7 Must-See Attractions Near Shooting Star Casino

Two Views Of Lakes With The Shooting Casino Logo In Center

You will find Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, Minnesota. And given the area’s tiny population of about 1,200 residents, you can place a winning bet that the must-see attractions around the casino contain a unique, small-town-based flair.

While you’ll find a lot of fun things to do at Shooting Star Casino, don’t let the tiny town of Mahnomen fool you. You will stumble upon more than a fair share’s worth of attractions within the surrounding area, mainly in Detroit Lakes, which is about a half-hour away.

Today, we’re going on a journey to these must-see attractions near Shooting Star Casino. So if you need an afternoon or even an entire day off from the adrenaline-pumping casino games, today’s post will grant you plenty of ideas.

Let’s go on a tour and discover all the goods in and around the Mahnomen, Minnesota area.

1 – Ulen Museum

The Ulen Museum is a fantastic place to visit if you’re interested in learning about local history. Like most small-town museums that specialize in local, rural history, it won’t take a king’s ransom of a price to visit. Plus, you won’t spend several hours on end here.

Therefore, heading over to Ulen Museum is a perfect way to crush a couple hours of your day if you need a mental break from the slots or tables. Go out for lunch, then swing over to the museum for an epic education on the area’s local history.

You will find Ulen Museum in Ulen, Minnesota, about 20 minutes from the casino.

2 – Rydell National Wildlife Refuge

The Rydell National Wildlife Refuge sits about 25 miles outside of Shooting Star Casino and tiny Mahnomen in nearby Erskine, another tiny town in North Central Minnesota.

And as the name mentions, you will discover plenty of wildlife in the area. So if nature watching is something you enjoy, look no further than Rydell National Wildlife Refuge.

But don’t think nature and bird watching are the only activities to get excited about over here. They also have plenty of awesome bike trails. If you’re a biker, who loves to immerse yourself in the wilderness, be sure to carve out at least a few hours, if not an entire day, to explore the refuge.

Reviewers on TripAdvisor have complimented the ease of travel at the trails, too. You won’t find any real steep inclines, so if you’re a novice biker or if you haven’t engaged in the activity for a while, a bike ride at Rydell National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to take the mountain bike.

And if you’d rather hike, don’t sweat. Besides biking, you can hike, run, or jog to get in an epic cardio workout and burn off those calories you may have consumed in the middle of those casino games at Shooting Star Casino.

3 – Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge

If you’re looking for an overlook to catch a stunning view of the autumn colors, Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge is where it’s happening. As reviewers on TripAdvisor have pointed out, they hold a fair number of events throughout the year, including an attractive fall event.

So if you’re in town during the fall months, heading over to the Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge, about 30 minutes away from Mahnomen, is quite the place to be.

As with the Rydell National Wildlife Refuge, you are also in for a fantastic display of wildlife. You’ll find deer, eagles, otters, swans, geese, ducks, and some reviewers have even stated they’ve spotted a few black bears. Quite the show, right?

Scenic View of Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge

And Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge, like so many in Minnesota, is nestled among the state’s marshlands and forests, along with more than a few of the state’s 10,000-plus lakes.

They also have plenty of activities to engage in, including hiking, biking, ice fishing, and other fine recreational ventures to take part in. If you love the outdoors, Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge, along with Rydell National Wildlife Refuge, are more than must-see attractions to spend a few hours in.

You may take an entire day off from Shooting Star Casino.

4 – Detroit Lake Public Beach

Detroit Lake Public Beach may be a little out of the way 35 miles outside of Mahnomen, but if you’re up for one of the state’s finest beaches, it’s more than worth the trip. Besides, you’re traveling through rural portions of the great State of Minnesota, so you can expect a peaceful drive to precede a peaceful afternoon.

And man, if you stick around for the sunset, brace yourself for an epic display of an orange glow jetting across the open Minnesota skies as the sun dips below the forested treetops behind the lake. Sunsets take our breath away in many forms, but you haven’t experienced one until you’ve come to Detroit Lake.

Many of the locals will venture to Detroit Lake Public Beach annually. The clean beaches, epic scenery, and fun recreational ventures keep those living in the area interested. And if they’re making return trips year after year, chances are you’ll have fun in the sun during a summer’s day at this attraction.

So take a break from the slots and tables at Shooting Star Casino and embark on a road trip to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. Make an entire day out of it, and odds are, you’ll have a blast.

5 – Bergen’s Greenhouses Incorporated

Since you’re already in Detroit Lakes, chances are you may explore the area a little more. Another must-see attraction here is Bergen’s Greenhouses Incorporated. And as the name states, you’re looking at Greenhouses the size of warehouses full of a diverse group of plants.

But Bergen’s has so much more than just a fantastic selection of plants; they also hold classes. So if you’re in town for a while and you have an interest in gardening, take a planting class and get an educational experience during your trip to the Mahnomen-Detroit Lakes area.

Reviewers on TripAdvisor also rave about the helpful staff at Bergen’s. Not only is the staff friendly, but they also know their stuff. Rarely will you find an entire staff with so much knowledge and passion, but Bergen’s has the best.

Flowers At Bergen's Greenhouses Incorporated

So if you’re looking to add to your garden back home or if you’re interested in just witnessing a warehouse full of diverse plant life, look no further than Bergen’s. They have the best the Detroit Lakes area offers.

6 – Detroit Mountain Recreation Area

So far, we’ve talked about beaches and greenhouses in the area.

But are you looking to check out the area’s scenery from yet another angle?

Head over to Detroit Mountain Recreation Area and absorb the scenery.

Whether it’s summer or winter, odds are, you will find a lot of fun activities to engage in at the Detroit Mountain Recreation Area. It’s a fantastic place for downhill skiing or tubing during the coldest months of the year.

However, you can also go biking and hiking during the warmer months. Some reviewers on TripAdvisor have complained that the downhill trails were closed when they arrived, so it’s best to contact them before heading out to ensure they’re open.

And best yet, they have food options right at the site. So if you need a bite, you can stay on-site and fill up before another round of skiing, riding, and hiking.

7 – K & K Tubing

And finally, we’ve reached our ultimate destination of the day – K & K Tubing. This is our fourth attraction in nearby Detroit Lakes, so if you’re interested in really getting a taste for the area, it’s more than worth driving a half-hour from Mahnomen and Shooting Star Casino to experience all the goods.

Just like a lazy river you’ll find at a waterpark, K & K Tubing allows the same experience, except within a natural body of water. It’s yet another great way to explore the breathtaking Minnesota scenery from another angle; this time right on the river itself.

It’s also a great way to spend an afternoon with your entire family. So if you’re looking for a family-friendly activity you and the crew can get behind, K & K Tubing is where it’s happening.

So head on over, take a lazy ride on the river, and catch the great Minnesota scenery from within the river itself. You won’t get a better view of the area’s wildlife, and that’s a winning bet you can make. Not only is it a significant activity, but it’s also a cost-effective way to have fun.

Our Summary of the Shooting Star Casino Area

As you can see, you’ll find most of these attractions outside of the tiny town of Mahnomen, Minnesota, and Shooting Star Casino. But even in an area dotted with smaller towns, you’re still getting plenty of unique action, especially in Detroit Lakes.

So explore Mahnomen and the surrounding areas. As you can see from the list, there is never a shortage of scenic must-see attractions in the areas around the casino, and Detroit Lakes has more than its fair share.

Have you been to Shooting Star Casino? If so, did you visit any of the attractions listed in today’s post? Let us know where you ventured to during your time in the area and tell us about your experience. We can’t wait to read your stories in the comments section.