7 Must-Visit Attractions Near North Star Mohican Casino

Two Attractions Near North Star Mohican Casino

You will find North Star Mohican Casino in the small town of Bowler, Wisconsin. And given Bowler’s ultra-small size, chances are you’ll find far more attractions over in nearby Wittenberg, Wisconsin. Including one of the few Ho-Chunk Casinos scattered about the region.

Today’s post covers a few must-visit attractions that epitomize the Wittenberg, Wisconsin, area. As with many small towns in the state that boast a few casinos in the area, Wittenberg has a rather unique set of attractions.

So, if you’re looking for a good time in the area, complete with a small-town flair that stretches beyond what you’ll discover at North Star Mohican Casino, today’s post is a must-read.

Let’s find out what Wittenberg offers and how you can turn a trip to North Star Mohican Casino into a weekend getaway, starting with a popular bar and grill.

1 – Rachel’s Roadside Bar and Grill

While you’ll find a plethora of exceptional dining options over at North Star Mohican Casino, Rachel’s Roadside Bar and Grill offers perhaps the finest in the area. You’ll find it about 8 miles from the casino and it serves up a classic, Northwoods-inspired flair that attracts tourists from all over America.

Plus, you’ll find a few awesome locals who frequent there often. Featuring unique, made from scratch menu items, a full-service bar, and outdoor seating options, catch the finest local cuisine and breathtaking views of the surrounding woodlands.

A family-friendly atmosphere also means it’s more than worth the trip if you brought along kids, so they too can experience the local fare that locals rave about. Be sure to check out the new bar they installed recently out front featuring seating along the building.

Odds are, you have experienced nothing quite like the setup and friendly service that you will receive at Rachel’s. So, if you’re looking for an off-site dining option, be sure to check out Rachel’s.

2 – Nueske’s

If you’re a meat lover, you must check out Nueske’s. They feature the finest, farm to fresh smoked meats in the area. And if you’re not local, don’t sweat. Just be sure to bring a meat cooler with you so you can stock up on the finest, freshest, organic meats around.

In fact, many reviewers on TripAdvisor have traveled to Wittenberg from all over the state to get their hands on this small business’s meats.

And since you’re already in the area gaming it out at North Star Mohican Casino, you may as well stock up on the finest.

It’s probably one of those places you’d want to check out during your last day or evening at the casino if you’re looking for fresh meats.

Nueske's Meat Market

Even if you aren’t interested, it’s still more than worth the trip to head in and check out the quaint, Northwoods-style flair that this venue has put on. The minute you step indoors, you’ll feel like it has transported you back to the nineteenth century.

With their lighting resembling kerosene lamps along with the wooden walls and ceilings along with a plethora of antiques in the wooden rafters, it’s definitely a sight to see.

3 – Nueske’s District 3 Antiques

Or if you didn’t come all the way to Wittenberg just to stock up on meat, head over to the attraction right next to Nueske’s called Nueske’s District 3 Antiques. If you love old-fashioned decor and would love to add to your collection, it’s a great place to shop to find regionally inspired items.

If you hit it big at North Star Mohican Casino or if you eked a profit at the slots and tables, it’s also more than worth frequenting. To add to their antique-driven flair, you’ll find Nueske’s District 3 Antiques inside an old schoolhouse.

Didn’t I mention quaint in the previous section? Yep, they go above and beyond to provide the ideal setting that will keep you ingrained in a time the technological age has since taken over.

Just a few items you’ll find at this popular antique shop include jewelry, books, hats, dishes, cooking utensils, old-fashioned cash registers, and even sock-knitting machines. If you’re a collector, this attraction near North Star Mohican Casino is more than a must-visit.

Find something rare to commemorate your stay in the Bowler slash Wittenberg area. And be sure to capture a few photos of those nearby log cabins and, of course, the schoolhouse.

4 – Ho-Chunk Gaming Wittenberg

If you’re embarking on a casino tour, be sure to stop over at Ho-Chunk Gaming Wittenberg. One of a few Ho-Chunk Casinos in the area, the Wittenberg location features a plethora of slot machine gaming, electronic table gaming, and even a high-limit area.

They also have an outstanding rewards club you can join for free and earn tier points for if you play in the Ho-Chunk locations often. Plus, they feature two excellent dining options along with the Village Bar. So, you don’t need to return to North Star Mohican Casino for food if you don’t feel like making the trip back.

4 Ho-Chunk Casino Fronts

Ho-Chunk Gaming Wittenberg also features a stellar entertainment lineup. If you’re unsure of the shows going on at North Star Mohican, remember that you have yet another hot option in the area at Ho-Chunk Gaming Wittenberg.

It’s a great casino to circle in red if you’re going on a casino tour of the area. And it’s an even greater place to discover even more ways to win than ever before—especially if luck hasn’t been kind to you over at North Star Mohican.

5 – Resch Lanes

If you’re looking to play a different type of game, head over to Resch Lanes and you’ll find a thrilling experience in the fine game of bowling. This family-owned, eight-lane bowling facility guarantees the best food, friendliness, and cleanliness to its patrons.

Plus, they also feature a stellar selection of comfort foods you won’t find anywhere else in Wittenberg. And yes, they’ll rival even North Star Mohican Casino’s selection. Be sure to try their gourmet burgers, homemade pizzas, and specialty sandwiches, among other top items.

And if you can’t get to an open lane when you arrive, opt for a game of pool while you wait. They always have something worth getting into at Resch Lanes. So, book your lane, play a few rounds, enjoy the comfort foods and vibrant atmosphere, and catch a different thrill ride.

You’ll be glad you took a few hours out of your casino gaming time at North Star Mohican to hit the lanes here at Resch.

6 – Walls of Wittenberg

If you’d like a visual tale on Wittenberg’s history, head over to the Walls of Wittenberg. Like a few small towns in America’s Midwest, Walls of Wittenberg comprises several murals telling the stories of those who have made significant contributions to the town.

It also tells stories of people who have gone on to national fame and had either gotten their start in or had come from Wittenberg. Think of it as an outdoor museum, in a manner of speaking.

A Painted Wall In Wittenberg

It’s a fine place to frequent on a warm day, and it won’t take too much time to catch the visual story and capture a few photos of the brightly-colored murals donning the exterior walls of the village’s most prominent local businesses.

One of the top tourist attractions in the area, Walls of Wittenberg has successfully revitalized its tiny downtown sector while honoring the area’s history. It’s a must-visit attraction if you’re looking for a fun educational experience, or if you’re up for admiring a few works of fine art.

7 – Pigeon River Brewing Company

Pigeon River Brewing Company serves as the premier location in the area, if you’re looking to get your hands on a few local crafts. You’ll find Pigeon River Brewing Company over in nearby Marion, about 13 miles from North Star Mohican Casino.

Along with their local crafts, they also have a fine selection of food, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own, as is the case with most breweries. They also boast an award-winning customer service among the best in the area.

So, head on in, try a few local brews, order some of your favorites to go, and enjoy the casual atmosphere. While you may find a few familiar names at North Star Mohican Casino, this brewery is always crafting something new, so it’s more than worth the stop if you’re willing to drive a few towns over.

Our Final Thoughts on the Bowler Wisconsin Area

You will always find more than a phenomenal share of adrenaline-pumping casino games and must-see attractions right at North Star Mohican Casino. But it’s a must-visit in the nearby town of Wittenberg for the hottest experience.

Along with the Ho-Chunk Casino, you’re also taking a step back in time in many of these locations. Plus, you’re getting a few more thrills along the way. There’s an excellent blend of attractions for such a small town, but also with its own, unique small-town flair.

It’s something few other places in America can offer. So, head on over, enjoy the area, and return to the gaming floor ready and raring for another round.

Have you been to North Star Mohican Casino? If so, did you venture into Wittenberg and check out a few attractions listed above? Let us know in the comments. We can’t wait to read your story.