The Most Luxurious Sportsbooks in Las Vegas

Image of the Aria and MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Gambling and sports go hand in hand, and Las Vegas is one of the best places to get your action in. Home to the country’s highest number of five-star bookies, you’re sure to profit off of your favorite teams at any one of these establishments. After conducting your research, don’t be afraid to try your luck.

On this page, we will look at the seven most luxurious sportsbooks in Vegas. Feel free to check them out and start placing your bets for the remainder of the year!

Getting Back in the Game

Vegas is world-famous for its posh casinos and immaculate hotel resorts. There are also the fantastic sportsbooks for those who prefer to wager on the Dallas Cowboys rather than at the roulette table.

Betting at Las Vegas sportsbooks may be the pinnacle of sports gambling excitement. Games are broadcast on high-def TVs the size of walls. Fantastic sofas and leather chairs keep you cool and comfortable for the action. Add in the beautiful food and drink selections, and you have the best Super Bowl party of your life.

Of course, this could be any Saturday or Sunday in September for the sportsbooks. College football and the NFL are unequivocally two of the biggest profit makers for Las Vegas sportsbooks.

What could be better than sitting back with your drink of choice, placing bets on some of your favorite games, and enjoying the thrill of victory amongst dozens of new friends?

Without further ado, here are the seven most luxurious sportsbooks in Vegas as of 2020.

1 – MGM Grand

MGM Grand boasts an impressive sportsbook in its opulent sports betting locale. The circular-shaped room is covered with dozens of screens, all simultaneously streaming the best games.

The sportsbook at MGM Grand sports four luxurious skyboxes on the second floor, giving bettors a bird’s eye view of the action below. These boxes are a must if you are in Sin City with a bunch of your buddies. Each of the luxury boxes has a capacity of up to 20 and have a dedicated server at your beck and call.

MGM Grand Sportsbook

How’s that for luxury? Obviously, MGM Grand offers much more than a beautiful place to put your butt. Sports bettors have endless choices on sporting events to bet on. You’ll also find a vast array of futures and prop bets to lay money on.

MGM Grand is a top choice for any sports bettor heading to Las Vegas.

2 – Aria

Full disclosure: Aria is absolutely my favorite casino in the world. I love it, but my personal bias doesn’t mean Aria isn’t outstanding on its own. After all, there is a good reason why I fell in love with Aria.

The Aria’s sportsbook provides gamblers with opulent leather chairs and couches in a smoke-free setting.

My favorite feature of the sportsbook is probably all of their 220″ high-definition TVs. Aria didn’t stop at one of the behemoth screens, though. You have two of the massive monitors vying for your attention, too. You are almost assured to never miss a single piece of the action on them.

But as a side note, if you have never watched Mike Trout send a baseball into near orbit on a 220″ screen, stop what you’re doing and go now! Take a car, take a plane, take a train. I don’t care, just go!

You will still find all of your standard betting options and favorites like spread, totals, and moneylines for all your betting whims.

Can’t be bothered with waiting in a line to place your racing bet? No problem. Aria provides self-betting via eight-player terminals or IPTs, and two stations for any other sports.

3 – The Mirage

The Mirage has a sportsbooks featuring 10 giant, cutting-edge HD screens that present the ultimate in luxurious sports viewing. You can even turn the luxury up a notch by reserving your spot in the newly-christened VIP lounge.

Many of the VIP seats are equipped with interactive tables that allow you to watch the sporting event of your choice. You can even book shows, play games, and reserve a table at your favorite restaurant without ever leaving your chair.

As for the betting options… Let’s just say that The Mirage has anything you could dream of and more. It’s worth noting that The Mirage is the only sportsbook in Las Vegas to offer lines on the NCAA women’s tournament.

4 – Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay is a high-end casino that sits on the southern tip of the Strip. The sportsbook at Mandalay Bay is well organized.

Sports fans will assemble on the right side of the massive lounge to place bets on every game under the sun. The area offers seating for approximately 140 bettors and is decked out with the latest 4k TVs.

To the left of the sportsbook, you’ll find a smaller area dedicated solely to racing. Here, the many race fans may watch the action on individual monitors set up for them.

Mandalay Bay Sportsbook

As you’d expect, all of the major sports are represented. You have your choice of everything from the NFL to NBA, the UFC, golf, among others. You have a bevy of betting options at your fingertips, all in an inviting and user-friendly environment.

I highly recommend enjoying the lavish setting at Mandalay for your next Vegas trip.

5 – Wynn

Hands down, the sportsbook at Wynn is one of the best settings in Vegas. Wynn is a pinnacle of luxury by any gambler’s standards.

Deep wood grain interiors combined with leather seating set the tone for this luxurious sportsbook. The Wynn sportsbook sits amongst the best places in the world to wager and watch your favorite sports.

Wynn also stepped up its game and added their own 1,600 square foot LED screen to view all the action. The racing section at the sportsbook is also unique and offers future betting on horse racing. You can even make prop bets on the sport.

The giant LED wall, a warm and inviting setting, and a ton of bets available for you make Wynn among the most luxurious sportsbooks in Vegas.

6 – Red Rock Casino

If you don’t have time for trivial things like sleep while you’re in Vegas, head to Red Rock Casino and their 24/7 sportsbook.

Red Rock has possibly the purest sports lover environment available. In addition to the 200+ monitors, they throw all of the live-action on a 1700 square foot wall screen.

Mix in 18 IPTs for racing lovers that don’t have time for lines, and you have one of the top sportsbooks in Vegas. It doesn’t matter if you prefer football, tennis, golf, baseball, soccer, or hockey. The sportsbook at Red Rock Casino has got you covered.

7 – Bellagio

If you don’t visit Bellagio, did you even go to Vegas? The famous Bellagio Fountains are one of the most easily recognized spots in Vegas. If you’ve never watched the water and light show, it’s an absolute must.

However, the sportsbook at Bellagio is not to be overlooked. The luxurious sportsbook is filled with nearly 200 seats and a lounge area with ultra-comfortable leather seating and over 100 viewing desks.

Bellagio Las Vegas Sportsbook

Your eyes will be filled with sports action no matter what direction you turn, thanks to the 51 LED screens and 13 super-sized TVs filling the room.

Bellagio tops this luxurious setting with fast and friendly service at the betting windows. Next time you’re in Las Vegas, admire the famous fountains, step inside, and spend a few hours watching a game with a few dollars on a bet.

Believe me, you’ll enjoy the experience.


2020 has thrown a lot at us in the first half of the year. Thankfully, with plenty of sports action, you can spend a few hours lounging in luxury at one of these Vegas sportsbooks.

I can’t think of many better instances during my lifetime that the distraction sports provide. And betting on my favorite teams has been a fun experience overall, especially if you’re a gambler that enjoys sports betting in one of Vegas’ best and most high-end sportsbooks.