7 Fond Attractions Close to Fond-du-luth Casino

Train On The Right And Mansion On Left With Fond-Du-Luth Casino Logo

You will find Fond-du-luth Casino in Duluth, Minnesota, hence the name Fond-du-luth. And there is a lot to be fond of with this tiny casino in one of Minnesota’s larger cities. However, Duluth, Minnesota, has more than just its casino scene to get excited about.

And today’s post covers a few fond attractions to visit if you head out to Fond-du-luth Casino or even the nearby Black Bear Casino, which will lead off our list of fond attractions.

So if the weather’s nice and you’re up for doing some exploring, today’s post will give you more than a few awesome ideas of where to go.

Ready to see all of what Duluth, Minnesota, offers?

Keep reading to find out more.

Black Bear Casino Resort

If you’re looking for a larger, more diverse casino resort in the area, be sure to check out Black Bear Casino Resort. Here, you’ll find a greater number of slot machine and table games, along with Bingo, pull tabs, and even arcade games.

They also provide a good number of stellar dining options, ranging from a high-end experience to the casual flair. Also, if you’re looking for some fun entertainment for the evening, Black Bear Casino Resort is where it’s happening, so be sure to snag a ticket to a show or enjoy live, local entertainment.

If you’re looking to stay in the Duluth area for an extended period, they also boast a unique lodging option at the Black Bear Hotel. And they also provide options at a few nearby outlets. So you have more than a few options at your disposal.

A trip to Black Bear Casino Resort will give you more ways to win, especially if you’re part of their illustrious Players Club. You can take advantage of their many weekly, monthly, and seasonal promos as a member.

So head on out to Black Bear Casino Resort, enjoy the plethora of gaming, dining, and entertainment options, and see if you can win that next jackpot.

Glensheen, The Historic Congdon Estates

You’re in for a real treat when you head over to Glensheen, one of the many recipients of TripAdvisor’s 2002 Traveler’s Choice Award, like many fond attractions in Duluth.

The 39-room mansion sits near Lake Superior, and it’s been a staple in the Duluth community for over 110 years. Better yet, this specialty museum’s furnishings continue to resemble that of the Congdon family when they first called the place home.

Yep, you’re taking a step back over 110 years into the past when you visit the Glensheen Estates, and as they state on TripAdvisor’s overview, “it is Duluth’s answer to Downtown Abbey.”

You’ll find the Estates in a wooded lot, giving you the perfect vantage point to gaze out and take in Lake Superior. Plus, multiple gardens surround the place, along with a carriage house, boathouse, stone bridge, and pier.

Glensheen Mansion With Fountain In Front

They also have a glorious pebbled beach that your kids will love if you brought them with you into Duluth.

There is a lot to love about a trip to Glensheen, The Historic Congdon Estates. But we’re just getting started on our tour of Duluth, Minnesota.


You just can’t get enough spectacular views of Lake Superior, the greatest of the Great Lakes. And a trip on the Lakewalk, another recipient of TripAdvisor’s 2020 Traveler’s Choice Award, is a must-see.

Have you ever seen those oceanside highways in Los Angeles or in other big, coastal cities? Yeah, Lakewalk is in many ways similar to what you would see in LA. Except it’s Duluth’s version, and better yet, it’s a walkway as opposed to a highway.

And that means you can get a fantastic cardio workout in right by the lake if you’re interested. Every day, you’ll see runners and bikers getting their morning or evening routine on the lakeside around this winding path.

But if you’d rather take the scenic stroll, that’s cool, too. Along the path, you will also find a few of Duluth’s finest landmarks in the area, including the Aerial Bridge; perhaps the primary gemstone in the city.

So come on over to the Lakewalk and run, walk, bike, skate, or just go sightseeing. If there is one guaranteed winning bet you can make regarding these fond attractions close to Fond-du-luth Casino, it’s that you will treat your eyes to quite a show.

And Lakewalk drives that point home.

North Shore Scenic Railroad

Looking for even more scenery?

Head over to the North Shore Scenic Railroad and you’ll find all the goods waiting for you.

On TripAdvisor, they say, “History comes alive on the Lakefront line of the North Shore Scenic Railroad.”

And they’re correct, as this recipient of the 2020 Traveler’s Choice Award boasts its 4-star rating with over 900 reviews as of February 2021.

Take a fully narrated tour that tells the story of Duluth’s rich history in the railroad industry, the way they built the railroads along Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, and the nearby harbor.

You’ll also catch your daily fair share of trains departing the Duluth Union Depot toward Downtown Duluth, along the banks of Canal Park, the shores of Lake Superior, and even into Minnesota’s scenic north woods.

Quite the sight to see if you’re a railroad or history enthusiast. If that’s you, be sure to place a trip to the North Shore Scenic Railroad atop your vacation itinerary when you need a break from the gaming action at Fond-du-luth Casino.

Great Lakes Aquarium

Are you interested in learning more about marine life?

If your answer is yes, be sure to check out the Great Lakes Aquarium. It is the only aquarium in America that focuses on freshwater exhibits, so you’re getting something unique when you book a trip to the aquarium.

Great Lakes Aquarium Front Entrance

Spanning 3 stories and located right on the waterfront, they offer interactive exhibits and recreated habitats that make for quite the educational experience for kids.

So if you got the kids with you and you’re looking for a family-friendly outing for the day, check out Great Lakes Aquarium.

Bent Paddle Brewing Company

Duluth is full of Traveler’s Choice Awards, but you don’t see too many brewing companies snag the award. Bent Paddle Brewing Company has proven to be an exception to the rule, and that means it’s a special place.

You’ll find more than a fair share of fresh beer in the taproom, including unique local crafts that are sure bets to become your favorites in the area. Chances are, you’ll make some return trips when you taste a few of these delicious choices of beer.

Along with taste testing, they also have a cool merchandise store. So be sure to pick something up to commemorate your time in one of America’s most vibrant mid-sized cities. They also hold a vibrant atmosphere, and the music from local artists is among the best in the industry.

It’s a surefire place to have some fun, hang out, meet new friends, and enjoy some of the finest brews in the area. If this sounds like something you would be interested in trying out, take Bent Paddle Brewing Company and place them atop your to-do list. You will be glad you did.

Oberg Mountain Loop

If you’re looking for majestic views of Northern Minnesota’s mountains, forests, and lakeshore, Oberg Mountain Loop is where you need to be.

A bird’s-eye photo of the place is something out of a high fantasy novel, if you’re looking for a comparison. You can only guess what this place looks like in the wintertime, with its deciduous forested trees fading from green to rust, gold, and red.

Couple the trees along with the evergreens dotting about the landscape and the autumn sun reflecting on Lake Superior’s blue waters. Your eyes are in for one heck of an epic treatment.

If you love nature, or if you’re just looking to capture a few photos of fantastical scenery to add to a portfolio, take a break from the slots and tables at Fond-du-luth and head on out to the Oberg Mountain Loop.

Oberg Mountain Loop Scenic View

Your eyes, mind, body, and soul will thank you for such an experience, and you’ll return to the casino with a finer appreciation of nature. Immerse yourself in Minnesota’s natural beauty on one of the trails and hike your way to an overlook to catch forested terrain in all four cardinal directions.

If you came during the illustrious fall, be sure to make a return trip in the spring and summer for an even greater display of Northern Minnesota’s magical scenery.

Our Final Thoughts on the Fond-du-Luth Casino Area

As you can see, there is so much to get excited about regarding the many attractions you will discover in Duluth, Minnesota. It’s an easy decision to take a break from the adrenaline-pumping slot machines and table games at the casino to discover one of the most magical regions in America.

From the winding trails, you will find at Oberg and Lakeside to the history you’ll discover at the Estates and the Railroad, you can make a winning bet that there is something here for guests of all ages and interest levels. If you’re in the mood for family-friendly entertainment, look no further.

Have you been to Fond-du-luth Casino? If so, did you visit nearby Black Bear Casino Resort and explore any of the attractions listed above? Let us know in the comments.