7 Hottest Points of Interest Near Dancing Eagle Casino

Dancing Eagle Casino Logo With Two Area Attractions On Either Side

Dancing Eagle Casino isn’t located in some ultra-popular vacation destination. Instead, if you’re playing at Dancing Eagle Casino, you’re instead passing through the unincorporated community of Casa Blanca, New Mexico.

But even in and around Casa Blanca, there are more than a few points of interest ready for you to discover. One cool thing about being out in seclusion for one is that you’re getting your fair share of roadside attractions, geological formations, parks, and an eclectic assortment of places to visit.

Today’s post will include some of these more attractive points of interest in the sections below. If you’re in Casa Blanca for an extended stay and you’re looking for things to do beyond the confines of Dancing Eagle Casino, today’s post is a must-read.

Let’s go exploring.

Owl Rock

And our first hot spot near Dancing Eagle Casino is a roadside attraction known as Owl Rock. Located at Old Route 66 Road in New Leguna, New Mexico, you will find Owl Rock just 2.5 miles away from Dancing Eagle Casino.

It’s a short drive either to or from the gaming venue, and it’s nothing more than an owl-shaped rock formation, so it won’t take you more than 10 minutes to view. Reviewers on TripAdvisor will warn that the road is rather narrow and winding, so if you’re venturing out this way, exercise caution.

If you’re further looking to take a photo of Owl Rock, it’s also wise to come out when traffic is slower. They have places to pull off to snap a pic, and given the rolling desert landscape along Route 66, there is more than a fair share of scenery located throughout.

Many will venture to Owl Rock for just one of many photo opportunities, and they often spend about an hour venturing around Old Route 66 looking for specific vantage points to capture the scenery. If you’re looking to get outdoors but aren’t willing to spend too much time away, Owl Rock is a decent point of interest.

Sky City Casino

Sky City Casino is not far from Dancing Eagle Casino and they offer even more gaming opportunities. If you’re looking for more than what’s offered at Dancing Eagle, Sky City is worth driving to. Head over to Interstate 40, Exit 202 in nearby San Fidel, New Mexico, and you will find it.

Overall, you’re getting over 600 slot machines here, with most on the casino’s gaming floor and a little over two dozen at the nearby travel center. TripAdvisor even claims they have table games, although their website says nothing about them.

Sky City Casino in New Mexico

However, they do have a hotel if you’re looking for an overnight stay in the area, along with a casual dining option called Huwak’a Restaurant, along with live entertainment in the Sky Lounge. Sky Lounge is also a good place to watch the latest sporting event.

They also have several amenities here like meeting and event space, a full-service travel center, retail, and if there are no pull-throughs open at Dancing Eagle, an RV Park.

Sky City Cultural Center and Haak’u Museum

If you’re looking to gain insight into the Acoma people, this is where you want to be.

Serving as a research slash community center among other uses, the cultural center features 40,000 square feet of real estate two stories high, along with a basement and center courtyard, perhaps making it the area’s most standout attraction.

They have successfully recreated the architectural styles of the Acoma people, so you’re getting a history lesson the very second you spot the building. The architecture includes stacked stone and mud-plastered adobe. As trends change in today’s world, trends also changed during the days of the Acoma people.

And they showcase this in the architecture, with such changing trends from the culture’s earliest days to their modern tastes.

Within the walls, you will find a plethora of exhibits ranging from arts and crafts such as pottery, along with well-preserved artifacts, and even interactive exhibits. Located at Haak’u Road, plan on spending at least one if not at least two hours touring the place.

Las Portales Shrine

This is a rather unique attraction near Dancing Eagle Casino in nearby Seboyeta, New Mexico. Many reviewers on TripAdvisor have paired this one up with a few one-off attractions in the area such as the 1699 St. Joseph Mission in nearby Laguna, and Old Town Albuquerque.

Google may refer to it as the Portales of the Hidden Cave, so if you’re mapping this one out, it’s what will probably come up. Ditto for the GPS.

So, what was Las Portales Shrine? Also known as the Shrine of Our Lady Bernadette of Lourdes, it traces its roots back to the 1830s. You’ll find it next to a natural spring in an extremely remote section of Seboyeta, and it’s associated with many stories and legends. Some, you may have heard of.

Las Portales Shrine in New Mexico

No one knows exactly who built the shrine. Some say it was Spanish settlers who had hiked to Mexico following a Native American attack that severely reduced their numbers, especially the men.

Another account states the Navajo had built it as a promise if their sons and husbands returned from conflict unscathed. The Navajo had hidden in the nearby cave during said conflict. So a lot of mystery surrounds the Las Portales Shrine.

But you can get a cool close-up by hiking up to it if you’re willing to stretch the legs. If not, you can always catch a stunning view of the shrine from a distance.

Coyote Del Malpaís

Coyote Del Malpais is what TripAdvisor describes as a “hidden gem golf course.” So if you’re looking for a cool place to get the golf game on, head over to Grants, New Mexico, not far from Casa Blanca, and catch some stunning views of the desert scenery and wide-open skies amidst these challenging fairways.

They also have a decent set of amenities that include a snack bar, updated golf carts, and more.

The only downside from reviewers on TripAdvisor is that it doesn’t seem to be built for all levels, so it’s highly likely there aren’t as many different places to tee off here. A couple of reviewers also noted that they have ultra-thick roughs, so be prepared, as it may take you a while to find any golf balls that sail on you.

Other than that, they have commended the customer service, the condition of the course, fairway, and greens, and even the friendliness of the other golfers.

If you’re looking to get your golf game on in the area, look no further than Coyote Del Malpais, located at 2001 George Hannah Boulevard in Grants, New Mexico.

El Malpais National Monument

Head over to 1900 E Santa Ana Avenue in Grants, New Mexico and you will stumble across the El Malpais National Monument. If you’re looking for a hotspot with wild scenery in the area, you will find it here, with the landscape made up of several breathtaking geological formations amidst the barren desert.

However, per some photos on TripAdvisor, you will also find more than a few examples of plant life hanging out both in the lower bowl and on the ridges, so this park is something you can think of as a hybrid.

El Malpais National Monument in New Mexico

The best part of El Malpais, however, is the view you will get of the lower ridges and distant mountains. Under the open skies and vast horizons, there is arguably no better panoramic view in the area.

There is also a nearby visitor center where you can catch some information on the monument and the surrounding area, along with places to picnic, and of course, several hiking trails.

New Mexico Mining Museum

If you’re looking for a cheap way to have fun without the need of winning the jackpot over at Dancing Eagle Casino, check out the New Mexico Mining Museum. As the world’s only uranium mining museum, it’s the finest place on the planet to learn about the industry.

Catch a grand history lesson and learn how uranium mining evolved from its humble roots to what it has become to this day.

As an underground museum, its exhibits include videos within a small theater, photos and historical accounts of uranium miners, what life was like in the mines, descriptions of their jobs within the mine, and so much more.

Find it at 100 Iron Avenue in Grants, New Mexico.

Check Out These Cool Attractions in New Mexico

Dancing Eagle Casino is not the largest gaming venue, and Casa Blanca is by no means the largest town in New Mexico, but it and the surrounding region definitely have a few fun things to do when you’re in town for an extended stay.

If you’re staying in the area for a while, use today’s list to keep yourself occupied when you’re looking to get out and about in Casa Blanca.

Have you visited Casa Blanca, New Mexico, and the surrounding area? If so, did you venture to any of the above attractions? How about to any other casinos in New Mexico? Tell us about your experience in the comments, and also let us know if you took the time to visit Dancing Eagle Casino.