7 Gambling Options You Won’t Find in a Casino That Are Better Than Slots

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Casinos aren’t the only places you can gamble. And in some cases, you have a better chance to win if you avoid a casino.

The worst game you can play in a casino is a slot machine, yet most gamblers are glued to a slot game. So if you’re ready to play something other than a slots game, here are seven better options.

Some of these options cost less to play than slots, and some offer better returns than slot machines.

1 – Running a Private Blackjack Game

In some areas, running a private blackjack game is illegal. I’m not recommending doing anything illegal, so you need to know the laws where you live before you set up a private blackjack game.

The reason why casinos offer blackjack games is that the games make money for the casino. So if you set up a blackjack game and run it like the casinos run their blackjack games, you have an advantage.

You have to bank the game, which means that you have to have enough money to take bets and pay the winning bets. But if you have a big enough bankroll, you can make money running a private blackjack game.

Use the same rules the casinos use, and follow the same dealing methods. If you want to make more money, pay 6 to 5 on winning blackjack instead of 3 to 2.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to gamble where everyone has the same chance to win, you can set up a low-stakes blackjack game and let everyone playing take turns dealing. Of course, when a person deals, they have an advantage, but everyone has an equal chance of winning when everyone deals the same number of hands.

2 – Drawing for High Card

Drawing for the high card is an old, simple gambling game. Two people agree on the amount of money to wager, the deck of cards is shuffled, and each person cuts the deck. The person who cuts the deck to the highest card wins the wager.

Drawing, or cutting, for a high card is better than slot machines because you have a 50% chance to win when you cut the deck. Over the long run, this means that you’re going to break even playing this game.

When you play slots, you’re going to lose money in the long run. Slot machines don’t offer a fair gamble, so anything you can do that does offer a fair chance to win is better than playing slots.

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The other good thing about drawing for the high card is you can play for any stakes. So you can play for pennies or quarters if you don’t have much money to gamble with. And all you need to play is a deck of cards and someone who wants to play against you.

3 – Local Bingo Hall

You don’t have a better chance to win when you play bingo instead of playing slot machines. But you can play bingo longer than you can play slot machines on the same amount of money.

For example, you can sit down at a slot machine with $20, and unless you get lucky, you can lose all of your money in 15 minutes or less.

But when you play bingo, you can usually buy a pack of cards for $20 or less that lets you play several games. So you might be able to play for two or three hours on the same amount of money you lost over 15 minutes of playing slots.

Some people also like the social aspect of playing bingo better than when they play slots. You can visit other people when you play slots, but playing bingo is more conducive to socializing with other people.

4 – A Single Lottery Ticket

Slots games are costly to play, and the lottery isn’t any better. So your chance of winning at the slot machines or buying lottery tickets is small. But lottery tickets are less costly than slot machines.

It’s not that you can’t find slot machines with lower bets than most lottery tickets cost. For example, you can still find slot machines that you can play for a quarter or a dollar. And a ticket to one of the big lottery games costs $2.

The problem is that when you play slots, you don’t just play one spin. Instead, you probably play for an hour or longer. Over the course of a long slot machine session, you can lose a lot of money.

On the other hand, you can spend $2 on a lottery ticket and get on with the rest of your life. Then, when the numbers are drawn, you can check to see if you win, and then you can buy another lottery ticket if you want.

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The other thing that makes buying a lottery ticket better than playing slots in a casino is you can win a lot more money. Sure, some slot machines have $1,000,000 or higher jackpots, but you can often win $100,000,000 or more playing the lottery.

Finally, you can pick up a lottery ticket close to where you live, and traveling to a casino takes more time and travel. You can pick up a lottery ticket the next time you’re in a tavern or stop to get gas.

5 – Flipping Coins

Flipping coins for money is a lot like drawing for a high card. You have a 50% chance to win, and all you need is someone willing to bet with you and a coin.

The stakes can be any amount you and the person you’re playing against agree to, and it doesn’t have to be a large amount.

Any game you can gamble on with a mathematical probability of breaking even over time is a better option than playing slots in a casino.

Drawing for the high card and flipping coins aren’t the only two games you can play meeting this requirement. All you have to do is use your imagination and keep your eyes open for opportunities.

You might never have to play slots in a casino again while still filling all of your gambling needs.

6 – Private Sports Wagers

Have you ever made a bet on a sporting event with a friend or someone you work with? I’ve made 100’s of bets like this over the years, and it’s one of the best ways to gamble without the risk of losing too much money.

If you use the point spreads published by the sportsbooks when you make bets this way, you’re going to come close to breaking even over time. If you’re good at handicapping games, you can even make a little money betting on sporting events with other people.

Circa Sportsbook

The advantage you have when you make private sports wagers is you don’t pay the vig. This is important because when you don’t pay vig, you just need to win 50% of your bets to break even.

Another advantage of making private sports wagers is you can make a bet and watch the game. This combines hours of entertainment with your wager, so you can still have fun, even if you lose.

7 – Home Poker Games

Home poker games are a fun way to gamble, and if you’re not taking a rake from the game, these games are legal in most places. And even if they’re in a gray area legally, if you’re not playing for big stakes, the odds are the local law enforcement agencies have bigger things to worry about.

Again, I don’t recommend doing anything illegal, so check the laws where you live before you organize a home poker game.

All you need is a deck of cards and a few people who want to play poker. Then, you can set the stakes at any level where everyone playing is comfortable. And you can play regular cash game poker or run a tournament.

Start with your family and friends to see who might be interested in a poker game. If you can find three or more people interested, you can enjoy an evening of poker.

In Summary

Only you can decide if you’d rather enjoy playing slots for real money and lose too much money or find a different way to gamble that’s less expensive. Any of the seven different ways to amble listed in this post are better in at least one way than playing slots.

Some of the games in this post are still costly, but a couple of the listed options give you a realistic opportunity to win. Even the options that aren’t profitable cost less than playing slots.

Instead of spending another hour watching the reels spin, try your hand at one of the seven options listed in this post that are better than slot machines.