7 Interesting Baccarat Trends That May Bring You Extra Luck

Baccarat Table on Left Thinking Man on Right

Make your way to any of the incredible mega-casinos in Macau, and you’ll learn that baccarat is the number one casino game in the region. Games like blackjack trail by huge margins with the Chinese gamblers.

Even slot machines can’t hold a candle to the extreme popularity of real money baccarat. That has spawned a trend, and baccarat is becoming increasingly common in U.S. casinos.

The game’s rules are exactly the same, and you enjoy the same minuscule house edge in the U.S. as you do in Macau. However, the customs and traditions you’ll see in Maca are wildly different.

Let’s examine 7 interesting baccarat trends that may bring you extra luck.

Baccarat’s Growing Popularity

Because of baccarat’s growth in Macau, it only makes sense that we should expect to see rising numbers of baccarat games in the U.S. The whales love baccarat because of its simplistic nature, and the game is entirely left to chance.

But despite what you may have been told, baccarat is not reserved for the high rollers. The game has tons of appeal to bankrolls of any size.

Baccarat players face a decision on whether to bet on the banker or the player getting closest to nine. Choose correctly, and you’re a winner, pick wrong, and it’s a loss.

The house edge is why many gamblers love baccarat. Betting the player has a house advantage of 1.24%, the banker has even better odds at 1.06%.

You can expect to see baccarat continue its rise as players across the U.S. begin to acknowledge its vast superiority to many other games.

Luck in the Casino

The role of luck in the casino cannot be easily defined. Nor can its existence be proven or disproven.

Luck is a personal choice; you either believe in it or you don’t. Still, you’ll catch a lot of players that claim to not believe in luck attributing others’ wins to it.

Luck seems to be far more critical to those who believe in its power. These gamblers will follow intricate routines, shift travel plans, schedule sessions, and choose their wardrobe based on luck.

How much this helps is murky. However, talk to any believer that has just hit a massive jackpot or scored a huge payday, and they’ll tell you all about their lucky socks or anything else that may be responsible for the win.

Four Leaf Clover With Casino Cards and Money

Of course, there are plenty of winners that don’t believe in luck. Maybe you don’t need to believe in luck for it to shine in your favor?

Regardless, there are almost endless varieties of lucky trinkets, rituals, and customs you can find at the baccarat tables. Players want to be sure they have every advantage possible to get the most from their casino sessions.

Let’s examine 7 fascinating baccarat rituals and see if they may bring you some extra luck on your next trip.

1 – Betting the Board

Every baccarat table will have a board with the previous hands’ results prominently displayed. That’s because our brains love looking for patterns in anything, especially where they don’t exist.

The casinos understand this and provide the results to give players the chance to predict the next hand’s outcome.

So, you may see the player’s hand come upon four consecutive hands. Believing that the streak must come to an end, you place your bet on the banker, hoping to catch the end of the streak.

Unfortunately, each result in casino games is an independent result. The previous results have as little impact on the current hand as any future results.

The casinos already know this, which is why they happily provide the information to gamblers.

2 – Finding Your Lucky Dealer

Casino gamblers often grow attached to specific dealers. They seem to equate the success they had in the past with a dealer being on a table.

When a baccarat player spends enough time at a table, there’s a bond that is formed between player and dealer. Many times, this results in the player only playing when that dealer is available.

Man Dealing a Blackjack Game

If the player has a large enough bankroll, they may even request a private game with the dealer.

Conversely, players often elect to change tables or leave the casino altogether when a dealer swap occurs. That is a common occurrence around blackjack tables as well.

Does the dealer factor into your decision when on the hunt for a table?

3 – Toting Your Lucky Charms to the Table

Baccarat players tend to be a little more superstitious than the average casino gambler. Although, the slots enthusiasts give them a run for their money.

One of the ways baccarat aficionados try to entice Lady Luck is by wearing lucky articles of clothing or pieces of jewelry to the table.

This lucky trinket may be something that they’ve worn during a winning session in the past, or it could be something given to them by a loved one. Regardless of its merit as genuinely beneficial, I understand completely.

My daughter recently came home from a weekend with her grandparents. She had a small stuffed animal with a carabiner attached. She walked straight to my office and tried to hang it on my golf bag; with a bit of help, it made it onto one of the strap rings.

That’s precisely where it will stay for as long as I have the bag or decide she wants it back. Having a small reminder of what’s most important to us is fantastic, whether it brings any luck or not.

Sometimes, being in a positive mindset is all it really takes to change the tide.

4 – Destructive Behavior

In Las Vegas and any other casino I can think of in the U.S., touching the table or the cards is a big “no-no.” Yet, in Macau, guests are free to touch the cards at the baccarat table.

It’s almost expected really, it took some getting used to. What I was not prepared for was the moment a well-dressed man with a watch worth more than the median household income ripped his cards in two and tossed them on the table.

Closeup of Man Touching a Deck of Cards

Doing this in Las Vegas may get you kicked out of the casino, but the game continued as if nothing happened. By the way, you don’t need a $100k wristwatch to get away with this; during my trip, I saw dozens of players do the same thing.

5 – Peek-A-Boo

As I mentioned above, the Macau casinos are incredibly lenient when it comes to players and the cards. Another ritual that you’ll see a ton of in Macau is the slow peek.

Imagine poker players taking a look at their hole cards. They slowly peel one card, just enough to see a corner. Then repeat the process with the second card.

There’s no real reason for the slow bend and peek, but players enjoy it. The casinos don’t mind, as long as the tables stay full of happy gamblers.

I like this one and found myself doing it on every hand by the end of my trip.

6 – Tap! Tap! Tap!

Sit down at a baccarat table in Macau, and you’re going to notice a distinctive tapping as the cards are dealt. The casinos give players pens to track results, as we covered, and players like to tap them on the table or other objects as the dealer does their thing.

This is supposed to bring the player the cards they need. Sort of like a dinner bell, tap the pen, and the cards come running.

7 – The Breath Check

This may be my favorite baccarat ritual of all. After players have examined their cards to determine value, they’ll blow on the cards.

Woman Holding Out to Ace Poker Cards

The burst of air is meant to blow away the bad sides, leaving only the most desirable numbers. I can’t imagine how this routine started, but it’s a lot of fun to see at the baccarat table.

Watching grown men blow on playing cards and then the utter disgust on their faces when the cards are exactly the same made me smile. It goes back to what gambling is all about, entertainment.

You can’t be that emotionally invested without being entertained.

Will These Superstitions Make You a Winner?

The million-dollar question comes down to whether any of these superstitions will help you in the casino. The answer is convoluted, and there doesn’t seem to be a right or wrong answer.

Luck seems to be a type of magic that helps people get through a situation or turn fortune in their favor. So, who am I to say magic doesn’t exist?

I will say that performing lucky rituals appears to bring more enjoyment to the players, which is a net win in my book.

In Summary

These 7 interesting baccarat trends that may bring you extra luck range from the mundane to the bizarre; picking any of them may not fit your style. Still, gaining any advantage you can helps you in the casino.

Many of these rituals involve touching the table or the cards themselves. As you know, that’s heavily frowned upon in U.S. casinos. Find the luck-bearing methods to enhance your own baccarat play, and Lady Luck may smile on you.