7 Lottery Strategies for Complete Beginners

Lottery Balls With Lottery Strategies Written in the Front

Some gamblers claim there’s no reason to try to use strategy when you play the lottery. They say that you can’t beat the lottery, so why even try to use a strategy?

I think the gamblers who say these things are missing the point of playing lottery games. Of course, every lottery player wants to win, but you can have fun playing even if you don’t win big.

It’s also fun trying to find a winning strategy for the lottery. Of course, in the end, the odds of winning the lottery with a lottery strategy, isn’t going to make much difference to your results. But here are seven lottery strategies you can try to enhance your fun.

1 – Due Numbers Strategy

My favorite lottery strategy is the due numbers strategy. The due numbers strategy is simple, but it takes a little time to set up and use.

You track lottery results by the numbers. You can track the results for any period, but the longer you track the numbers, the better. You build a database of all of the past numbers in your time period and see which numbers have been drawn the fewest number of times.

As a simple example, if you’re playing a lottery game that draws 10 numbers, you track every drawing for the past year. Your research shows that the number five has been drawn the least number of times over the past year. So you bet on five because it’s due.

If you’re playing a lottery game with a larger number pool and you have to pick more numbers, you pick the numbers drawn the least number of times. So, for example, if you have to pick six numbers, you pick the six numbers that have been drawn the fewest number of times.

You can set up a spreadsheet that tracks the numbers, and once you enter all of the past data, it only takes a minute to update your spreadsheet for every new drawing.

2 – Hot Numbers Strategy

The hot number strategy is a lot like the due number strategy. You build a database of numbers the same way as you build it for the due number strategy.

But instead of looking for the numbers that have been drawn the fewest number of times, you’re looking for the numbers that have been drawn the most times.

The main difference between the two strategies is that you want as much data as you can find when you track due numbers. When you’re tracking for hot numbers, you want a smaller set of numbers.

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You’re looking for numbers that have been coming up more frequently than other numbers. You can use any time period you want, but one month and three months are an excellent place to start, depending on how often the lottery game is drawn.

For a lottery game that draws twice a week, you might want to use a three-month window. But for a lottery game that draws every day, a one-month window is better.

You can even use both the due number strategy and the hot number strategy at the same time. For example, buy a ticket based on the due numbers and a ticket based on the hot numbers.

3 – Random Number Generator

Lottery games use a random number generator to determine the numbers for each draw. Suppose you understand how random numbers work and how a random number generator makes each lottery draw unique. In that case, you probably aren’t using the due number strategy or the hot number strategy.

But if you’re not going to use one of the first two strategies listed in this post, what other options do you have?

You can fight fire with fire. If the lottery numbers are drawn using a random number generator, you can use a random number generator to pick your numbers.

You can buy a random number generator software program, but many free random number generator programs are available online. Unfortunately, most random number generator programs are based on 10 or 100 numbers, and many lottery games don’t use 10 or 100 numbers.

But you can use a random number generator with 100 numbers to pick numbers for any lottery game with over 10 numbers but less than 10 numbers.

Using the random number generator, you pick one number at a time and ignore any results that aren’t included in your set of numbers. So, for example, if you need to pick five numbers from one to 44, you ignore any number 45 or higher.

4 – Lucky Numbers

I used a combination of my lucky numbers and birthdays for my kids to play the lottery for years. Of course, I never won a big prize, but I always knew what numbers I used and could quickly see if I won when the numbers were released.

You can use any numbers you want when you play lottery games, and there’s no downside to using your lucky numbers or numbers based on important dates.

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When you play the same set of numbers every time you play the lottery, your numbers will eventually come up. The problem is that you might not live long enough to see your numbers come up.

Most lottery games have millions of possible combinations, so even though every combination will come up eventually, it can take decades or longer for it to happen.

5 – Same Number Strategy

The same number strategy isn’t a strategy that many lottery players use. The reason most lottery players don’t use the same number strategy is psychological.

Here’s how the same number strategy works. First, you pick the same numbers that were drawn for the last lottery draw. The reason why I say most lottery players don’t use this strategy is psychological is because most people don’t think the same numbers can be drawn two times in a row.

While it’s not likely that the same numbers are drawn two times in a row, it’s not impossible.

The same number strategy works better for lottery games with fewer numbers than for big draw lottery games. For example, a daily pick three or pick four game has a smaller set of base numbers. So if the last pick three was 573, you pick 573 again. When I use the same number strategy, I usually box the numbers, so I win if the number is 573 or 375 or 753.

6 – Double Down Small Draw Strategy

Before I tell you about the double-down small draw lottery strategy, I have to warn you about something. The double-down small draw strategy can cost you a lot of money. And in the long run, it’s probably not going to win more money than any other strategy listed in this post.

The double-down small draw lottery strategy is making a bet on a small lottery draw, like a pick three, and then betting twice as much on the next draw if you don’t win.

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You have to use this strategy for a game that you can win often. The best example is doubling down while playing blackjack.

It doesn’t work on lottery games with large pools of numbers because you don’t win often enough. But if you can play a game that you can win one out of every three draws or more, this is a fun way to play the lottery.

But if you lose several draws in a row, you’re betting too much money chasing your next win. So make sure you’re not risking too much money using the double-down small draw lottery strategy.

7 – Auto Strategy

The auto strategy is what most lottery players use, even if they don’t think of it as using a strategy.

When you buy a lottery ticket, you can let the computer that prints the lottery tickets choose your numbers. Auto pick numbers are fast and easy, and the computer uses a random number generator to pick your numbers, just like the random number generator that draws the winning numbers.

I’m not a big conspiracy theory person, but I’m not too fond of the same computer that picks the winning numbers picking my numbers. So if I’m going to use a random number generator to pick my lottery numbers, I want to use a program that doesn’t draw the winning numbers for the lottery commission.

The truth is that you probably have the same chance of winning using the auto number strategy as using any other strategy. But it’s not as fun to use the auto number strategy as using some of the other strategies in this post.

Our Thoughts on These Lottery Strategies

It doesn’t matter what lottery strategy you end up using because the only way to win is to get lucky. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try a lottery strategy.

My favorite lottery strategy is the due numbers strategy, but I’ve still lost more money playing lottery games than I’ve won. But, of course, most lottery players are in the same boat.

Part of the fun of playing lottery games is trying to figure out a strategy that can help you win. I recommend enjoying the chase and dreaming about what you’re going to use the money to do if you get lucky instead of wasting too much time stressing over not winning.