7 Reasons Betting on Football Is Best for Beginners

Smiling Man With His Thumbs Up on Right With A Football On A Pile of Money on Left

The National Football League is the most popular sports league in the United States, without a doubt.

The sport itself is exciting and features pure athleticism combined with brute strength. This makes for an incredibly entertaining viewing experience.

Understandably, sports gamblers love to put money on the NFL as well as college football. Betting on football on real money sports betting sites is a favorite activity for many sports gamblers.

Sharps take advantage of an underinformed betting public to capitalize on major profit during the football season. However, you don’t need to be a sharp sports bettor to start betting on football.

Here are seven reasons football is arguably the best sport for beginners to bet on.

1 ‒ Football Is More Intriguing

Football is one of the most intriguing sports to watch on television. Because of this, it’s much easier for casual fans to follow and gamble on the sport.

Other sports like baseball are slower and require great patience and attention to detail. Football on the other hand features nonstop action and countless entertaining sequences throughout a game.

Not only that, but football players are often more entertaining off the field than other athletes. This allows fans to actually enjoy the league itself and not grow tired of the sport.

This is crucial for beginning sports gamblers. If they get bored with a sport and lose interest, they will either lose money or give up on sports betting entirely.

In my experience, gamblers who start betting on football typically stick around longer.

Unless you’re a professional handicapper, your primary reason to gamble is to entertain yourself. If you’re not enjoying the sport that you’re betting on, there’s little point in placing wagers in the first place.

2 ‒ Other Sports Can Deplete Your Bankroll

It’s hard to say which sport is the easiest to bet on. But there’s definitive evidence that other sports are much more difficult than others. If a sports bettor gets their start by betting on one of the more complicated sports they can easily deplete their bankroll.

A bankroll is a budget sports bettors sets aside for gambling purposes. Your sports betting bankroll should be used to increase your return on investments.

However, if you’re spending your gambling budget on worthless bets, then you won’t be gambling for long.

It’s important to note that it’s possible to win money by betting on any sports league. However, betting on each sport is completely different and requires different levels of expertise from gamblers.

NFL Packers and Bears Players

In my experience, betting on the NFL has the lowest barrier for entry. In other words, beginners don’t have to do very much to make up ground on the rest of the gambling public.

Other sports demand seemingly encyclopedic knowledge from any gambler who wants to turn a profit. The NFL, along with NCAAF, does not.

It certainly helps to have plenty of knowledge and experience watching football. But it’s much easier for beginners to comprehend the most important aspects of a potential wager on a football game.

3 ‒ There’s Less Unpredictability

Sports are entirely unpredictable. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or has never watched sports before.

That uncertainty is one of the things that makes sports like football so much fun to watch. However, sports gamblers often wish that it was easier to predict the outcomes on the field.

When it comes to the most popular sports, football is one of the easier ones to predict. Sure, every Sunday, an underdog is destined to upset a heavy favorite.

But this happens far less often in the NFL than say, the MLB. This is due to several reasons.

  • Top teams should be at their best given they have a week to prepare for matchups
  • Other sports leagues (NHL, MLB, NBA) have several games per week
  • NFL handicappers and oddsmakers are some of the most informed gambling pros in the business
  • The football gambling public has the benefit of an abundance of media coverage
  • It’s easier to make an informed gambling decision when betting on the NFL compared to other leagues

While it’s somewhat easier for sports bettors to predict what’s going to happen every Sunday, the same can’t be said for Saturdays.

Betting on college football can be just as unpredictable as some of the other popular sports leagues. Unless, of course, you’re exclusively betting on the most high-profile matchups that feature Power 5 talent.

There are far too many college programs to accurately keep tabs on. Unlike the NFL, which features 32 teams, NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision features 130 teams.

In other words, if you plan on gambling on college football, make sure you’re not blindly betting on a program you know nothing about.

4 ‒ NFL and NCAAF Are Incredibly Popular in Media

Football dominates mainstream media year-round.

During football season, you can’t turn on a television without seeing a game, highlight, or storyline about the NFL or college football. In the offseason, sports media programs center broadcasts around the draft, free agency, and other off-the-field activity.

Other leagues simply can’t keep up with the buzz that surrounds the NFL.

NFL Chiefs Defense

That’s through no fault of their own. Try as they might, the run-of-the-mill sports fan can’t get enough football.

This dominance bodes well for novice football bettors. The more information they have access to, the easier it will be to place sharper bets. While it can be hard to eke out value when betting on the NFL, this problem doesn’t necessarily impact beginners.

5 ‒ There Are Fewer Chances to Make Mistakes

Novice sports gamblers should be careful when placing bets. Too many bets can be a terrible thing and failing to focus on a handful of matchups can be detrimental.

Luckily, football bettors don’t have nearly as many chances to gamble as other sports bettors.

Let’s compare the National Football League to Major League Baseball. Every football team will play 17 games in the regular season which means there are a total of 272 games.

That might sound like a ton of football but that’s nothing compared to the MLB regular season which features nearly 10 times that many games (2430).

Additionally, baseball is played all week, whereas the NFL is only played on Sundays. Of course, there is one game on Monday and Thursday nights.

But NFL bettors don’t have the ability to bet on football every single night. Beginners often struggle to reign in their gambling habits. Betting on football offers the perfect opportunity to practice self-discipline and learn to appreciate the few gambling options they do have.

6 ‒ The Stats Make Sense

Football statistics are often easier to grasp than other sports.

When analyzing an upcoming football matchup, it’s perfectly acceptable to narrow your focus to a few things. However, if you do this when betting on other sports, you can expose yourself to making a mistake due to being uninformed.

NFL Football Players Running a Play

Other sports leagues involve hyper-detailed statistical analysis. Betting on the NFL does require bettors to focus on some analytics, but it’s easier for casual gamblers to comprehend these numbers and figures.

Spending more time diving into stats will only benefit you and increase your chances of winning. Football gamblers don’t have to spend multiple hours on Sunday morning combing through stats to make a half-decent prediction about a game.

7 ‒ It’s Just Easier

Betting on football games is one of the best options for those of you who are new to sports gambling. When you’re new to sports betting, you should focus on a few things.

  • Learning the ins and outs of sports gambling
  • Trying to stretch your bankroll as far as possible
  • Not overspending and losing more money than you can afford to
  • Making things as simple as possible

A majority of casual sports fans turned gamblers will likely find it easier to bet on football compared to other sports. Make things easier on yourself and try to give yourself the best chance to win money.


Football is the perfect sport for beginners to start betting on.  Both the NFL and NCAA offer gamblers a tremendous opportunity to learn about gambling and even make some money in the process. There are several reasons novices should focus on football over other sports.

The sport itself is more intriguing and will hold the average casual gambler’s focus for longer periods of time. If you bet on a sport that you find boring, you’ll run the risk of developing fatigue or losing interest entirely.

Other sports, like the MLB, are more technical and complicated, especially when it comes to analyzing potential wagers. Football statistics and analytics are much easier to comprehend.

The NFL is somewhat less unpredictable than other sports, which is optimal for new sports gamblers. It might be harder to find value where the gambling public cannot, but you can afford to make more mistakes.

All in all, betting on football is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the world of sports gambling.