7 Places to Visit Near Bad River Lodge and Casino

Bad River Lodge Logo In Center Train Front On Right Painted Building On Left

Bad River Lodge and Casino is one of a few solid attractions in Odanah, Wisconsin. And many of the attractions you will find on today’s list are in the nearby town of Ashland, Wisconsin, which is about nine miles from Odanah.

So, you’re going a little out of your way for fun in the town beyond what you’ll find in the casino, but not too far. About a 10 to 15-minute drive.

And today’s post talks about a few fine places that you can visit near Bad River Lodge and Casino to make your trip to one of Wisconsin’s finest gaming destinations a memorable one.

We will discuss attractions in many niches, including mural walks, a boat tour, ATV rentals, and more.

Ready to discover more of the goods beyond Bad River Lodge and Casino? Let’s get started.

1 – The Mural Walk in Ashland

Sometimes, we just want to take an hour or two from the casino for a peaceful break in between adrenaline-pumping gaming. And the Mural Walk in Ashland will give us what we’re looking for.

This unique band of artwork comprises the finest walking tour in the area. You’ll discover and walk by detailed murals of past residents who boasted significance to the area. Come on over and experience the people and history of this small but vibrant area.

It’s a great way to acquaint yourself with Ashland, Wisconsin, and it’s also an ideal location to trek on a sunny day during the warmer months of the year. Each mural holds an interesting tale, and they go to great lengths to keep them restored to the smallest detail.

You’re in for a fantastic time comprising amazing artwork from the area’s most skilled artists.

So, strap up, go on a walking tour, and gain more than a fair share of educational insight on the people who made Ashland, Wisconsin, what it is today.

2 – Soo Line 950

You’re in for an interesting education on the area’s train history when you visit Soo line 950. If you’re an avid fan of trains and train history, then you’ll know that this is one of the few 10-wheel train drive engines out there. You’re definitely in for a rare commodity at this little display in Ashland.

Many reviewers on TripAdvisor have paired a trip to Soo Line 950 with that of the Mural Walk. Given their proximity to one another, it makes sense. So, if you plan on spending an entire day to discover all of what Ashland offers, consider making Soo Line 950 another stop on your tour.

You will find the attraction next to the restored Soo Line Depot located at 400 Third Street West. And it’s back there from the main street, so the surrounding area is never too crowded if you’re interested in going back there and taking a look.

3 – Ashland Boat Tours

Ashland Boat Tours is for you if you’re looking to take more than just an hour or two off from Bad River Lodge and Casino. Catch a scenic view of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. It’s a fantastic way to crush your fishing craving, too.

Ashland Boat Tour Scenic View Of A Sunset

So, if you’re looking for a rather calm game to play as opposed to the adrenaline-pumping slots and tables over at Bad River Lodge and Casino, go on a boat four and catch a few. Or take a cave tour that reviewers on TripAdvisor continually rave about.

Ashland Boat Tours boasts reasonable prices, knowledgeable captains, beautiful scenery, along with a comfortable yet fun atmosphere. If all the above looks good to you, book a tour and brace yourself for an unforgettable experience out on the water.

4 – Wisconsin ATV Rentals

Along with a friendly staff, you’re in for a thrill-seeking adventure that even Bad River Lodge and Casino can’t cover, although their gaming provides its own thrill-ride.

But if you’re into the more extreme side of things, head over to Wisconsin ATV Rentals and you won’t be disappointed. Head over, rent a Side-by-Side UTV (RZR) or a Quad ATV, and ride off into the area’s backcountry.

Treat your adrenaline to a rush it won’t receive anywhere else in the area besides the casino. And treat your eyes to green deciduous and evergreen forestry. They have easy-to-navigate trails, a family-friendly atmosphere, and dozens of places to stop and capture a few pics.

If you’re looking to fully immerse yourself in nature but would rather catch the thrill of an ATV ride, consider taking your next venture into the forest at Wisconsin ATV Rentals.

You will fall in love with the scenery so much that it’s safe to bet that you will make a return trip or two.

5 – Chequamegon Theatre Association

Looking to experience entertainment beyond what you’ll get at Bad River Lodge and Casino?

Check out Chequamegon Theatre Association if you’re spending the day in Ashland. Outside, this theatre appears to be small and dingy. But don’t let its appearance fool you.

Also known as Rinehart Theatre (as it still is on TripAdvisor), Chequamegon Theatre Association was recently selected as one of the “10 Most Incredible Theatres in Wisconsin,” per their website. That’s quite the ringing endorsement.

They have provided high-quality stage productions in the area since 1972. So, if you’re looking for an entertainment avenue that has stood the test of time in the region, it’s the Chequamegon Theatre Association.

They put on many productions year-round, like Godspell, Nightwatch, Beauty and the Beast, Willy Wonka, and The Island of Dr. Libris, just to name a few of what you can expect here.

As you can see, it’s also a family-friendly atmosphere. So, if you have the crew with you, a trip to the Chequamegon Theatre Association makes for an outstanding place to spend an afternoon or evening. Head on over for a memorable experience.

6 – Ashland Family Restaurant

Since Ashland is a smaller area, they have a limited number of activities to pursue. But they’re also known for a few unique restaurants.

So instead of heading all the way back to Bad River Lodge and Casino for dinner, check out Ashland Family Restaurant if you’re already in the area.

Ashley Family Restaurant Front

A recipient of TripAdvisor’s 2020 Traveler’s Choice Award, Ashland Family Restaurant boasts reasonable prices and a vegetarian-friendly menu. Better yet, they serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch, so you’re in for quite the potluck at this local eatery.

Reviewers on TripAdvisor rave about their fantastic service. And what more can you ask for from a local restaurant?

If you’re looking to support a fine, localized establishment, Ashland Family Restaurant is perhaps the finest and most cost-effective dine-in places in the area.

Along with its localized, family-friendly atmosphere and menu options, odds are you’re in for a fantastic dining experience that few chain-based restaurants can complete with. Head over to Ashland Family Restaurant and catch a taste of greatness.

7 – Culver’s

If you are from the American Midwest, chances are you’ve heard of Culver’s. Think of it as a Burger King or McDonald’s, except with a regional flair. So, if you’re big on local fast-food, place Culver’s high on your list.

And while you’ll find delicious menu options over at Ashland’s Family Restaurant, Culver’s is also the place to be if you’re looking for a fine dessert option with a local flair. Along with being one of the top dessert options in the area, you’re also getting quite the scenic experience out on the lake.

They also offer takeout, seating, high chairs, and wheelchair-accessible options. You can enjoy the view on Lakeshore Drive from the inside during those cooler or overcast days, and outside if you’re in town during the warmer months on a clear day.

Reviewers highly recommend the milkshakes and frozen yogurt. Also, if you’re looking for a few of their main courses, reviewers rave about staples like the fish basket and burgers among other desirable items.

So, go on in and treat your taste buds to an experience different from what you’ll find with the multi-national brands.

There is nothing quite like fast-food, epic lakeside scenery, and great-tasting desserts during those dog days of summer. Head on over, taste greatness, and absorb the local scenery before you head back for another round of gaming at Bad River Lodge and Casino.

You will be glad you took the time out of your day to dive into one of the region’s finest fast-food chains.

Our Thoughts on the Bad River Lodge & Casino Area

As you can see, Ashland, Wisconsin, is a smaller area. So, chances are you’ll only venture to it for a few hours. But hey, Bad River Lodge and Casino boasts enough attractions within its own walls. Consider a trip to nearby Ashland as a bonus round when you venture into the area.

Even with its smaller number of attractions, chances are, you’ll have loads of fun in the region—whether it’s during a few high-rollers at the casino or catching the beautiful scenery in one of Wisconsin’s finest regions.

Have you been to Bad River Lodge and Casino? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. We cannot wait to read your stories about the area. And don’t forget to mention if you visited any of the above attractions.