7 Reasons Why Megaways Slots Are Taking Over Gaming

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Online slots come in all different varieties. Certain games have six reels, some feature 243 ways, and some have second-screen bonuses.

The popularity among various types of real money online slots is well dispersed. Or perhaps, I should say was well dispersed.

Megaways slots have thundered into the gaming scene and taken over. New Megaways games are coming out on a regular basis and proving extremely popular among gamblers.

What makes these games so superior to other slots? Below, you can read about the seven biggest reasons why Megaways slot machines are on fire right now.

1 – More Ways to Win Than Ever Before

These slots truly live up to the name by offering countless ways to win. Some of them feature up to 117,649 ways or more.

The amount of winning possibilities is determined by the maximum number of symbols each reel can hold. For example, a slot might offer up to seven symbols in each reel.

Here’s an example on how this leads to the number of available ways:

  • Six-reel slot with up to seven symbols in each reel
  • 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 = 117,649
  • This game offers up to 117,649 ways

Here’s another example using a game with fewer potential symbols:

  • Six-reel slot with up to five symbols in each reel
  • 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 15,625
  • This game offers up to 15,625 ways

Even with 15,625 ways, you can look forward to an incredible number of potential wins. These numerous possibilities lead to lots of payouts in any given round.

2 – Megaways Slots Offer a Truly Different Experience

Other styles of slots feature a static number of winning possibilities. For example, a five-reel slot with 30 paylines will never give you more than 30 chances to win.

But the Megaways engine varies the amount of opportunities you have to win in each spin. One round may offer 5,040 ways, while the next could feature 41,160 possibilities.

Everything depends upon how many symbols are in each given reel. Your hope is that all of the reels contain a large amount of symbols.

Here’s an example:

  • Reel 1 holds five symbols
  • Reel 2 holds six
  • Reel 3 holds seven
  • Reel 4 holds four
  • Reel 5 holds seven
  • Reel 6 holds five
  • 5 x 6 x 7 x 4 x 7 x 5 = 29,400 ways

You’ll get burned when all the reels are only holding two to three symbols. But the times where each reel contains six to seven icons makes these games worthwhile in the end.

3 – Lots of Action

Megaways games already draw numerous players due to their quirky format and countless winning possibilities alone.

Slot Machine

However, these slots don’t stop here. Many offer other features, including cascading reels (a.k.a. avalanche), free spins, and random wilds.

The avalanche effect is especially notable here. It removes symbols from winning combinations and gives you a chance at more prizes in the same round.

When you combine cascading reels with Megaways, you can form all sorts of payouts in any given spin. Avalanche may even be used as the feature that unlocks more ways.

For example, certain online slots make the reels grow with each avalanche win. If you string together several cascading payouts in a row, then you’ll boost the reels to maximum capacity.

4 – Plenty of Design Possibilities

So far, I’ve only mentioned six-reel Megaways slots, because the six-reel version is currently the most common. But Megaways has the potential for even more design possibilities.

Here are some different options:

  • 5 reels with up to six symbols in each reel
  • 5 reels with up to seven symbols in each reel
  • 6 reels with up to six symbols in each reel
  • 6 reels with up to eight symbols in each reel
  • 7 reels with up to five symbols in each reel
  • 7 reels with up to seven symbols in each reel

Whether or not any of these designs come to fruition remains to be seen. However, the point is that developers aren’t limited when dealing with Megaways.

They can produce these slots in a variety of manners. The industry will probably see plenty of other Megaways styles beyond 6×5 (15,625 ways) and 6×7 (117,649 ways) in the future.

5 – Many Developers Are Putting Their Stamp on Megaways

More and more slots providers are jumping into the Megaways space. And some of them are putting their own unique twist on this genre.

Big Time Gaming (BTG) kicked off this frenzy when they invented, patented, and released the Megaways engine. Most of their slots feature the aforementioned 6×7 format and up to 117,649 ways.

BTG has since been licensing this engine out to other developers. The latter have some creative control over how they use Megaways.

Red Tiger Gaming, for example, has produced a slot in Laser Fruit that offers up to 60,466,176 ways. You achieve this massive number of winning possibilities through the bonus round.

Many other developers are currently paying to use Megaways as well. That said, more and more innovation should keep improving this niche.

6 – The Pursuit of Unlocking Numerous Ways

A basic slot lets you pursue different wins and bonuses. Your ultimate goal is to win the biggest payouts and most lucrative bonuses possible.

Megaways slot machines add an additional layer to this pursuit of the best prizes. Not only are you hoping to get big wins but also unlock more ways in each round.

You’ll feel disappointed if you only have 64 ways (six reels all w/ two symbols) in a 6×7 game. However, you’ll be elated when you unlock all 117,649 possible combinations.

Of course, more ways has the added benefit of giving you additional chances at winning. You’ll probably net big prizes as a result when lots of ways are active.

7 – Play Megaways Slots for Cheap

You may think that slots with anywhere from 15,625 to 60,466,176 will be really expensive to play. After all, expensive spin costs became an issue when 720 ways slots were introduced in the mid-2010s.

The reality, though, is that these games don’t cost any more than the average online slot. They typically charge around $0.20 per spin.

Of course, the vast majority of your winning ways are going to be losers at this rate. A developer can’t afford to offer you 117,649 ways at just $0.20 and let you win all the time.

But slot machines are about random chance anyway. Your tiny spin cost provides the potential to rack up lots of prizes in any given round.


The primary reason why Megaways slots grab so much attention is the many possibilities they offer. You’ll rarely have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of ways to win. However, just the fact that you could unlock this many ways is exciting.

The unique experience is another driver behind Megaways’ success. With their varying reels, these games introduce mystery into every spin. You never know how many chances you’ll have to win from round to round.

Action is yet another big reason why these games are hot. Everything from cascading reels to free spins enhance your gaming experience. You don’t even have to spend much to enjoy these perks either. Megaways games usually don’t cost much more than $0.20 per spin.

As you can see, several factors help make these slot machines hotter than any other type today. The question is, though, how long will Megaways slots rule over the gaming world?

The online gambling industry sees trends come and come. However, few trends have ever been as powerful as the one that Megaways have created.

In fact, trend may be the wrong word here. Megaways slot machines have been around since 2016 and are only increasing in popularity more recently.

These games will no doubt have staying power even when they’re not fashionable. Megaways may even be like cascading reels where they find their way into a broad range of slots for years to come.

As for now, many gamblers are still just finding out about Megaways several years after this format was released. That said, this engine still carries a new feeling that serves it well.