7 Quick Strategies for Winning Baccarat Play

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Baccarat is the easiest game to play in the casino, and it offers much better chance of winning than slot machines. In fact, baccarat offers a better chance to win than almost every other game in the casino.

You just need to know which wager offers the best chance to win and use a few other simple strategies that help offset the edge the casino has.

Here are the seven best strategies you can use when you play baccarat. They’re all easy to use and you can quickly start using. In fact, you can start using these seven strategies in less time than it takes to read this page.

1 – Bet the Banker

The base game of baccarat only has three options for wagers. Some baccarat games have a side wager option in addition to the three main wagers. The only thing you need to know about baccarat side wagers is that you should never make one. The casino house edge is higher on baccarat side wagers than the banker or player wagers, so they’re all bad.

One of the three wagering options on the baccarat table is the banker. This happens to be the best wager, and it has a casino edge of 1.06%. This makes it better than almost every wager in the casino. The only gambling options that are better from a casino edge standpoint are some blackjack games and a few video poker games.

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When you place and win a baccarat banker wager the casino collects a commission from your winnings. Don’t worry about how this works, because the casino takes care of it. The important thing to remember is that the casino edge already takes this commission into account.

If you play baccarat, the only wager you should make is the banker wager.

2 – Bet the Player

The second wagering option on the baccarat table is the player wager. This isn’t a bad risk, and if it weren’t for the low risk on the banker wager the player wager would be one of the best in the casino.

The casino edge for the player hand is 1.24%. This is only .18% worse than the banker wager, so there isn’t much difference. To put this difference in perspective, for every $1,000 you wager playing baccarat, you’re going to lose $1.80 more if you use the player hand instead of the banker hand.

The choice is yours, and if you don’t like how the commission works with the banker wager you can use the player wager and it doesn’t change much. I don’t want to give the casino a penny more than I have to, so I always use the banker wager.

3 – The Tie Wager

The third available wager at the baccarat table is called a tie. It doesn’t look like a bad wager at first, but it turns out that the casino edge is over 14%. This is more than 10 times the edge of ether of the other two wagering options.

I really don’t have much more to say about the baccarat tie wager except that it’s a gambling sucker bet and you should never wager on it.

4 – Play Baccarat Online

Baccarat is played the same online, on mobile, and in live casinos. So why do I recommend playing online as a strategy?

The way that every gambling activity that has a casino edge works is that your losses are directly related to your total amount wagered. This means that one way to control your losses is to risk less. And there are only a few ways to do this.

Possibly the best way to limit your risk is to place fewer wagers every hour. Another way to limit your risk is to place smaller wagers. When you play online or mobile baccarat both of these strategies come into play.

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When you play baccarat with a live dealer you have to deal with higher minimum bet amounts than online and mobile play and you have to play the number of hands that the pace of play dictates.

But when you play on your mobile device or online you can place much smaller wagers and you can play at your own pace. Of course, if you’re not careful you can play many more hands every hour online than you can play in a live casino.

However, you can also play as slow as you like. Nobody is going to complain if you read a book or watch television while you play and only play 10 or 15 hands every hour.

5 – Play for Casino Comps

Baccarat has a low casino edge. In fact, there are only a few gambling games that offer a lower edge, and none of them are as easy and simple to play as baccarat. But the problem is that no matter how low the casino edge is, there’s still an edge.

This means that you can’t beat the game of baccarat in the long run. You simply can’t overcome the edge unless you figure out a way to cheat. Just to be clear, I don’t recommend cheating, as it could put you in jail.

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to offset your baccarat losses. The main strategy to offset your losses when you play baccarat is to sign up for the rewards or players club at every casino where you play.

Once you sign up for the club, then all you have to do is make sure that your baccarat play is being tracked for casino comps every time you play. Every dollar you get back in comps is the same as winning an extra dollar playing baccarat.

6 – Get Online Casino Bonuses

I mentioned in an earlier section that you should consider playing mobile or online baccarat. What I didn’t mention is that when you play online or mobile baccarat you can usually get one or more online casino bonus offers.

Online and mobile bonuses for baccarat are common, with most casinos offering them. You need to either ask the support for the casino or closely read the terms to make sure you can play baccarat with each bonus.

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Baccarat is going to have a casino edge no matter how you play, so a bonus isn’t really going to help you win. But a baccarat bonus does make your bankroll bigger. This means you can gamble longer.

Earlier I covered how you can risk a lower amount per hand when you play baccarat online. I also covered how you can play fewer baccarat hands. When you do these two things and you use baccarat bonuses you are able to play much longer than you can gamble in a live casino on the same budget.

7 – Be the Bank

Most of the strategies listed on this page work whether you’re playing traditional or big table baccarat or one of the mini versions. But this strategy only works in some casinos at the big table baccarat game.

The main difference between big table and mini baccarat is that a casino dealer works the mini tables much like a blackjack dealer. But big table baccarat usually allows the players to deal in turns.

And some of these casinos have a special rule that allows the player dealing the cards to bank the game. If you have the opportunity to bank the game and have a large enough bankroll to do it, you should always accept the offer to bank the game.

This isn’t a huge benefit and it can create large fluctuations in your bankroll, but in the long run it helps you enough to take advantage of it. This isn’t common, but when you do find a game like this you should frequent it.


Just because a casino game is easy doesn’t mean that it has to be hard to win. This is how slot machines work, because they’re almost impossible to beat but are easy to play. Baccarat is easy to play and if you use the correct strategies you have a chance to win every time you play.

Start with the best wager and then decide if you want to play online or in a land based casino. When you play baccarat online do not play unless you get a bonus. If you play baccarat in a live casino sign up for comps and bank the game at every opportunity.