7 Step Checklist for Travelling to Las Vegas

Man Checking off Checklist With Vegas Sign and City Background

A trip to Las Vegas is one thing that every gambler should do in their lifetime. It’s the gambling capital of the world for good reason, and it also offers some of the best dining and entertainment in the world. But you need to plan ahead if you want to maximize your enjoyment when you travel to Las Vegas.

Here’s a simple seven step checklist to help you plan your next trip to Las Vegas. Use it to make sure you don’t forget anything important and to be prepared when you get there. It even includes a section for first time Las Vegas visitors about the easiest way to get a cab.

1 – Prepare for the Desert

When you look at pictures and videos of Las Vegas all you see are casinos and the city. It’s easy to forget that Las Vegas is right in the middle of a desert. It gets extremely hot during the day and extremely cold at night.

When you spend most of your time in a climate controlled casino or restaurant you don’t think about the temperature outside. But if you take a walk on the strip or elsewhere outside you quickly realize how hot or cold it really is.

Desert Outside of Las Vegas

You need to pack sunscreen for day trips and a jacket or coat for after dark. When you’re out during the day in Las Vegas you never think about a coat, but if you’re going out after dark you probably need to take one.

You also need to make sure you drink plenty of water on your trip. You can get dehydrated, and if it gets bad enough you’re going to get sick. Getting sick is a sure way to ruin your entire trip to Las Vegas.

2 – Gambling or Entertainment or Both?

What’s the main purpose of your trip to Las Vegas? Are you going mainly to gamble or to enjoy some shows and the night life? Or do you want to make time to do both?

When I travel by myself I spend most of my time gambling in Vegas. So it’s easy to plan my trip. I stay in a hotel where I plan to spend most of my time gambling. But when my wife goes with me we always plan to see a couple shows and a nice meal or two.

It’s not important why you’re going to Las Vegas, but if you know ahead of time it helps you plan your trip efficiently.

3 – The Strip or Fremont Street?

I hear people talk about which is better, the strip or Fremont Street? My thought is always why not check out both? I spend most of my time in Las Vegas on the strip because this is where the poker rooms I like are located. But I also enjoy spending a little time on Fremont Street.

One problem with Las Vegas is that there is too much to do. You can fill an entire trip with gambling and entertainment without traveling more than a mile. One option is to plan more than one trip to Las Vegas. This year go to the strip and check out everything you want there, and next year stay on Fremont Street and spend your trip there.

4 – Don’t Party Too Hard

The night life in Las Vegas is alive and well. You can find plenty of places where you can drink and party all night if you’re into this type of thing. You can visit a new place every night, or multiple party spots in one night.

You need to keep a couple things in mind if you’re going to Las Vegas to party. It’s more expensive to party in Las Vegas than most places, so you can drop a lot of money fast if you’re not careful. This is okay if you budget for it, but it’s easy to spend way more than you planned.

The other thing you need to remember is that partying can be hard on your health. If you’re going to party in Las Vegas, make sure that you get enough rest. If you party all night, sleep all day to let your body rest.

And make sure you stay safe. Make a plan to get safely back to your hotel at the end of the night before you go out. You might not make the best decisions after drinking all night, so have a plan in place before you start and stay safe.

5 – Stick to Your Budget the Easy Way

One thing that’s easy to do when you travel to Las Vegas is go over your budget. You start gambling and are having so much fun that you don’t want to stop, so you pull some more money out and keep playing. Or you see a nice restaurant you want to try and end up dropping an extra $100 on food that you didn’t plan to spend.

All of this is fine, but you don’t want to spend too much more than you planned and end up short. Here’s a simple plan to help you stay within budget.

Divide your budget into two parts. Use one part for gambling and the other part for everything else, including souvenirs, eating, and entertainment. Then divide each budget equally by the number of days on your trip.

If you have money left over from either or both budgets at the end of a day you can divide it across your other days or keep it in your pocket to take home.

6 – How to Get a Cab

One of the main hassles when you’re in Las Vegas is getting around. You need to get transportation from the airport to your hotel, and if you’re traveling far during the day you want to get a ride. You don’t want to walk miles in the sun and heat of Las Vegas.

Getting a cab from the airport is easy. Just look at the maps posted in the airport for the taxi line. Get in line and there’s a never ending string of taxis waiting to pick travelers up.

Las Vegas Taxis in Traffic

It can be more challenging to get a cab elsewhere. Cabs aren’t allowed to stop on the strip except at the hotels and other businesses. So if you want a cab on the strip, go to nearest casino entrance. I always carry a few dollars for this. Go to an entrance and tell the casino employee there you need a cab and slip them a couple dollars. They’ll get you one.

It’s also a good idea to keep the number of a couple can companies in your phone so you can call one when you’re planning an outing. The other option is to use one of the limo services in Las Vegas. They aren’t that much more expensive than using a cab and they have smaller limos you can use to get around.

7 – Schedule Everything before Your Trip

Before you take your trip to Las Vegas, schedule everything you want to do while you’re there. Schedule all of your gambling time, every show you want to see, and your meals.

I always leave a couple blocks of downtime in case I need to get a little extra rest or find a new show or museum I want to visit. When you have everything on your trip scheduled you can relax and not worry about missing anything important.

Even if you prefer to let things happen and enjoy the flow most of the time instead of having every minute scheduled, have a rough schedule for your trip. You can always make adjustments to your schedule along the way.


Before you go on your next trip to Las Vegas, make sure you plan ahead so you don’t miss anything. Prepare for the desert the right way, plan all of your gambling and entertainment, and use a well thought out budget.

When you arrive in Las Vegas, enjoy the gambling and sites on the strip or downtown. Learn how to get a cab so you don’t waste valuable time during your visit.

This simple checklist is going to help you with all of these things and more. Start planning now to have a great trip to Las Vegas.