7 Hot Attractions Surrounding Victoryland Casino

Attractions Near Victoryland Casino in Montgomery, Alabama

Victoryland Casino has quite a history to it. It’s a racino but without the live racing. Instead, you can bet on races via their many simulcasts. Or if you’re not quite into racing, they have a few hundred electronic gaming machines.

However, given its small size, odds are you will look elsewhere when it comes to vacationing in this small area or nearby Montgomery, Alabama. So, today, we’re going to go through some hot attractions in both Shorter, but mainly the Montgomery area. Oh, and you’ll find a few places in Tuskegee, too.

By the end of the post, you will have a few cool vacation destinations in which to visit if you venture down to Shorter or if you play a few rounds at Victoryland Casino.

Are you ready to discover a few new places? Let’s get started.

1 – Tuskegee National Forest

Head over to 125 National Forest Road 949, and immerse yourself in the area’s nature scene. It’s a great place to camp if you’re not interested in staying at one of the nearby hotels, and best yet, it’s free if you can land a permit.

However, their campsites fill up fast and one reviewer on TripAdvisor stated they have no more than a dozen, so definitely call ahead of time and set something up if that’s what you’re looking for.

It’s also a small forest, so you don’t need to worry about losing your sense of direction and getting lost if you decide to hike a few trails. Plus, it’s also relatively close to the roads, so again, just follow the road noise and you’ll find your way back to civilization if that does happen.

The same reviewer noted that you won’t lose cell service either. Oh, but despite its small size, you still need to be mindful. Coyotes run rampant in this forest so if you’re here with any kids or pets, keep them indoors once the sun goes down.

If you’re into hiking, most reviewers recommend the Bertram Trail because of its relative ease. If you’re looking to enjoy a day away from Victoryland Casino or other nearby gaming outlets, Tuskegee National Forest is a great place to do so, and to enjoy the warmth that Alabama brings.

2 – Breakout Games – Montgomery

As the name states, you’ll find this one in Montgomery, Alabama. A recipient of the 2020 TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award, it’s arguably one of the more challenging and fun escape rooms you will come across, so if that’s your thing, take a break from the casino thrills for a new kind of ride at Breakout Games.

Best yet, if you’re in town for an extended stay they have multiple rooms here, each with a differing theme and storyline. Put that brain through a workout because you’ll need it for all those codes you must crack, puzzles to solve, and clues to find.

Breakout Games in Montgomery

Interested in escaping? Head over to 6715 Taylor Court in Montgomery and you’ll run right into it. Breakout Games is also a good destination to visit when you’re on your way to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, and Wynton M. Blount Park, each of which are no more than 2 miles away.

3 – AMC Festival Plaza 16

Looking to catch an interesting movie?

Head over to AMC Festival Plaza 16 at 7925 Vaughn Road in Montgomery. This is an especially good place to visit when you’re looking for ticket prices that won’t break the bank. They also have a wide selection of movies, so if you’re looking to make return trips, you can do so here.

The only real problem with this theater is that some reviewers have said it’s dated from a seating standpoint. So, if you’re cool with watching the latest movies out there for a good price along with sacrificing some comfort, AMC Festival Plaza is where it’s at.

Reviewers have also praised the staff here along with the concessions. If they took time to renovate the place, it may become the most popular hot attraction surrounding Victoryland Casino and nearby gaming outlets.

4 – Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

It’s another recipient of the 2020 Travelers Choice Award on TripAdvisor and a good one if you’re into the fine arts. Head over to 1 Museum Drive in Montgomery and join the venue on its mission to preserve both local art and works from the finest artists across America.

Expect to spend at least an hour there if not a little longer, and it makes for a remarkable family-friendly destination if you’re looking for one. They also have a kids area, so the youngest in your travel group will love what they will find over there, along with an overall eclectic set of exhibits.

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

Reviewers have also praised the place’s sculpture gardens, the illustrious views of the nearby lake and surrounding woodlands, plus the meditative feeling they received from the stroll.

It’s also a free place to visit, so even if you did not win anything during your time on the gaming floor at Victoryland Casino, you can enjoy this hot attraction without breaking the bank. Plus, just about everything inside and outside of it is pleasing to the eyes.

5 – Alabama Shakespeare Festival

This regional theatre produces 10 productions each season, featuring mainly Shakespearean productions, hence the name, but you’ll also find many others such as child-appropriate shows, Broadway musicals, world premieres, American classics, and more.

If you’re a fan of Shakespeare’s works, this theater is an obvious draw. As shown above, it displays something appropriate for just about every age and interest level, so definitely check the place out and see what’s playing when you make your trip to the region.

Check it out at 1 Festival Drive in Montgomery, and if they’re playing the right productions, bring the kids with you. If there are no shows going on during your time in Montgomery, reviewers have also said it’s at least worth walking around the grounds, which supply plenty of wooded and aquatic scenery.

Maybe you’re looking for a nature show but you’re not keen on venturing too far into the wilderness. A quick trip to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival makes for a great visit.

And about those scenic grounds. The nearby Wynton M Blount Cultural Park offers an extension of them, located less than a half-mile away.

6 – Wynton M. Blount Cultural Park

Head over to 6000 Vaughn Road in Montgomery and you’ll find one of the hottest epicenters in the region. It’s a great place if you’re looking to catch a few pictures, go sightseeing, or just take a romantic stroll.

Like a few places on today’s list, it’s an excellent place to entwine yourself with Alabama’s nature scene.

Wynton M. Blount Cultural Park

The park offers easy access, and they put on holiday-related shows multiple times throughout the calendar year, such as fireworks on the Fourth of July. They also have a good area for dogs, so it’s a great place to give them some exercise if they need it.

Besides the epic woodland and forested scenery here, they also have several sculptures, ponds, fountains, and shelters scattered about the grounds. Again, it’s a spectacular place if you’re looking to take pictures during a family outing, and it’s an even better hot spot to spend an entire day.

7 – Eastdale Mall

Yet another stop in Montgomery, the Eastdale Mall is a great place to spend those winnings either at Victoryland Casino or the other nearby gaming outlets. If you won something, make Eastdale your next stop, where you can find the hottest brands at the most popular shops.

They feature a grand total of over 100 stores and services, along with nearly 1,000,000 square feet of retail space, so odds are you’re going to find more than a few hot spots that will catch your eye.

It’s yet another fantastic place to spend the entire day and an even greater one when you’re looking for a nearby attraction that includes some much-needed air conditioning during those hot, Alabama summers.

Take a break from the gaming floor and the racing simulcasts at Victoryland Casino, check out the mall. And if you won big at the real money slots or on the track, reward yourself with some new decor or additions to your wardrobe.

Our Thoughts on the Area Near Victoryland Casino

Victoryland Casino is a smaller gaming venue that once held borderline resort amenities, but it still holds its own. However, it’s not the place that you will spend a huge amount of time in, so odds are, you will venture to more than a few of the above attractions and probably even other casinos in Alabama.

The upside with venturing to Shorter, Alabama, is that you have both Montgomery and Tuskegee right in its backyard, giving you two fair metro areas to visit. Feel free t take a few items from today’s list, build that itinerary, and take at least a day if not more to explore the area.

Have you been to Victoryland Casino before? Did you head out into Montgomery or Tuskegee? Feel free to tell us all about what you did and didn’t do down in the comment section.