7 Things Blackjack Dealers Know But You Don’t

Blackjack Dealer With a Thinking Bubble Over Head and a Man With His Hand To HIs Ear

If you’ve played blackjack, you’ve probably conversed with your dealer on some level. While most are happy to engage, sometimes you’re probably not getting their honest opinion all the time.

Dealers rely on tips to supplement a meager salary (if they get one at all) and thus must adhere to a basic rule of the service industry: The player is always right (unless it’s a serious matter).

In this article, I’ll go over all the things your dealer wishes they could say to you, but probably won’t mention while you’re at the table.

1 – “I Have No Control Over the Outcome”

This one is so obvious, and everyone already knows it. But you wouldn’t think that this common sense piece of information was so common after standing around some tables with patrons who are losing money and taking in alcohol.

Dealers know that you know they have nothing to do with your success. It’s for this reason that they wish you would stop getting an attitude with them when things aren’t going your way.

To go a step further, dealers actually want you to be successful. The better you do, the more (theoretically) you’ll tip on the back end when you exit the table.

Nobody’s expecting you to contain your frustration completely at all times. With that being said, most dealers are probably sick of you treating them disrespectfully because you keep making bad decisions with your bets.

You need to always remember that the dealer is a human being and that they’re just doing their job. You treating them badly doesn’t help anyone, and it can actually hurt you in the long run.

2 – “Pay Attention”

Look, everyone gets distracted from time to time; it’s only human. With that being said, your dealer is begging you to stop looking at the other player two tables down and focus on what you’re doing.

This one gets worse with a few drinks, as concentration seems to be the first thing to go. Nobody’s going to chastise you if you require a “hey, you’re up” once or twice.

Blackjack Players Seated at a Blackjack Table

But if you’re making it a habit for every other hand, your dealer is going to be annoyed.

You’re not going to get cheated financially if your dealer has to stay on top of it to remind you that it’s your move, but it’s going to create a much less friendly environment for everyone involved. It comes off as disrespectful to everybody’s time and is one of the most common faux pas committed at blackjack tables everywhere.

3 – “Don’t Make That Bet!”

Remember when I said that your dealer actually wants you to be successful (even if it is for selfish purposes)?

It’s true! A player who loses all of their money is undoubtedly the least likely candidate to provide a good tip for the dealer’s services. It’s for this reason that dealers hate to see players making reckless decisions with their money.

Of course, if you’ve spent any time at all around a blackjack table—or any other table at a casino for that matter—there’s a good chance you’ve witnessed some inadvisable decision making for yourself.

However, you don’t have any stake in the player’s success, whereas the dealer actually does even if it’s just a small one.

Sometimes, there’s a conflict of interest at play, meaning a dealer doesn’t want to get caught telling someone not to make a particular bet (which would result in the casino potentially losing money).

But for their own sake, they don’t want everyone at the table going broke on his or her watch. It’s a delicate situation that everyone handles differently.

4 – “I’m Just Pretending to Like You”

Imagine if your job consisted of dealing with half-drunk people who were gambling with much more money than they can realistically afford to lose. Emotions run high, bad behavior is rampant. And sometimes, you’re made out to be the bad guy even though you had nothing to do with the outcome.

Just like most other jobs in the service industry, it’s literally in the dealer’s job description to act like they’re enjoying your company. That’s not to say that all dealers dislike their patrons, in fact, dealers do like them for the most part.

Live Dealer In Red Dress

The point is that a dealer is going to act like they like you no matter what. Don’t go thinking you’ll get insider tips or a hook up on your next trip to the table because you’ve formed a particular bond.

Also, no, your jokes aren’t as funny as they’re letting on. And please stop asking these questions, because they are tired of answering them all day long.

5 – “You Should Probably Walk Away”

It’s not a secret that casinos don’t typically have any readily-visible windows or clocks. Unsurprisingly, this is so gamblers don’t realize how long they’ve been playing. Statistically speaking, the longer you’re on the gaming floor, the more money you’re going to lose.

This will also come as no surprise, but it’s not the job of casino workers or blackjack dealers to remind you that, “Hey, you’ve lost a bunch of money and have been at this table for hours, it’s probably time to call it a day.”

Even though dealers won’t say this to you, they’re people too and don’t relish in seeing you lose your money, even when you eliminate the tip factor. If you find that your dealer is giving you that “look” or they’re dropping hints it might be time to take a breather, it’s in your best interest to heed that advice.

6 – “I Have to Offer You Insurance, But You Shouldn’t Take It”

When the cards are dealt and a dealer has an ace facing up, you’ll be offered insurance in case the dealer complements the ace with a face card resulting in a blackjack.

First, let me make clear that the insurance play will work in your favor sometimes. Obviously, it has some value or it would never be offered. But when you crunch the numbers, the real value lies in the extra money it brings in for the house.

Blackjack Table

Insurance will benefit the player about 30% of the time, which means it’s a complete waste about 70% of the time. Unless you’re a card-counting wizard that can predict with a high degree of accuracy when insurance is worth it or not, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of passing on this offer.

7 – “Online Blackjack Is Just as Good (If Not Better)”

No in-person dealer is going to suggest you look for an online alternative. But if they were being honest, they’d tell you that online blackjack has more than its fair share of advantages.

For one, you don’t need to leave your house to play. This might sound like it would lead to excessive playing. But it actually does the opposite because you don’t feel like you need to get your “fix” in all at one time. If you walk away, it’ll be there when you get back.

Additionally, online blackjack gives players extra “bonuses” or “free play” money which is used as an incentive to get you to play on a particular platform instead of another. If used properly and efficiently, this free play money can turn into real dollars while reducing your risk of losing your own money.

Oh, and you won’t be asked to tip your dealer in online blackjack, even if you win.

Keep These in Mind the Next Time You Gamble

At the end of the day, the message here is simple: Dealers are just regular people who happen to work in a casino. They’re not trying to scam you out of money, mislead you with bad advice, and they can’t really improve your odds of winning.

But just like everybody else they also have things they hate that gamblers do.

Don’t think that the dealer is completely irrelevant to your success, though. If you pay attention, ask the right questions, and treat them with respect, new players can actually gain a lot of valuable information. Nobody’s seen more blackjack hands than blackjack dealers, and thus, have the experience that beginners lack.