7 Fun Ways to Spice up Your Next Slot Machine Session at the Casino

Three Pictures of Different Slot Machines

When it comes to casino games, real money slot machines often get tagged as a more relaxed option when compared to strategic table games like blackjack and craps. While the latter involves complex rules, strategic implications, and crowded tables, the slots provide many players who prefer a more laidback experience with their own private oasis on the casino floor.

But even if spinning the slots can be a bit boring at times, avid players can always find ways to mix things up on their favorite machines. The next time you’re gearing up for a slot excursion at the casino, try some of these fun tips to spice up your next session.

1 – Teach a Friend How to Play Slots

When most of us picture slot players, we see a solitary figure sitting sullenly at the machine in silence. And indeed, many slot aficionados do prefer to grind the reels by their lonesome rather than banter with strangers in the pit.

With that said, asking a few buddies who aren’t avid gamblers to come along for the ride the next time you play can be a blast. You get to play tour guide in a way, leading your friend through the casino and explaining various aspects of the gaming floor.

And when you get seated at the machines, you’ll have an opportunity to demonstrate firsthand just how entertaining slots can be. Find a cool new video slot packed with bonus games and features, preferably one offering low-volatility gameplay. On the right machine, your friend can nurse a small starting credit count and enjoy a string of small winners to get started on the right foot.

When they do manage to unlock a bonus game feature, be sure to hype up the experience by pointing out the various mini-jackpots up for grabs. Here’s hoping your friend finds Lady Luck waiting for them, and you make a new convert to the world of slot devotees.

2 – Join a Local Slot Enthusiasts Club to Meet Like-Minded Gamblers

Speaking of devotees, every town in proximity to a regional or tribal casino is home to some sort of club organized around a group’s shared love of the slots.

You can typically find your nearest slot club online by searching on sites like Facebook or Reddit. When you do, simply send a request to join their ranks and introduce yourself, along with your slot specialist resume.

Clubs like this are always on the lookout for new members, so it shouldn’t take long for you to get a response. Once you’re in the fold, take full advantage by joining the discussion group and meeting up whenever the club hits the casino.

Casino Gambling Floor

The coolest slot clubs I’ve seen form a tight bunch, usually showing up in matching T-shirts and other gear. Everyone plays at the same bank of machines, encouraging one another while celebrating winners and commiserating over missed bonus features.

In the end, whether each member manages to squeeze out a profit really is secondary. Slot club players enjoy each other’s friendship and camaraderie, so wins and losses are quickly put in their proper perspective.

3 – Challenge a New Pal to a Bankroll Building Duel

Once you’ve met a few fellow diehard slot friends, why not see who has the stuff with a creative slot challenge?

You can set up any sort of system for the rules that you’d like, but the basic premise goes a little something like this. Both players start with the same bankroll and are free to play games of their choosing. Using a set time limit (one hour works just fine), every player participating tries to maneuver their way around the machines to build the biggest profit margin.

Whoever winds up winning the most, or losing the least on some days, is awarded that challenge’s special prize.

Friendly challenges like this are a great way to turn the normally placid slot parlor into a competitive arena. And when you use your players club card, you’ll be rewarded for those hours of consistent play by accumulating extra points and comps.

4 – Livestream Your Session for Viewers

In case you haven’t heard, most casinos are relaxing their notorious rules against filming on the gaming floor.

Prior to the social media age, casinos expressly forbid players from whipping out a camera at the tables or on the machines. This rule was designed to prevent cheaters from gaining an edge on how the house safeguards its games.

Nowadays, however, you’ll often see slot players spinning away while somebody standing nearby films away on their smartphone. These guys and gals aren’t up to no good though, they’re simply adding content to their slot-themed YouTube channel.

Sweepstakes Casino Game Select Screen

Bonus hunting slot channels on YouTube have become increasingly popular over the years, with the biggest names drawing hundreds of thousands of loyal subscribers.

You don’t have to reach an audience of that size, but setting up a live stream to record your next slot session can be a cool way of thinking outside the box.

5 – Enter a Slot Machine Tournament and Spin for Bragging Rights Among the Regulars

If you though private challenges amongst pals were fun, wait until you take a seat in your first slot machine tournament.

Casinos organize slot tournaments to reward their most loyal regulars, while also attracting new players who are looking for a fresh way to gamble. In a typical slot tournament, you’ll pony up a small entry fee (between $25 and $100 for the most part). Once the assembled field has taken their seats, the organizer will announce the rules and regulations.

Most slot tournaments use special machines designed to start with the same credit count across the board. These machines use the same reel design and payline system as the ones you’re used to, they just don’t pay out cash jackpots.

The name of the game here is to build your credit count as high as you can within the set time limit. Tournaments often use several rounds to widdle the playing field down, before the final round settles the score once and for all.

The player who winds up topping the credit count when the timer goes off is awarded the lion’s share of the prize pool, while other top players earn smaller payouts. Some local slot tournaments even send their champions onward to Las Vegas to compete in much larger versions. Knowing this, be prepared to play at a brisk pace if you hope to beat out more experienced opponents.

6 – Spend an Hour Chasing the Largest Progressive Jackpot in the Joint

One fun way I like to enhance my slot sessions is to stroll the floor and look for the largest progressive jackpot in the house.

In a Sin City slot parlor, that usually means hitting the iconic Megabucks machine, home to a massive $10 million starting seed progressive jackpot. At my local’s joint, I mostly see the topline jackpots on offer via Wheel of Fortune.

Slot Machines on a Casino Floor

In any event, what I like to do is bring a portion of my bankroll and do my best to win the whole darned thing. I’ll play the same game, occasionally switching off from cold machines, over a set timespan of 60 minutes.

As you might suspect, I haven’t quite hit the big time just yet, but I always have a good time playing when I know there’s a chance the next spin might be ticket there.

7 – Find Three Games You’ve Never Played Before and Give Them a Try

I like games like Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune just fine, but it’s also a useful exercise to branch out and try slot games you’ve never played before.

The major manufacturers like International Game Technology (IGT) and Konami are churning out awesome new titles like clockwork. You’ll literally find hundreds of games to choose from at any casino worth its salt, and each one has its own unique gameplay structure and bonus game system.

You’ll run into your fair share of clunkers along the way, that’s to be sure, but it’s all about exploring, expanding your scope, and hoping to find a new favorite game.

In Summary

Slot machines can get a bad rap within the world of casino gambling, mostly based on their status as mindless “sucker” games. But in an industry defined by every game’s inherent advantage to the house, there’s really no such thing as a sucker game at all.

Slot machines have remained the most popular gambling game for 80 years and counting, so they must be doing something right. If you’re an avid slot player, you already know why these games are so special, but everybody can benefit from a change of pace. On that note, give a few of the tips above a try the next time you feel like spinning the reels.