7 Sweet Spots Near Grand Casino Mille Lacs

Two Attractions Near Grand Casino Mille Lacs Casino

Grand Casino Mille Lacs has more than its fair share of thrills. And sweet spots. Especially if you’re talking about the gaming and lodging aspects, but you’ll also find at least a half-dozen other sweet spots in the surrounding area.

One such sweet spot involves Grand Casino Mille Lacs’ sister casino, Grand Casino Hinckley. Heading off to the Hinckley location will give you a nice variety of casino gaming that you can look forward to. But if you’re craving more than just casino gaming, Lady Luck has you covered.

Along with the casinos, you’ll come across state parks, trading posts, and even a cool cinema plus a unique bowling alley.

All seven sweet spots near Grand Casino Mille Lacs are outlined in the following sections. So if you’re looking to complete your vacation, use today’s post to begin your itinerary.

1 – Grand Casino Hinckley

Grand Casino Hinckley serves as the sister casino to Grand Casino Mille Lacs. The Hinckley location offers its own unique set of games, themes, dining options, and lodging.

At the Hinckley location, you’ll find over 2,100 slot machines, with 1,500 offering 1 or 2-cent games. They also feature over 900 progressive slots. The Hinckley location also offers Blackjack games in the form of $5 to $2,000 limits. Regardless of your level of play, you’ll find a limit right for you.

They also feature Bingo along with an array of Bingo promotions and pull tabs, the latter of which you’ll find right on the Bingo floor.

So if you’re looking to explore the area’s casino scene even further, be sure to take a trip out to Grand Casino Hinckley, and you’ll embark on perhaps the finest casino outing in the area.

Given the sheer size and scope of Grand Casino Mille Lacs and its sister in Hinckley, you’ll have more ways to win than ever before. Plus, you’ll enjoy two large casinos within a few miles from one another. It’s certainly worth the drive.

2 – Mille Lacs Kathio State Park

You’re in for a treat regarding the Minnesota nature scene with a trip to Mille Lacs Kathio State Park. If you’re looking to fully immerse yourself in the wilderness, then a long hike should grace the menu here.

But if you’d rather catch a taste of the natural beauty Minnesota and the Mille Lacs area offers, it’s still more than worth the trip to the state park. They offer both long and shorter trails, allowing you to forge your own path.

The landmark trail is special within itself since it shows markers that will teach you of the area’s history and ecology. Especially such history and ecology regarding the park itself.

The landmark trail also won’t take too much time out of your day, allowing you to return to the slots and tables at Grand Casino Mille Lacs.

Dirt Walking Trail Through The Trees

Reviewers on TripAdvisor also rave about their campsites. And if you’d rather camp out deep in the Minnesota wild as opposed to booking a stay over at the Mille Lacs hotels, then those you’ll discover at Mille Lacs Kathio State Park should be a top option.

Reviewers have also commended the walking trails. We already touched on the landmark trail. But they offer a plethora of other trails, each giving off their own unique array of scenery.

Why not take one trail per day and hike it if you’re camping in the area?

A true nature experience awaits.

3 – Mille Lacs Indian Museum and Trading Post

You’ll find the Trading Post in Onamia. Besides the trading post, they also have a seasonal museum at the site. So if the museum portion is open, stopping here is a must if you’re looking for a few fine history lessons.

Along with the story of the Mille Lacs Band of the Ojibwes, you’ll find some sweet gifts at the Trading Post in this sweet spot. Featuring authentic American Indian crafts from the most distinguished Mille Lacs artisans, you’re in for a real treasure to commemorate your stay in the Mille Lacs area.

So head on over, catch a story if the museum’s open. And follow up with a few cool gifts for you and your friends. Along with Grand Casino Mille Lacs, the Indian Museum and Trading Post feature 2 unique crown jewels in the region.

And they’re sweet spots you don’t want to miss out on.

4 – Father Hennepin State Park

If you’re looking for another set of trails to devour, head over to Father Hennepin State Park. Reviewers on TripAdvisor cannot get enough of them. Especially if they’re nature enthusiasts looking to catch wildlife in action.

The park remains clean, and the staff is always hard at work to maintain the status quo. It is a quiet park featuring several notable landmarks and paved trails right on Minnesota’s beachfront.

Listen to the sounds of the forest and the surrounding waters, capture a few landmarks like the bridge, and lose yourself in nature regardless of the season you plan your visit. It’s a phenomenal place to relax after a day of casino gaming at Grand Casino Mille Lacs.

So if the slots and tables didn’t go your way, relieve that stress at Father Hennepin State Park.

5 – Grand Makwa Cinema

Grand Makwa Cinema has become the perfect place in the area to catch entertainment if it’s running low at Grand Casino Mille Lacs. They often show the top four films played at any given time. So you’re getting a good quality movie along with an epic sound system.

Reviewers on TripAdvisor praise the small theatre for its cleanliness and overall sound, comfortable seating, and ease of access. The only downside is that they keep their staff to a minimum. Many reviews have stated only one staff member appears to be on duty.

So as a word of caution, be sure to arrive plenty of time before your movie begins if you’re looking to buy tickets and get some food. Because with so few employees running things, you may wait longer than usual if you’re looking to catch the entire movie.

But, many reviewers have stated it’s more than worth heading over for a movie. Everything here is top-notch and up to date. And as far as movie experiences go, they’re nothing but pluses.

6 – St. Therese Little Flower Parish

St. Therese Little Flower Parish epitomizes those smaller, more obscure venues you’ll find in smaller towns and regions. And it’s actually more than close to the casino. Just look around for the church and the St. Michael Cemetery in the back, and you’ll have found it.

St. Therese Little Flower Parish Front Entrance

This flower parish is close as can be, and it provides the ultimate stress relief if the cards and slots didn’t fall your way at Grand Casino Mille Lacs.

Reviewers have gone on about the setting in the fall. You’re getting quite the nostalgic feel if you venture out this way during the months of September and October. The red, yellow, and rust leaves leaving their summer homes amidst a setting sun in the background is quite the sight to see.

It’s open to the public, and even if you’re just looking to take a quick stroll in the middle of the day or early evening, St. Therese Little Flower Parish won’t take over an hour of your time. So if you need a bit of peace during your day, this is where you’ll rediscover it.

7 – Isle Bowl and Pizza

It’s always a good time to play your favorite casino games at Grand Casino Mille Lacs. But if you’re looking to mix things up, head over to Isle Bowl and Pizza. Take your travel group to the bowling alley and play a few rounds. Throw some darts, play some pool, and other popular bar games.

And if you’re not an avid bowler, don’t sweat. They have bumpers, so you can make a few cool bank strikes. Plus, they’re in the 21st century with automatic scoring. Even better, right?

They also have a full-service restaurant and bar called Blacklights. So if you need something to eat during your games, you won’t need to return to the casino if you’re planning on playing your fair share of rounds.

It also provides a family-friendly environment. So if you’re traveling the area with the fam, head on over and play a game you and your kids will enjoy. It may not hold the thrills you’ll find at Grand Casino Mille Lacs, but you will create a few awesome memories.

Our Final Thoughts on the Grand Mille Lacs Area

Grand Casino Mille Lacs boasts more than its fair share of casino gaming. But don’t forget to check out its sister casino in Hinckley for even more ways to win. And if you’re looking for more than just the gaming scene, Lady Luck is on your side.

Complete with a cool gift shop, bowling alley, and scenery, visiting every sweet spot listed above will turn a stop at the casino into a true weekend getaway.

So what are you waiting for?

Go exploring.

Have you played at Grand Casino Mille Lacs? If so, tell us about your experience and let us know if you made the trip to Grand Casino Hinckley or any of the above attractions. We’re looking forward to reading your stories.