7 Hacks for Having a Personal Casino Host

Casino Host Standing Next To Slot Machines

Casinos are constantly fighting to lure in the gamblers with the most enormous bankrolls. They’ll stop short of nothing to ensure all VIP guests receive the red carpet treatment.

An integral piece of this exceptional service is the casino host. Casino hosts are often thought to be reserved for only the whales that gamble in the millions, but that’s far from the case.

Any good casino knows that it’s the higher-end consistent player that drives their money wheel. So, these players are privy to special treatment that most don’t enjoy.

Luckily, there are ways to appear a little heftier in the wallet than you are to the casino staff. Here are seven hacks for having a personal casino host.

How a Casino Host Can Benefit You

Casino hosts offer a variety of ways they can be helpful to players. Part of their overall duties will be ensuring that the top players are booking stays with the casino.

They’ll ensure that your room is exactly as you’d like it and you get the room you want. Suppose you’ve ever booked a casino trip only to show up and learn that your room is unavailable. In that case, you understand how deflating that can be.

The casino host will then work to make the entire casino experience is first-class for the gambler. I’m sure there’s a limit to what the casino host will facilitate. Still, I imagine it flexes significantly depending on how much money you bring to the table.

Regardless of whether you’re depositing millions or bringing a thousand, your experience changes dramatically once you have secured a casino host. However, unless you’re showing up to the casino with a duffle bag full of cash, knowing the tricks for having a personal casino host is essential.

1 – Get to Know How the Casino Ranks Players

One of the first steps you should take happens before you book your trip. This involves carefully comparing the top casino loyalty programs, choosing the one that your chosen casino accepts, and then looking over the casino’s rewards and VIP programs and understanding the terms and conditions.

The casinos view players concerning their theoretical losses. The higher that amount goes, the more the casino will do to keep you in the casino for as long as possible.

Blackjack Players Seated at a Blackjack Table

So, a player that’s wagering $25 per spin on slot machines will be more valuable than a player at the baccarat table for $25 per hand. The slot machines come with a much higher house edge, and the spins burn by much quicker than hands of baccarat.

2 – Try Casinos With Less Traffic

Some people feel the need to be a big fish in a small pond. Depending on the situation, this can be exhausting and somewhat annoying.

Yet, in some instances, it may be in your favor to take your bubbling personality to smaller pools. The typical Las Vegas gambler will never enjoy the posh casino experience afforded by a personal casino host.

It’s simply a case of too much money at the top floating around. Fortunately, Vegas no longer holds the monopoly on casino gambling in the US market.

You’ll be far more valuable at the lower volume casinos. Your average bet amount on the Strip may not crack the top 50% of players, but it could be much higher in other venues.

Look for other casino destinations in the US that aren’t attracting as many big fish and decide if there’s a match to be made. Here is where a phone call or email to the casino’s players club could be highly beneficial.

3 – Use the Players Club to Leverage Your Play

I’ve talked about how the players club should be used to your advantage. To accomplish this, you must sign up for the VIP program before you ever make a bet in the casino.

You’ll want to show the casino that you’re a serious player. Still, more importantly, this will allow the casinos to have a baseline to grade you.

When you’re playing electronic games in the casino, you merely insert your card before you begin playing. This allows the casino to track your wagers to the penny and ensure that you get full credit for your bets.

Column of Casino Slots

Table games are slightly different. You want to hand the card to the dealer, who will then bring the pit boss over to begin tracking your rewards.

The human element of table games affords players the chance to manipulate how the casino awards them credits. I’ll get into this a bit later as it provides a way to increase your likelihood of a personal casino host even more.

4 – Increase Your Average Bet Amount

We covered how the casinos value players based on their expected hourly loss. Since the casinos have a mathematical edge on every game in the casino, it stands to reason the more you wager, the more you lose.

So, one of the most straightforward ways of getting your personal casino host is by betting more money. This may open up the door to trouble entering if your bankroll can’t float the action.

The cozy feeling of having a casino host isn’t going to be worth bankrupting your gambling funds. Lose all your money, and that’s the end of the personalized casino experience.

Yet, if you have a large bankroll and can wager a little more to enjoy the perks of having a casino host, you may see a tremendous value. Casino gambling is centered around entertainment, not how much money you go home with at the end of your session.

5 – Stick Close to Home

Casinos will jump through hoops to get the nearby residents through their doors. That puts local gamblers at a distinct advantage when it comes to receiving VIP treatment.

A player in the casino on a regular schedule won’t have to gamble much money each visit to get on the casino’s radar compared to a player that comes through the casino on an annual or semi-annual basis.

Slot Machine Casino Floor

Your local casino will understand that over the same 12-month stretch; your expected losses are much more significant. You’ll be rewarded with your casino comps, but it’s also a great pivot point towards having a personal casino host.

6 – Understand the Casino Host Isn’t Impressed With Your Level

Most casinos will tier their rewards programs. As you gamble a specific amount, you’ll be able to move to the next level.

The tiers enable players to move up and obtain better rewards through playing the games for a long enough stretch. However, this does little to influence the decision on whether you’ll have access to a casino host.

Ultimately, it merely shows that you’ve been a loyal casino customer and little else. Suppose the casino doesn’t see the value in dedicating resources to you. In that case, they’ll keep giving you the standard freebies and leave it at that.

Before you can have a casino host, you’ll need to demonstrate that the money you’re expected to lose will warrant the investment.

7 – Level Up in Front of the Boss

Remember how I mentioned that you should always give your VIP card to the dealer to have the pit boss track your player level?

Well, let’s get back to that. You can take advantage of this situation by betting more to begin your session. The pit boss will watch you play before entering your information. So, betting higher now can earn you additional rewards.

It’s beneficial to pay close attention and maintain that bet size when you’ve got eyes on the table. Otherwise, the correction will be made, and you’ll be correctly valued.

Casino Pit Boss

The casino is only interested in how much you’re betting per hand. This number will give them a great clue as to where your expected losses will fall.

So, even on those rare occasions when you’re winning, the points rack up precisely the same as when you lose your shirt.

Getting the Most From Your Casino Host

When you have finally crossed the threshold into the lifestyles of the casino high-roller, the best way to enjoy your personal casino host is by treating each trip the same.

Try not to focus too much of your energy on chasing comps, as this will undoubtedly add to your losses. Still, contact the host before your arrival and ask for help in booking your stay.

The casino host may be able to get your room comped or upgrade you to a suite at no charge. Having an established relationship with your host also guarantees that there’s a personal touch to your stay.

Your host will see that the casino staff is aware of your gambling habits, but also make sure you’ve got dinner reservations at your favorite restaurants.

It’s also acceptable to play casinos against one another in order to earn more freebies. Casinos are much more likely to incentivize your stay when they know you are a serious gambler.

So, ask the casino host what they can add to your trip. Offer up some freebies being given at another casino as a bargaining chip.

The casino host is there to ensure that you stay happy and gambling during your visit, enjoy the rockstar treatment to its fullest.


Having an immersive VIP experience in a casino is an extraordinary occasion. Use these seven hacks for having a personal casino host to improve your chances of locking down a personal concierge on your next visit.