7 Things Everyone Needs to Know Before Their First Trip to Las Vegas

Exciting Man Holding Plane TIckets and the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign on Right

Las Vegas is one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world.

From all of the casinos, music venues, bars, restaurants, clubs, and more, it’s easy to see why millions flock to the Nevadan desert each year. Once you go to Las Vegas for the first time, it’s hard to resist the urge to visit it several more times.

All types of people can find things to do in Vegas; you don’t even have to like gambling. While the city was once geared towards avid gamblers, the city has transformed over the last several decades.

Las Vegas truly is an iconic spot that features around-the-clock fun for the entire family.

With that being said, there are some unwritten rules that first-time visitors should follow. It’s not as if violating these rules will land you in hot water, but it will make your experience more enjoyable.

1 ‒ There’s Nothing Like Your First Trip

I remember the first time I laid eyes on the Las Vegas skyline like it was yesterday. While I still get complete satisfaction from flying into the city, there’s nothing quite like the first time you go to Las Vegas.

Those who love to gamble probably dream about a trip to the greatest gambling city in the United States. So the culmination of that anticipation upon setting eyes on the Strip is a marvelous experience.

There’s simply nowhere else quite like Las Vegas if you consider yourself an avid gambler.

Gamblers have the option of either playing on the Strip or heading downtown. Wherever you decide to gamble, there’s nowhere else that offers the same type of variety.

However, there are those people who don’t care about gambling. If that’s the case for you or someone you’re traveling with, you have nothing to fear.

I’ve rarely heard of someone struggling to find something to do in Las Vegas.

Regardless of what you choose to do to occupy your time, there’s nothing quite like your first trip to Las Vegas. I’m not arguing that you won’t have as much fun on your 2nd or 3rd trip to the city, but it’s just different.

In all likelihood, you’ll find yourself taken aback several times while walking through a city that’s honestly larger than life.

2 ‒ You’re Not Going to Fit Everything In

In a city that’s as marvelous as Las Vegas, there’s too much to do. Regardless of how much time you spend in Las Vegas, some things are going to have to wait for the next trip.

I say this speaking from experience. During my first trip, I found myself rushing through activities to cram in as much as possible.

I struggled to appreciate good meals, get into a rhythm while gambling, and never gave myself a chance to really appreciate the sights and sounds. That being said, it was still an amazing experience.

But, as I was leaving, I still felt disappointed missing out on a few things.

View of the Las Vegas Strip

When you’re planning your first trip to Vegas, you should know that some things aren’t going to happen. You’re not going to be able to hit every casino, see every show, or try every restaurant.

The city is too big and there are far too many things to do and see. Instead of regretting some omissions, make a mental note of the places you want to visit the next time you visit.

3 ‒ You Can Control Your Spending

I often say that Las Vegas is however cheap or expensive you make it. It’s entirely possible to do Las Vegas on a shoestring budget or exceed said budget 5 times over.

You’re in control of how much or how little you spend.

In the past, you might have heard that Las Vegas is incredibly expensive, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While certain activities, casinos, and resorts can cost an arm and a leg, there’s plenty of variety in where you choose to go and stay.

For example, you can easily spend thousands of dollars on a few nights at the nicest resorts. But, you can also be economical and find a room for less than $100.

The same goes for the food you eat, and the entertainment options you choose to take in. If you’re hoping to stay on budget, it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re getting the best deals possible.

4 ‒ Procrastinating Can Get Expensive

The easiest way to overspend during your first trip to Las Vegas is to procrastinate.

As is the case with most other tourist destinations, it pays to plan ahead. Plane tickets, hotel rooms, and even some prime entertainment bookings are often much cheaper the earlier you purchase them.

I started planning for my first trip months in advance and saved hundreds of dollars on travel and lodging. Additionally, I mapped out the best places to gamble given my budget and figured out the best places to dine.

Palazzo and the Vegas Strip

Having said that, I understand that some people choose to visit Las Vegas on a whim. That’s all well and good as spur-of-the-moment vacations can make for an amazing experience.

However, the longer you wait to plan a trip, the more money you’ll likely have to spend.

5 ‒ Nobody Likes the Obnoxious Tourist

There are plenty of different types of people you’re going to encounter in Las Vegas. In speaking to some locals, it’s safe to say that they’ve pretty much seen every type of tourist.

The only kind that is universally hated by pretty much anyone you ask is the obnoxious tourist who seems hell-bent on ruining everyone else’s experience.

These types of people engage in certain activities that paint a target on their back and make them public enemy number 1.

Look, going to Las Vegas might be a culmination of lots of planning and anticipation. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying yourself.

But, there are some behaviors that you might want to think twice about doing.

  • Annoying casino personnel or berating dealers
  • Getting too intoxicated at casinos and resorts
  • Making a spectacle of yourself or your group walking up and down the Strip
  • Being disrespectful to Vegas locals and employees around the city

6 ‒ It’s Not Like the Movies

Some tourists think it’s acceptable to act like a degenerate in Las Vegas because they’ve seen the same behavior depicted in film and television. But, your experience will be nothing like you see in the movies.

You’re most likely not going to bankrupt a casino, steal a police car, or throw a mattress off of your hotel room’s balcony. The first one is virtually impossible and the other 2 might get you banned from the city entirely.

Aerial View of CityCenter Las Vegas

Instead of trying to match the experience that you might have seen on the silver screen, try to have some stress-free fun. Your entertainment shouldn’t come at the expense of anyone else.

When in doubt, don’t model behavior off of movie stars who are playing a role in a film. Trust me, the people who live and work in Las Vegas have seen it dozens of times before.

7 ‒ It Will Likely Exceed Expectations

When I visited Vegas for the first time, I tried my best to be realistic with my expectations. I didn’t want to run the risk of coming away from the experience disappointed.

But, I was so excited about the vacation that I found this to be impossible. Even with the heightened expectations, I came away from the first trip completely blown away.

The city is incredibly unique and unlike anything, I had ever seen before. There’s something to do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There’s so much to do that the only thing I couldn’t do was find time to sleep.

The most important thing you should know before traveling to Las Vegas is how important it is to keep your mind open. If you allow yourself to enjoy yourself and roll with the punches, you’ll surely enjoy yourself.

Our Final Thoughts About Visiting Las Vegas

Anyone going to Las Vegas for the first time should be aware of a few things before they book their tickets.

There’s nothing like your first trip to Sin City and the experience will surely blow you away. Having said that there’s absolutely no way you can fit everything into your schedule.

Instead of trying to cram everything in, soak up and appreciate everything you have the opportunity to experience. Anything you don’t get to can be saved for next time.

If you’re worried about saving money on your trip, make sure you don’t procrastinate. Las Vegas isn’t that expensive if you plan.

Even though you’re probably excited about the experience, don’t let that enthusiasm adversely affect other tourists. Nobody likes the obnoxious group of tourists causing chaos in casinos or up and down the Strip.