7 Hottest Vacation Spots Near Saracen Casino Resort

Attractions Near Saracen Casino Resort in Arkansas

Saracen Casino Resort is a fair casino resort in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. But it’s just one of many things to do in Pine Bluff and in the surrounding area. So, if you’re headed to Pine Bluff for an extended stay in the area, today’s post is worth paying attention to.

Why? Because it’s going to show you how you can turn a simple trip to this simple town into an all-out vacation, or at the very least, a solid weekend getaway. You’ll find a few cool hot spots below, but remember, today’s list is an “including, but not limited to,” one, so feel free to look beyond it.

To help you get started, here are some of the hottest vacation spots near Saracen Casino Resort.

Let’s see what we can find.

Arkansas Railroad Museum

The Arkansas Railroad Museum graces the top of today’s list. You’ll find this one at 1700 Pine Bluff Road, and it’s a great place to visit when you’re planning a trip to both the Delta Rivers Nature Center or the Murals of Pine Bluff, both of which reside within 1.1 miles of the place.

This museum places a special emphasis on the St. Louis Southwestern Railway, which they also refer to as the Cotton Belt Railroad. Within its walls, you’ll find the aging Cotton Belt Steam Locomotive 819, the last of its kind built in Arkansas.

You’ll also find cabooses, passenger cars, freight cars, diesel engines, and even historical artifacts like photos, telegraph equipment, tools, timetables, and more. Basically, you’re getting everything railroad and train-related except for the Hogwarts Express. Sorry, but you’ll need to cross the pond for that one.

Anyway, this is a great place to visit when you’re looking to take a late morning off from the casino floor at Saracen Casino Resort since they’re only open between 9 am and 2 pm. However, they may accommodate special requests if you cannot make it within the timeframe if you call ahead.

Delta River Nature Center

We’re going from a railroad to one featuring much of what you’ll find on the delta, so if that interests you, circle this one in red. You’ll find it within one mile of the Arkansas Railroad Museum, and it’s also about a mile and a half from Saracen Casino.

Many reviewers rave over the snake exhibits, among other creatures local to the area, and even a few exotic ones. They also feature an interesting gift shop indoors. But if you’re into the outdoors, make sure you check out their paved trails that evolve into bridges as you’ll come across more than a few nearby lakes.

Delta River Nature Center

One reviewer warns that there are a few hazards if you decide to walk the trails and bridges, given the high number of lizards, spiders, turtles, and yes, more snakes. They also have a few unpaved trails, so if you’d like to venture deeper into the wilderness, feel free.

Overall, the Delta River Nature Center is a great place to take your kids as long as they’re cool with all those indoor snake and shark exhibits. It’s also hands-on, interactive, and educational for the youngest members of your travel group.

The Arts and Science Center for Southeast Arkansas

This one is less than a gridiron football field away from Saracen Casino Resort, so it’s a great one to visit when you’re interested in something within walking distance. And if you’re looking for a bit of entertainment fit for the entire family, it’s also the place to be.

Catch events like Live at Five, which features live blues and jazz music, along with other static events. You’ll also find several theatrical events during the theater season, the Crossroad Festival, Second Saturday Family Funday, and so much more.

There is a lot to do here at 701 Main Street in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and if you have kids with you, odds are you’ll make a few return trips before your time is up in Pine Bluff.

Murals of Pine Bluff

Are you looking for some local history, but from a visual standpoint?

If so, check out the Murals of Pine Bluff. Here in Downtown Pine Bluff, you’ll catch the story of a lifetime involving people and places that played a significant role in the small town’s history. You’ll find close to 12 murals here, each larger than life, scattered about downtown.

If you’re up for taking more than a few hours from the gaming floor at Saracen Casino Resort just to tour downtown and hunt down each of these astonishing paintings, it makes for a fun afternoon.

Murals of Pine Bluff In Arkansas

Many locals who have seen the murals time and again on TripAdvisor hope that these paintings alone will someday revitalize Pine Bluff back to its heyday. For them, considering all the history here, it’s a sign of hope that the town’s best days are still ahead.

Bayou Bartholomew

If you’re looking for one of the longest, if not the longest, bayous in North America, Bayou Bartholomew is it. Get out those camera phones or even a professional camera if you have one and snap some photos of the sun rising over the bayou, go birdwatching, or even fishing if you’re into that kind of stuff.

There are also several sensational hiking spots scattered around the bayou, which allow you to catch differing vantage points of the landscape and catch wind of the wildlife inhabiting the terrain, including beavers, snakes, and yes, you may also spot an alligator.

If you’re willing to drive to the bayou, they have a solid number of parking spots along with an incredible boat launch if you’re looking for one. Or for a solid workout, go to the local sporting goods store, purchase a kayak, oars, and a lifejacket, and spend a day in the water.

Just a small word of warning: You will come across more than a few muddy and swampy areas in the bayou. So if you don’t like getting dirty, you may want to steer clear of the kayaking, but everything else mentioned above makes Bayou Bartholomew yet another hot vacation spot near Saracen Casino Resort.

Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame

Head over to 1 Convention Drive in Pine Bluff, and you’ll stumble across one of the hottest vacation spots in the area. Best yet, per their website, you will pay nothing to enjoy this family-friendly entertainment outlet, which features the hottest world-class singers and entertainers to hail from the Natural State.

Think of it as the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame of the State of Arkansas, but featuring multiple genres of music and even literature. Popular artists include John Grisham, Levon Helm, Art Porter Jr., and Jimmy Driftwood.

Costumes worn on stage by famous Arkansans include those from Tracy Lawrence, Charlie Rich, and Jim Ed Brown.

Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame

And they don’t just feature literature and music; you’ll also find memorabilia featuring some of the most famous Arkansans to have graced the silver screen. Just some of what you’ll find include props from the movies Coach, Designing Woman, and Slingblade.

You’re in for both an educational and an entertaining experience within these halls, and they have so much that you can expect to spend at least two, if not close to three, hours at this unforgettable attraction.

Jack and Jill FunZone

Yes, you’re in for some true family-oriented entertainment when you walk through the doors of the Jack and Jill FunZone. If you’re planning a family-fun outing that probably does not include playing casino games on Saracen Casino Resort’s floor if you have young kids in your travel group, this attraction makes for a fine consolation.

It also epitomizes the local business scene, with a young, family-oriented dynamic duo operating the place.

So, what will you find at this award-winning entertainment facility? They have games like laser tag, mini-golf, bounce houses, arcades, and more. Odds are, given the number of fun games here, your kids probably won’t be the only ones who will have a blast. You’ll find plenty of awesome activities yourself.

And best yet, even when you need to take a break and grab lunch, they have plenty of outstanding quick bite options to choose from. From nachos and cheese to popcorn, pickles, chips, candy, and soft drinks, they have everything you need for a manageable price.

Oh, and if the kids tired you out, make sure you check out their recently installed massage chairs.

Our Final Thoughts on These Arkansas Attractions

When you hear some talk about Pine Bluff, they may make you think about looking elsewhere. However, even towns supposedly past their prime have plenty of hot spots to get excited about, and to even turn into a vacation when you’re visiting the area.

From the number of museums scattered about the town to those breathtaking murals, the bayou, and more than anything else, the Entertainers Hall of Fame, you’re getting plenty of hot vacation spots to visit when you’ve played enough on the gaming floor at Saracen Casino Resort.

Have you visited the casino or the town of Pine Bluff? How about any of the other casinos in Arkansas? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments and let us know if you visited any of the above attractions. We are looking forward to reading your stories.