7 Best Activities to Enjoy in Miami, Oklahoma

Two Attractions Near Buffalo Run Casino

Buffalo Run Casino & Resort is one of the best casinos in the Miami, Oklahoma, area. But it’s not the only fun thing to do in this small Oklahoma town. Since the entire state of Oklahoma boasts many casinos, Miami is no different. And on the list below, you will find two more casinos to pique your interest.

Along with the number of casinos on today’s list, you will also find places of interest that include Coleman Theater, the Route 66 Vintage Iron Motorcycle Museum, Ribbon Road, GAR Cemetery, and the childhood home of a legendary baseball player.

Besides the stellar casino games, you’re getting a plethora of action-packed fun in the area comprising history, scenery, and even entertainment.

Do these hot attractions near Buffalo Run Casino & Resort sound interesting to you? Keep reading.

1 – Coleman Theater

Coleman Theater ranks #1 on today’s list, and you will find it at 103 N Main Street in Miami. It’s also near Stables Casino and the Route 66 Vintage Motorcycle Museum, so you can visit all three within just a few hours. That’s if you only limit yourself to one movie or production at Coleman Theater.

You will also find it close to dining outlets in town like Souper Sweets, Pizza Hut, and Papa G’s Pizza Express. So, if you’re not interested in trudging back to Buffalo Run Casino & Resort for lunch or dinner while you’re exploring Coleman Theater and the nearby attractions, you don’t need to.

Coleman Theater is a historical building that you can spend all day visiting if you’re into old-style architecture and interior design. However, their productions will keep you in the present day while you step back in time the second you cross the threshold into the theater.

Built in the early 20th century, Coleman Theater has served those of Miami, Oklahoma, and tourists like you for generations. And if you’re here during the right time, you may even catch a silent movie featuring a live organist providing the musical backdrop like they did 100 years ago.

2 – Route 66 Vintage Iron Motorcycle Museum

Near the Coleman Theater, you will stumble across this warehouse full of old motorcycles. Head over to 128 S. Main Street and you will find it. You will find the same restaurants nearby as the Coleman Theater, saving you time if you’re in a hurry for lunch or dinner before you start or after you finish your tour.

Head through the doors and also, like Coleman, prepare to step back in time with all those vintage motorcycles you will find at your disposal. Besides the interactive exhibits featuring generations’ worth of old motorcycles, they also have a gift shop where you can commemorate your time visiting this venue.

Route 66 Vintage Iron Motorcycle Museum

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, circle this venue in red and place it at the top of your vacation itinerary when you need a break from the adrenaline-pumping thrills at Buffalo Run Casino. And if you’re an older motorcycle enthusiast, a trip here will take you through Memory Lane.

You don’t see most of these vintage bikes on the road anymore, with many out of production for years now. Make sure you take plenty of pictures because what you see here comprise rare commodities.

3 – Route 66 Ribbon Road

If you need a break from the shows at Coleman Theater and the exhibits at the Route 66 Motorcycle Museum, let’s connect with nature on Route 66 Ribbon Road/Sidewalk Highway Landmark.

Head over to E 140 Road in Miami and you will run right into it. It’s also close to the Oklahoma Visitor’s Center, so if you’re there before you take a trip out here, ask those at the desk about the attraction and they will be happy to fill you in. But what will you find at the Ribbon Road?

Besides plenty of wooded scenery, Ribbon Road contains the last section of original pavement on the Old Route 66 system, per their display sign. They completed the road in 1922 as Project 8, which ran 15.46 miles from Miami to Afton.

If you’re looking for a piece of nostalgic history, look no further than this historic location among America’s most historic highways.

4 – Stables Casino

Also known as The Stables, you will discover Stables Casino near both Buffalo Run and High Winds Casino. A smaller casino, it’s a great option if you identify as a slot enthusiast, but other than that, they don’t have tables or other gaming options to get excited over.

Besides the few hundred slot machines, you will also come across weekly and seasonal promotions, along with a sensational loyalty players club, if you are hoping to maximize all the promos you find at the casino during your stay in the area.

The Stables Casino

And while you will stumble across several delectable dining options near Stables Casino (34 within three miles per TripAdvisor), you will also find a well-known eatery right at the venue. Winners Circle Restaurant features upscale American Cuisine, comprising delicious lunch and dinner options.

Or if you need a quick meal, they also feature a snack bar. This casino does little regarding accommodations, but that’s okay, because you can always make a base camp at Buffalo Run Casino & Resort and explore both Stables and one other nearby casino on today’s list.

5 – High Winds Casino

Go to 61475 E. 100 Road in Miami and you will locate High Winds Casino. Like The Stables, High Winds does little in the way of accommodations. But again, Buffalo Run has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

High Winds also has a popular upscale restaurant called The Steakhouse. Yeah, it’s a basic name, but it serves as one of the top dining options in the area, so make sure you take time to frequent this popular location when you visit High Winds.

They also do little in the way of table gaming, but they have among the most diverse electronic gaming options in the area. You will find a plethora of new and classic themes, along with multiple denominations ranging from penny to $10 bets.

And for a unique gaming experience, head over to Area 51, which features four in-house progressive jackpots that you can win just by placing a bet, any bet, on one of the machines within the designated area. If you’re looking for a twist on your gaming experience, Area 51 provides it.

6 – GAR Cemetery

It’s not often that you will see a cemetery on a list of attractions near a casino. But in smaller towns, you find unique points of interest, and GAR Cemetery is no exception.

Head over to 2801 Main Street in Miami and you will find this historic location near the Coleman Theater, plus the Mickey Mantle home and statue.

Grand Armies of the Republic Cemetery

So, what makes GAR Cemetery so interesting? GAR itself stands for Grand Armies of the Republic. So, yes, if you’re an enthusiast or a history buff, this is a Civil War cemetery featuring soldiers who fought for the North and the South.

It also holds the remains of several British Flyers who died during training at the Miami-operated flight school during World War II. Even if you’re not into the Civil War, perhaps this little-known fact regarding the British Flyers will pique your interest.

7 – Mickey Mantle Childhood Home and Statue

Over at 319 S. Quincy Street in nearby commerce, Oklahoma, you will stumble across the childhood home of baseball legend, Mickey Mantle. If you’re a fan of the New York Yankees or baseball in general, you will love your findings here at this historic landmark.

It’s more of a roadside attraction than anything else and provides little to see given the condition of the place along with the nearby statue. But it’s a phenomenal find for anyone who eats, sleeps, and breathes the history of Major League Baseball.

Near the location, you will also find a few of the area’s most popular restaurants, including Charlie’s Chicken, Lil’ Cafe, and 2 Girls Cafe, all within a two-mile radius. And of course, make sure you drop by the Mickey Mantle Statue itself for a larger-than-life look at the legendary baseball player.

Best yet, this attraction takes away little of your time, so if you’re raring to return to Buffalo Run Casino & Resort or the other area casinos, a visit to the home and statue is a great way to go sightseeing without spending too much time out on the town.

Our Final Thoughts on Miami, Oklahoma

Buffalo Run Casino & Resort will keep you busy for a while, along with the other nearby casinos listed in today’s post. But don’t limit yourself to only the casinos, given the number of attractions the small town of Miami, Oklahoma boasts.

Head on out, take a day to explore the area, and return to the casino floor rejuvenated for another round or two of gaming. Odds are, you will find something of worth on today’s list and if you did not, these seven hot attractions are just a sample of many things to do in the area.

Have you visited Buffalo Run Casino Resort? If so, did you visit the other casinos mentioned on today’s list or any of the nearby attractions? Let us know in the comments. We cannot wait to read about your experiences.

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