7 Hidden Treasures Near Treasure Island Casino & Resort

Scenic View On Left And A Giant Show On Right With Treasure Island Logo In Center

You’ll find Treasure Island Casino & Resort in Red Wing, Minnesota. You’ll also discover a few awesome must-see attractions in Red Wing if you’re looking to take a day off from the casino gaming at Treasure Island Casino & Resort, or if you’re craving an afternoon in the Minnesota sun.

Today’s post will cover a few must-see attractions you must add to your vacation itinerary if you’re out and about in the area. Below, you’ll find at least a few solid attractions that will pique your interest both near the casino and in the surrounding area.

And as with many small-town American attractions, you’re in for more than your fair share of hidden gems. So if you’re craving a different flair as opposed to what you will find in a big city, Red Wing, Minnesota, has you covered.

Ready to discover a few attractions near Treasure Island Casino & Resort?

Let’s get after it.

1 – Barn Bluff

Barn Bluff is a sleek, geological formation that stands 350 feet in the air. It achieved its name because of its resemblance to the shape of a barn. So that’s one reason within itself to come over and see what tourists in the area rave about.

But from atop the geological structure, you’re getting a stunning view of Minnesota’s natural beauty. On one end, you’ll find the Red Wing Skyline, with its buildings and vehicles resembling toy structures you would otherwise find in those old I Spy books. Yeah, I grew up during that era.

On the other end, you’ll treat your mind, body, and eyes to breathtaking deciduous forest alongside the Wisconsin Channel and Mississippi River.

If you’re looking to start your tour of the area with something not far out of your way from Treasure Island Casino & Resort, consider making Barn Bluff your first stop. Especially if you’re looking for nothing more than a quick break before another round of gaming.

2 – Red Wing Shoe Store and Museum

Looking for a nice outlet to spend hopefully your casino winnings on?

Head over to Red Wing Shoe Store and Museum. Among their primary attractions is the World’s Largest Boot. So if you’re into the Guinness World Record or Ripley’s Believe it or Not kind of stuff, Red Wing Shoe Store and Museum will satisfy your craving.

And if you’ve ever heard of Red Wing shoes, they also have a museum attached to the outlet. A great company overall with its roots here in Minnesota. And I can tell you from experience their boots are among the best in the industry.

Red Wing Shoe Store And Museum

So if you won something at Treasure Island Casino & Resort and you’re looking for both an educational experience plus a reputable outlet from which to buy shoes or boots from, Red Wing Shoe Store is the place to be. Come in, and prepare for something amazing.

They were also picked for the 2020 Traveler’s Choice Award on TripAdvisor. Which only adds to Red Wing’s stellar reputation.

3 – Pottery Museum of Red Wing

Nothing like shoe museums and now pottery museums to epitomize what you will discover in small-town America. Now, the Pottery Museum of Red Wing is yet another phenomenal place to get excited about.

And if you’re already in town visiting the Barn Bluff or the Red Wing Shoe Store and Museum, why not add to the Trip at the Pottery Museum of Red Wing?

Yet another recipient of the 2020 Traveler’s Choice Award, Pottery Museum of Red Wing offers thousands upon thousands of artifacts in the pottery industry.

Within its walls, you will find pottery art like you’ve never seen before. Some of their more prominent pieces include teacups, kettles, salt & pepper shakers, and decorative china in the wildest shapes and forms.

If you find pottery boring or irrelevant, one trip to this hidden gem of a museum will change your mind. Truly mind-boggling works of art. Though a few of those lifelike sculptures are on the creepy side. I wouldn’t advise heading over there if porcelain dolls frighten you.

4 – Colvill Park

Colvill Park offers something for the entire family. Whether you’re big or small, young or old, you’ll find an array of fun at this park. So if you’re looking to immerse yourself in Minnesota’s great outdoors after a few rounds at the casino, head over to Colvill Park and you’ll satisfy your craving.

If you’re traveling through town with your family, Colvill Park is yet another fine attraction on this list. They have a vast playground, suitable for even toddlers, given the soft playground surface.

They also have a cool Discovery Garden featuring an array of plants. Other cool attractions within the attraction include a giant pair of eyeglasses, tennis courts, shuffleboard courts, shelters, a water park, horseshoe pits, and places for picnicking.

As you can see from the list alone, you got a little something for everyone.

You’re also getting a fantastic overlook of the Mississippi River, so check out the watercraft and take the paved, one-mile path surrounding the park.

5 – Sorin’s Bluff

If you’re heading out to Barn Bluff and you’re still craving a few more geological formations, Sorin’s Bluff provides yet another scenic overlook of Red Wing, Minnesota.

But Sorin’s Bluff gives you more to love of Red Wing from a closer angle. In the distance near the river, you’ll find the old mill hiding behind the residential areas dotting the town.

It’s a great way to see the bustling town of Red Wing – which really reminds me of my Upper Ohio Valley hometown – in action. On the other end, gaze out over the treetops and rolling hills into the wild, Minnesota horizon for a stunning view of the area’s rural scenery.

If you’re looking for a park that offers both a little bit country and a little bit rock-and-roll in this small town, Sorin’s Bluff is your go-to. Brace yourself for an amazing panoramic view of the area, breathtaking sunsets, and illustrious scenery in the fall.

Sorin's Bluff Scenic View

You don’t need to spend any longer than an hour in the heart of the Minnesota wilderness. But when you catch those views of both downtown Red Wing and the surrounding badlands, odds are, you will stay awhile.

6 – Sheldon Theatre of Performing Arts

Need some entertainment in the town of Red Wing?

Look no further than Sheldon Theatre of Performing Arts, and chances are you’ll find the greatest show or shows in town. This turn-of-the-century gem showcases only the finest in the arts and entertainment. And while Treasure Island Casino & Resort has its fair share, you’re in for something unique here at Sheldon Theatre.

Their wide range of shows include touring events, music, theatre, dance, comedy, films, and even lectures. Open year-round, you can place a winning bet that you will find something of worth during your time in Red Wing, Minnesota.

And best yet, if you’re looking for showcases from the finest local artists in town, Sheldon Theatre of Performing Arts is where you will find them. A trip to its auditorium will allow you to step back into the nineteenth century, and you will never find a bad seat in the house.

In fact, one reviewer on TripAdvisor noted that they still felt like they were close to the stage despite their seats being located in the last section of the lower level.

7 – Flower Valley Vineyard

Of course, nothing beats small town vineyards. So if you’re a wine enthusiast, a trip to Flower Valley Vineyard is something you will love. Having planted their first vines on the sloping hills near the farm, Flower Valley Vineyard has served the people of Red Wing, Minnesota for 2 decades.

They opened their wine tasting room back in 2012, and the rest is history. They grow almost all the grapes for their local crafts of wines and tourists come from all over to sample what Flower Valley Vineyard offers.

Not only do they offer exceptional wines; they’re also near the scenic Mississippi River Bluffs, allowing you to engorge in the beautiful scenery the area offers while you taste test their many unique wines.

Flower Valley Vineyard

It’s a great place to spend an afternoon away from Treasure Island Casino & Resort if you need a break from all the rough, tough casino gaming. Plus, if you’re a wine enthusiast, you need to chalk the Flower Valley Vineyard high on your to-do list.

Visiting the vineyard won’t take too much time out of your day. Take an afternoon and brace yourself to try the finest wines the area offers.


Red Wing, Minnesota, is a town of just over 16,000 residents, making it one of the smaller towns in which you would find a fully fledged casino like Treasure Island Casino & Resort. However, the 7 must-see attractions listed above, all in Red Wing, is just a handful of what you will find both in and surrounding the town.

So be sure to use today’s itinerary as a starting point for what will become a phenomenal vacation to the area. There is a lot to see and given its small town status, you’re experiencing 7 unique areas amidst one of the state’s most vibrant casinos.

Have you been to Treasure Island Casino & Resort? If so, did you go out and explore the area? Let us know in the comments. We are looking forward to reading your stories.