7 Reasons Why Tablet Gambling Isn’t as Popular as Smartphone Gambling

Mobile Phone Playing Slots With a Fantasy Background

Both smart phones and tablets give you the opportunity to gamble on the go. You can enjoy online casino games, play poker, or make sports bets through either device.

However, the smartphone is by far the predominant device among gamblers. In fact, the competition between smartphone and tablet gambling isn’t even close.

Why aren’t tablets as big among online bettors, casino gamblers, and poker players? You can read about seven reasons why this is the case below.

1 – Fewer Tablet Sales

Smartphone sales dwarf those of tablets. Over 1.37 billion phone units were sold and shipped in 2019.

Statistics show that smartphone sales will only increase in the coming years. Forecasts reveal that an estimated 1.45 billion phones will ship out in 2023.

Tablet sales, meanwhile, aren’t quite as impressive. They hit a peak of 230.1 million units sold and shipped in 2014.

Ever since then, the numbers have fallen dramatically. Only 144.1 million tablets sold throughout 2019. This figure is expected to drop to 122.1 million by 2023.

Of course, these numbers don’t show exactly how many people are gambling on each device. But 10 times the amount of people are buying smartphones versus tablets. It’s pretty clear that more people gamble via phone as a result.

2 – Tablets Don’t Fit In Your Pocket

Why do phones sell at such a rapid rate in comparison to tablets? For starters, they fit neatly into your pocket.

As a result, you can easily transport a casino, poker room, or sportsbook anywhere. When you’re ready to gamble, you simply pull your phone out at any time.

Closeup of Man Using a Smartphone

Tablets are also fairly convenient. They’re easier to haul around than a laptop computer and can easily be carried in one hand.

Nevertheless, a tablet doesn’t fit into your pocket. Assuming you’re not immediately using the device, you often need to put it in a bag or purse.

Most people don’t like taking a 9×7 mobile device everywhere with them. They’d rather just use something that easily fits in their pocket.

3 – People Use Smartphones for Everything

Mobile phones started getting popular in the early 2000s. At this point, most people merely used phones to make calls, text, and play a few rudimentary games.

Phones have come a long way since then. Today’s smartphones are capable of carrying out many essential tasks.

You can surf the internet, play high-quality online slots, listen to music, check the weather, and do so much more via these devices. Given that you already use a smartphone for almost everything, you might as well gamble through it too.

The same can’t be said about tablets. You likely don’t use a tablet to text, pay bills, browse the web, or use social media sites.

If you’re like most people, you’d need to switch from a smartphone to a tablet for gambling purposes. You’ll find it more efficient to simply gamble from your phone rather than making this switch.

4 – Smartphones Are Better for Gambling on the Go

Earlier, I described how smartphones are handier due to their smaller size. You don’t need a special bag to store your phone—you just put it in your pocket.

Therefore, phones are better for quick gambling sessions when you’re out and about. You can grab your smartphone and play a few poker hands or spin the slots reels while walking.

When finished, you put the phone back in your pocket and carry on. You don’t need to worry about finding a special place to store the device afterward.

Tablets are handy when you’re at home and have a place to lay them. However, they’re just not as convenient when you’re walking, waiting for an appointment, or doing anything else outside the home.

5 – Phone Screens Have Gotten Bigger

The one major advantage that tablets hold over smartphones is their screen size. The average tablet features a 10-inch screen.

This bigger display means that you can see blackjack tables, poker tables, betting odds, or anything else easier. That said, tablets initially caught gamblers attention when they became popular in the early and mid-2010s.

Older smartphones, meanwhile, featured screens ranging from 3.5 to 4 inches. They didn’t offer much in the display department for those wanting a clearer view of slots, poker tables, or betting lines.

Times have changed greatly in this regard, though. Modern smartphones now offer screens ranging from 5 to 6 inches.

This size is still only roughly half of what tablets offer. However, larger phone screens have closed the gap on one of the tablet’s biggest advantages.

6 – Tablets Are Better for Playing Shows/Films in the Background

Here’s a situation that you might find familiar:

  • You sit down on the couch for an online gambling session.
  • You pull up your favorite casino/poker room/bookmaker via your phone.
  • You set your tablet on a nearby table and watch shows through Netflix or Hulu.

A tablet’s larger screen makes it perfect for viewing TV shows and movies. Meanwhile, you can hold the smartphone close to your face while gambling.

This point isn’t a knock against tablets by any means. However, their primary usage for films/TV shows puts them out of commission for gambling.

The only time when this scenario isn’t true is if you’re using two tablets at once. But you’ll likely only choose one tablet as part of a deal through your mobile provider.

7 – App Developers Think Smartphone First

The aforementioned sales figures show everything regarding which type of device is more popular. You’re far more likely to own a smartphone before a tablet.

As a result, real money casino app developers optimize their products for phones above all. If there’s any conflict when creating an app, the developer will always ensure that they cater to smaller screens first.

For example, Instagram and WhatsApp are optimized for smartphones. When you use these apps via a tablet, you’ll notice that they scale up to meet the bigger screen.

Woman Laying Down Playing With a Tablet

The same situation happens with online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms. Gambling sites try to optimize their apps for both types of devices.

However, they must ensure that the smartphone version works above all. The tablet version can sometimes be an afterthought.

In these situations, the gambling app still fills the tablet screen. But it feels like it’s meant for a smartphone.

You probably won’t notice a dramatic drop-off in play. Furthermore, you’ll still be able to enjoy gambling action just like normal.

Nevertheless, you’ll feel that something’s off about the experience. The “something” is that you’re playing an app optimized for a smartphone and not a tablet.


Tablet gambling is still quite popular around the globe. However, it’s nowhere near as beloved as smartphone gambling.

The latter offers plenty of advantages, including convenience, easy storage, and all-in-one usage. If you’re going to use a smartphone for everything else, you might as well gamble with it too.

Of course, tablets offer larger screens and a better overall view of whatever you’re playing. Therefore, you might consider gambling with a tablet when you’re at home or have a bag to store it in afterward.