas. I’m here to help. I wish someone had taken me under their wing and shared with me the Vegas insider secrets

I’m sharing what not to do in Vegas. It will take make your first foray to Sin City that much better.

The idea is to have tons of fun, a blast even, right?

Follow these tips (and the ones from my previous post (LINK TO 7 THINGS NOT TO DO IN VEGAS), and I can almost promise you’ll have a blast. You’ll be booking trip #2 as soon as you unpack your suitcase.

1- Don’t Pay Face Value for Show Tickets

We all know about the big Vegas casino shows. Many celebrity musicians, artists, performance groups, and comedians have standing shows at the Vegas Strip Casinos.

Here’s the catch:

Don’t pay full price for tickets to these shows.

You simply don’t have to.

Here’s what you do to get discounted casino show tickets (I can’t guarantee this will work for every show):

  • Book your tickets ahead of time. Maybe at the same time as your booking your room and flight.
  • Go to the venue a couple of hours before the show of your choice and see if there are any unsold seats. These tickets are usually discounted. Pick out a few shows ahead of time to give yourself some options.
  • Groupon and other sites have tons of discounts on Vegas shows.
  • If you’re staying at a hotel on the same property as a casino (which you should be doing), you will most likely get some sort of discount at that property’s in house shows.
  • Vegas.com usually has offers for multiple show offers. This is a great deal for large parties or groups who will not be going to the same shows at the same time,

2- Don’t Think You Can Walk Everywhere

First-time gamblers to Vegas’s Strip make the mistake of thinking they can walk everywhere.

Most newcomers to the Strip don’t realize that the Strip is 4.2 miles long. That’s just one way.

4.2 miles around 7,000 steps. Your Fitbit or phone’s fitness app wants you to walk 10,000 steps (6 miles) in one day

You can go ahead and do yourself a favor and take advantage of the transportation options when you think you’re going to walk farther than a mile and a half. That’s the rule I follow when I’m hoping from casino to casino in Vegas.

Vegas has multiple transportation options. There’s pedicabs, rideshare companies, traditional taxis, and even a monorail.

Crowded Taxis in Las Vegas

If I’m going just across the street or somewhere close, I walk. The casino resorts are so massive that it can be a task in itself, walking through one property.

When you try to get a taxi, make sure that you go to either the bellhop stationed outside the hotels or a cab stand. The taxi drivers in Las Vegas are used to being shuttling visitors from one casino to another.

Make sure you keep your phone charged so that you can easily pull up Google Maps or your Uber or Lyft app. It would be the worst for your phone to die while you’re waiting for your Lyft driver.

Oh, tip. Please, please, please tip. I’ll talk more about that in a bit.

3- Don’t Take Photos on the Casino Floor

Vegas’s official slogan is “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.” It is especially true of the casino floor.

The casinos are strict about people taking pictures on the casino floor.

They do this for a couple of reasons:

  • Some people use it as research to try to attempt to cheat during a future visit.
  • To protect the identity of guests that might be in your photos by accident.

Most casinos will ask you to leave if they catch you snapping pictures on the casino floor. I know it’s tempting, but don’t.

4- Don’t Go to Vegas without a Budget for Gambling

This is a colossal mistake new gamblers make in Vegas. Set a realistic budget for how much you’re comfortable spending (daily or for the whole trip).

I set my budget two weeks out from my trip and adjust if I have any expenses that arise — like if my car needs expensive repair work, my budget will probably be adjusted down to counteract that expense.

Closeup of Roulette Numbers

I usually withdraw my gambling budget in cash and carry with me to my hotel. I store the cash in my hotel room’s safe for security reasons.

This all sounds like a lot of extra work, but it will benefit you and your bank account in the long run. I promise you.

Here’s where this benefits you:

  • You take that day’s budgeted amount out of your safe. This is all you have to gamble with for that. Once it’s spent, you’re done gambling. You’re not done having fun. You’re just done with gambling.
  • When you reach your gambling cash limit, you’re allowed to take a break. Many gamblers fall for the gambler’s fallacy.

The gambler’s fallacy is when you’re on a losing streak, and you have (probably) spent all of your money. You think you’re due for a big win.

The likelihood of you making a big comeback is slim, if not all. It’s just not going to happen. Walk away.

5- Don’t Be Rude

First off, I want to say that the societal rules that apply in your everyday life are amplified in Vegas. Don’t be rude to the staff, the other visitors and gamblers, and the dealers.

If you’re rude, you can get yourself kicked out of the casino or the entire property. Vegas is a city that people let their hair down, indulge, even get a little wild. You can do all of these things without being a jerk.

Here are a few pointers in case you’re wondering what I mean:

  • Vegas is a place where if you’re wondering if you should, tip.
  • Don’t raise your voice when you don’t like the outcome of a situation.
  • Know and follow casino etiquette. You can read more about the unsaid rules of gambling in a casino here. (link to blog)
  • Check the dress code at a venue or restaurant before going. Some places will turn you away if you’re not appropriately dressed.
  • If you’re wondering if something is socially appropriate, what would you’re grandparents do? Because that is probably the right move.
  • Always be polite. Rudeness isn’t going to improve anyone’s experience.

6- Don’t Go Overboard with Free Drinks

Vegas is probably just as famous for the free casino drinks as they are for their gambling.

Who doesn’t like a free drink? I certainly do. I appreciate them.

In case you haven’t heard of this casino bonus, most (if not all) casino on the Strip offer gamblers free drinks as long as they’re on the casino floor as long you’re gambling.

That’s great, right?

Free drinks are a great bonus when you’re gambling until you’ve had too many. Gambling and heavy drinking do not mix.

Group of Mixed Drinks

Gambling is a financial transaction. I like to use the following comparison:

You wouldn’t get smashed at happy hour and then go buy a car or house, right? Why would you get drunk on free drinks while gambling? It’s not a good idea.

When you’re under the influence of heavy alcohol consumption, you lose your ability to make the right decisions. Your analytical skills are just as impaired your ability to drive.

The casinos know that drunk people will freely spend more money at the tables and slot than sober gamblers. Just be aware of this. Vegas does everything with one precise goal… Make money.

Save your heavy drinking for a night out or at one of the night clubs. Heavy drinking isn’t for gambling.

7- Don’t Forget to Have Fun

This is the most important rule to follow out of this two-part series. If you’re reading this because you’re about to go one your first trip to Vegas.

Guess what?

The best thing to do in Vegas is to not forget to have fun. I’m trying to encourage you to not take yourself so seriously.

You’re not a professional gambler. You’re not likely to become one. You’re a hobby gambler. Hobby gamblers have fun.

Don’t get wrapped up in the impossible dream of winning your retirement plan on your 1st visit to Vegas. The probability of this happening is about as likely as you winning the next lottery drawing.

Enjoy yourself. Swim, eat, gamble, and tip. Have fun.


I hope this list of things not to do in Vegas gives you some ideas and confidence for your upcoming trip. Be kind, have fun and tip.

If you’re looking for tips, please look at our other post on things to do, see, and play in Sin City.