7 Qualifications Needed to Become a Professional Gambler

Guy Holding Poker Cards, Money and Casino Chips Floating
Everyone knows what the best job of all really is:

Professional gambling.

Not only is there a lot of money available in the gambling industry, gambling with real money is fun.

But if you want to be a professional gambler, you must meet certain qualifications. Being a professional gambler is not free, and it’s not easy. To be a professional gambler, you have to put your heart, mind, and effort into it.

If you want to be a professional gambler, this list of qualifications is for you.

Here are 7 qualifications for the best job of all: professional gambling.

1- Patience

Patience is an important qualification if you want to be a professional gambler. Professional gambling doesn’t all come to you overnight. Instead, it takes years of practice and hard work. This requires you to have an abundant amount of patience.

Patiences also ties in with money management. To be good at managing your money, you must learn to be patient with it.

Patience is also needed when you’re having a bad day at the table. If things aren’t going your way, you may feel discouraged and want to give up. However, you must be patient with your luck and have faith that things will turn around for the better.

Patience is most important when you’re playing casino poker.

2 – Emotional Control

Emotional control is an important skill that you must have to become a professional gambler. Without emotional control, you will make careless, impulsive mistakes.

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Often times, when a gambler is ahead, they get excited and keep going further than they should. This results in losing money. One way emotional control is important is in knowing when to stop. It’s often best to stop while you’re ahead.

My dad says the best way to control your emotions while gambling is to simply step away from the table.

Imagine you’re on a winning streak and you’re about to bet more than you have simply because of the adrenaline rushing through your body.

If you step away from the table to get more money from the car or to grab a drink, by the time you get back you will be more relaxed and logical. This will allow you to make better decisions regarding your money and winning chances.

Emotional control is important when it comes to gambling. Without it, you may end up with a whole lot of debt.

3- Persistence

Like most things, you won’t start gambling as a professional. To become a professional gambler you must have a lot of persistence. It’s a long road to go down, but the end is plenty rewarding.

Most people don’t start out at something and get it right away. Just like you build your way up through a job or a sport, you build your way up through gambling.

You may start out in small, amateur tournaments. But as you gain skill and experience, you will move up and compete in higher level tournaments.

Persistence also ties in with patience. To be persistent, you must also know how to be patient. These tie in with each other. Your persistence must last through years of training and practice to make it to where you want to be.

You must be patient throughout this process.

As with any other sport or job, through much persistence and patience, you will reach the level you want to be at.

But without these qualities, you’ll never make it as a professional gambler.

4- Dedication

Dedication is not a skill unique to this profession. Just like professional athletes, in order to reach your desired level of play, you must be dedicated and 100% in it.

To be a professional gambler, you must be dedicated to what you do. There’s a lot of money, time, and energy involved in gambling. If you aren’t willing to give it all, you won’t make it as a professional gambler.

Crowd at Poker Tournament, Three Poker Cards Spread Out

For example, say you’re playing in a poker tournament. You pay the entry fee and get the chips you bought. You’re playing a game, and you’re about to win a big bet.

But you only have enough chips to make this last bet. If you’re dedicated, you will use up what you have and win the bet.

If you aren’t, you could miss out on a big profit and opportunity.

This also ties into emotional control. In order to be dedicated, you must sometimes ignore your emotions. If you are too scared to make a bet, you aren’t as dedicated as you need to be.

Dedication is one of the most important qualifications on this list. If you want to be a professional gambler, make sure you’re also dedicated.

5- Money Management

This qualification is possibly the most important one. One thing that almost every gambler will tell you is to know how to manage your money.

You can’t manage money unless you first HAVE money. first. Before you plan to go into a table game, make sure you have plenty of money with you. “Plenty” means that the money you may lose isn’t going to come out of money you needed for rent or groceries.

Once you have enough money to enter a game, figure out how much you want to make by the end of the night. This is your win goal. Once you set a win goal, don’t try to exceed it.

After you set your win goal, you want a loss limit.

Make sure you don’t lose more money than you brought. A good way to ensure this is to not bet a penny over what you have.

Another helpful tip is to open a bank account solely for the purpose of gambling. This will allow you to separate your personal money from your work money. Therefore, this keeps you from spending more than what you can afford.

If you plan on being a professional gambler, you might want to take some money management classes and learn how to manage your money. Without practicing proper casino bankroll management, you may lose a lot of cash.

6- Time Management Skills

This skill isn’t always necessary, but that’s only if your whole life in gambling.

But if you do anything else in life besides gambling, then you must know how to manage your time.

This skill is needed when managing your energy and time. It is important to ask yourself questions such as whether or not you’ll spend the day gambling or working to get the money to gamble. Unless your career is solely gambling, you will always need time to accomplish other things.

Friends Playing Casino Roulette, Clock with Caution Symbol

The time this skill is the most important is when you have a family. Gambling is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of traveling.

Most professional gamblers will tell you that both having a family and being a gambler is nearly impossible.

Most gamblers are often traveling to participate in tournaments. The time and date of these tournaments never take into account your personal and family life. If you are called to participate in a tournament but your wife is in labor, you go participate in the tournament or lose your money.

Remember to make your decisions wisely. Gambling won’t make time for you; you have to make time for gambling.

7- Decision Making Skills

Decision making skills are beyond important for aspiring gambling pros.

When you’re gambling with real money, you often have to make the decision of whether or not to walk away.

If you’re ahead in a game and almost out of chips, it may be time to walk away.

But you must develop your decision making skills in order to correctly make this decision.

Here’s some advice from one gambler:

“In a card game containing 5 player, no matter the game or rules, after 1 hour of play or 10 hands there are 2 winners and 3 losers. If you don’t know who the winners are, you are one of the losers. If you are one of the losers, walk away.”

It’s important to walk away when you need to. If you lack decision-making skills, you may make impulsive decisions resulting in the loss of money.

While you’re gambling, you’re making 100s of small and big decisions. Whether it be to keep betting or to walk away, having reasonable and logical decision making skills makes a big difference.


Gambling isn’t easy, and it requires a lot of hard work. Moreover, without these important skills, your chances of making it as a professional gambler are low.

However, if you put in the work and develop these skills, you have a good chance of achieving your dream of pursuing the best career: professional gambler.