7 Sensational Attractions Close to Menominee Casino Resort

Menominee Casino Resort Logo Log Cabin On Right Man Kayaking On Left

Menominee Casino Resort is an amazing resort casino in the Keshena, Wisconsin, area. The village, also commonly known as “K-Town,” also boasts a few solid attractions both in and around it.

So, if you’re gaming at Menominee Casino Resort but you feel the need to take a break from the floor, it’s always a good idea to get out for a bit and explore the area. Because even one as small as Keshena has more than a few cool things to get excited over.

And as with many small-town attractions, you will find a solid mixture of outdoor or museum-based attractions and all kinds of unique fun. These are activities that only small-town America could bring.

Brace yourself for a unique list of things to do in Keshena. And discover all of what you can visit when you take time away from Menominee Casino Resort’s gaming floor.

Keep reading below to learn more.

Wolf River

While nature can bring peace and relaxation, you can expect Wolf River to bring a little more to the table. They call it “Wisconsin’s most scenic and dramatic waterway” for a reason.

And once such reason probably has something to do with the rapids that you may come across. Despite the sometimes wayward waters, it’s still a suitable attraction for those of all ages and interest levels. So, if you have younger kids, they too are welcome aboard.

Go ahead, rent a raft, and catch the thrills that only the Wolf River can bring. Oh, and be sure to take an entire afternoon off from the casino floor. Most reviewers on TripAdvisor have noted that the average tour duration lasts around two to three hours.

But hey, family-friendly fun in the middle of the Northwoods’ wildest river is definitely more than worth the ride.

Menominee Indian Tribe Cultural Museum

Looking for an inexpensive way to consume local culture? Head away from the casino floor at Menominee Casino Resort and enter the county’s tribal museum. Here, you’ll find an epic cultural center that shouldn’t take much longer than an hour to explore.

But if you’re into local history, odds are you may frequent this small but vibrant center a little longer than the suggested hour.

Menominee Indian Tribe Cultural Museum Log Cabin

They also have a second museum on site called the Menominee Logging Camp Museum, but one reviewer on TripAdvisor has warned it’s not always open, and you must pay for separate tickets (both sold at the Cultural Museum).

So, if you’re here on select days, you may get two attractions in one. As with many local cultural museums, it’s small. However, it features several interesting pieces of information and artifacts telling the story of the area’s history.

They also have a fantastic bookstore full of local books, Native American-inspired crafts, and so much more.

Indoor Shawano Wisconsin Flea Market

This seasonal winter flea market is open every Saturday from New Year’s Day until April.

It may be a typo, but per their TripAdvisor overview, they wrote the year “2022,” implying that they may have taken the 2021 season off because of the ongoing world health crisis.

However, if you’re reading today’s post beyond the 2021 season, then chances are, you may have just found the state’s finest flea market about 8 miles from Keshena in nearby Shawano, Wisconsin.

And per the photos on TripAdvisor, this flea market boasts a bit of everything that you can imagine, from antique toys, decor, clocks, and so much more. The model NASCAR racecars from the 1990s caught my eye, with Ricky Craven’s old #25 car for Hendrick Motorsports and Michael Waltrip’s old Pennzoil ride.

But you get the gist of it. What’s listed above is just one of many fine items you will find here. It probably shouldn’t surprise you if you stumble upon retro video games and other oldies that I think we all regret giving away at this point in our lives, especially considering how valuable certain items are today.

Indoor Shawano Wisconsin Flea Market

Anyway, a trip to the Indoor Shawano Wisconsin Flea Market is a great way to redeem yourself and find some of those classics from your childhood. If you won a few bucks on the floor at Menominee Casino Resort, this flea market should grace the top of your list.

Old Glory Candy

You’re in for more than a fair share of local treats when you frequent Old Glory. Also in Shawano, local reviewers on TripAdvisor rave about Old Glory Candy’s fudge, and it’s a must if you’re looking for some epic desserts when you’re not living it up over at the casino.

And as we know the Northern Wisconsin area for, it also boasts a quaint, small-town feel the minute you step inside. It’s a small shop, as many of the locals will tell you, and it boasts a phenomenal variety of different candies and other delicacies from floor to ceiling.

It may not be the chocolate factory from the Willy Wonka movies, but hey, it will suffice. So, if you’re craving something sweet when you’re in the area, satisfy that sweet tooth at Old Glory Candy before you return to the floor at Menominee Casino Resort.

Twig’s Beverage Museum

The small-town flair just keeps getting better. We already covered an outstanding flea market and hidden gem of a local candy store. Now, we get to uncover yet another beauty, with Twig’s Beverage Museum. Also in nearby Shawano, you’ll instantly take a step back in time the minute you walk through the doors.

This museum and soda shop features an epic story of the family-owned Twig’s Beverages, a business whose roots are and remain steep in the area. Come in and hear their story of Twig’s and their mission to become the nation’s Top Soda Drink Manufacturer.

And chances are, you have already come across the Twig’s brand and you probably didn’t even know it. Have you ever had the luxury of drinking your favorite soda straight from those old-fashioned glass bottles? Even in today’s day and age, when plastic dominates?

Twig's Beverage Museum Soda Display

Yep, that probably came from Twig’s. And now that you know where it came from, it’s also safe to say that you tried a few exotic soda flavors like blue raspberry, caramel apple, forget-me-not grape, sour soda, and so much more.

But if you haven’t, don’t fear. They have a store in which you can try their epic flavors and take home your favorites. Fit for the entire family, it’s just a small trip from Menominee Casino Resort. Prepare for a cool story, an epic selection of soda’s, and on select weekends, live entertainment.

Shawano Four Seasons Resort

Perhaps you’d rather book your stay over in Shawano and on the outskirts of the casino?

If so, be sure to check out Shawano Four-Seasons Resort. This full-service establishment not only comes with the finest hotel rooms in the area; it’s also the area’s hub if you’re looking to frequent more than just Menominee Casino Resort.

They’re near two other casinos, so it also acts as a fantastic stop if you’re embarking on a casino tour of the area. If not, then chances are you’ll love the nearby Mountain Bay Trail that is almost literally in this resort’s backyard.

Nature, hiking, biking, and snowmobiling enthusiasts will love the scenic tour of the nearby trail. Other amenities include a full-service bar and lounge, fitness center, indoor pool, meeting center, and so much more.

If visiting Menominee Casino Resort is one of several reasons you’ve ventured to the Keshena slash Shawano area, perhaps a stay at Four Seasons Resort puts you in the front and center of all fantastic attractions this area offers.

War Bonnet Bar & Grill

Apart from what you will find at the casino, a trip to the War Bonnet Bar & Grill serves up the BEST of the best in Keshena. Along with a fantastic array of food and drink options featuring a local flair, War Bonnet Bar & Grill also has a few more amenities to get excited over.

Guy Sitting With Beer In Front of Him, Thumbs Up

Once you’ve finished some of the finest local classic fare, head on over to the gift shop where you’ll find a tremendous variety of historical artifacts and gifts.

They also boast a family-friendly atmosphere, a helpful staff, quick service, and of course, a fine selection of local food and drinks. It’s more than just a traditional, sit-down restaurant and bar. With the decor, gift shop, and friendly service, you’re in for quite an experience in the area’s top eatery.

Be sure to take at least one evening to check out the venue.

Our Summary of the Area

Menominee Casino Resort is a crown jewel in the small town of Kenesha, Wisconsin. And even in and around a tiny town like Kenesha, you have far more to get excited about other than just the casino. So, be sure to look today’s list over and circle a few attractions that you plan on visiting.

Best yet, most of what you’ll find here is suitable for the entire family. If the entire crew has come with you to the area, you can turn a small outing into a phenomenal weekend getaway.

Have you played at Menominee Casino Resort? Or are you planning a casino trip? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. We can’t wait to read your stories.