7 Factors That Ensure Online Casinos Won’t Replace Land-Based Casinos

Online Casino on a Laptop With CHips and Cards Around it and Someone Placing Chips on the Keyboard

Since the first online casinos began popping up in 1994, brick-and-mortar casinos have had their eyes on the industry. There were some noticeable growing pains through the years, but eventually, online casinos started becoming legitimate in the eyes of gamblers.

Recently, many have begun suggesting that online casinos are the way of the future. The point to the casino closings due to the ongoing pandemic is one key factor in the shift.

However, I’m here to tell you that the land-based casinos aren’t going anywhere. I could dive into the highly complicated legal processes that would need to occur or how the casino industry fears the swift monopolizing by such a move, but I’ll spare you that agony.

Instead, I’ll cover 7 factors that ensure online casinos won’t replace land-based casinos. The answers are directly in front of us, but it’s easy to take them for granted.

1 – The Social Atmosphere Could Never be Replaced

One of the most significant aspects of casinos is something that the online product could never replace. Many of us travel to casinos for the social atmosphere.

Whether we are making the journey with friends enjoying the party scene or making new friends, our interactions with others are a primary selling point for casino trips.

I’ve spent more hours and money than I ever planned to by making a new group of friends at the craps table. Many times, we’ve gambled into the early morning, retired to a room for the after-party, then straight back to the casino after a rally.

It’s not the most responsible behavior, but that’s Las Vegas to a degree. I’ve had these nights in dozens of casinos from Thackerville, OK, to Sydney, Australia.

The significant part is that I remain friends with a large number of these fellow gamblers to this day. Online casinos can’t build an instant connection between people like land-based casinos do.

The games lose a lot of their appeal when you’re playing online. Sure, there’s a novelty there for a time, but you’ll start to miss having your friends gambling alongside you.

The best option online casinos have developed is the live dealer casinos where a camera shows a dealer on camera, and players are able to communicate via chat. That’s a far cry from a crowded craps table with a dozen or more players whooping and hollering on every roll.

2 – Hotels Attached to the Casino Build a Better Experience

You go to a casino for the experience. The games are important, but as I’ll cover over the following few points, they are only a piece of a much larger puzzle.

The hotels attached to casinos add another level to the entire feel. You have an immaculate room awaiting you when the day is over, and level from top to bottom is nothing short of first-class.

Sure, you can always crash in your own bed, which is more convenient and cost-effective. But you don’t get any special feeling from staying home and giving the casino your money.

Hotel Room at Sam's Town Hotel & Casino Shreveport

The hotel stay adds an element of adventure to the casino trip. You get to pack a bag, shower in a hotel bathroom, demand extra pillows, and spend 30 minutes figuring out how to turn the TV to the desired channel.

Best of all, you don’t have to make the bed before you head back out for more fun. People underestimate the hotel stay when going to the casinos.

3 – You Can’t Get a Craft Cocktail and Gordon Ramsay Fillet from Your Couch

Online casinos don’t offer the on-demand service you find at land-based casinos. You may be a well-trained bartender that can make the perfect drink, you could be a Michelin Star chef that creates exquisite works of culinary art, but you’re probably not both.

Casinos pride themselves on bringing guests the finest food and drink combinations available. If you don’t believe me, check out the number of elite chefs with restaurants in Las Vegas.

You can treat yourself to any number of culinary delights, and your options are only limited by your tastes. Plus, you won’t need to do any of the heavy lifting.

There are times when a meal becomes a remarkable experience. These special occasions are rare and often happen organically.

I’ve had several of my own in casino restaurants, and I hope I have more on the horizon. The online casinos are all but an afterthought for gamblers who appreciate the entire atmosphere a good meal produces.

4 – Land-Based Casinos Are Purpose Built to Entertain

How many times have you been to a wonderful show at a casino?

Part of the Las Vegas charm is the extraordinary shows ranging from the beautiful to the bizarre. Vegas is a clear leader in the entertainment field, but any casino worth a lick will have elite entertainment on deck year-round.

I had the opportunity to see a bucket list concert at WinStar World Casino when Sturgill Simpson opened for Jason Isbell. These two are icons of music, and seeing them both in a single night was a memory that will last forever.

Cirque du Soleil 'O' Performers

I also enjoyed the privilege of taking my Nana to see Cirque du Soleil: The Beatles LOVE a few months before she unexpectedly passed. Yes, we had a lifetime of memories that I won’t soon forget, but casinos were a part of that.

What I’m saying is that casinos are more than a place for octogenarians to spend their family’s inheritance on slot machines. That’s a tremendous advantage that online casinos can’t match.

5 – You Don’t Get the Same Amenities and Activities Online

There are several amenities and attractions that add to the total value of a casino trip. One of the most appealing draws for many casino guests is the lavish parties.

These parties range from poolside beers in the sun to more formal attire after dark with ladies in cocktail dresses and men in their finest suits. Each night brings a new adventure in the casinos, and the party doesn’t ever stop.

If you’ve outgrown the party scene, that’s fine because casinos offer the utmost in posh tranquility. Casino spas are among the most highly regarded on the planet.

Guests are free to relax and allow the stress to float away through several available services. Massages, facials, aromatherapies, and the list goes on; all are waiting for you at your nearest casino resort.

Another exciting piece of the land-based casino vibe is the shopping. Casinos across the globe are either located near or have unique luxury shopping right on the premises.

This shopping is a tremendous outlet for non-gamblers to spend the day while their traveling party spends their money in the casino. You’ll find plenty of unique gifts to knock that special someone off their feet.

Finally, you have all the ancillary attractions that may or may not be attached to the casino. Some casino resorts have waterparks, roller coasters, golf courses, and aquariums for guests to enjoy.

All this makes casinos a family-friendly destination. You can run the kids ragged by day and spend an adult evening in the casino.

Online casinos don’t have much to offer those who want to take the family on a memorable getaway.

6 – Online Casinos Don’t Provide the Same Escape as Land-Based Casinos

Many gamblers are in the casino to escape the daily grind. You can get some of that by playing games at an online casino.

However, land-based casinos transport you to a place where it seems like the latest work deadline, failure at a new venture, or broken relationships don’t exist. Sometimes, the trouble disappearing for a few hours is all that’s needed to gain clarity on your next steps.

Casino Floor at Century Casino Cape Girardeau

Land-based casinos don’t take away any struggles, but they can give you a space to consider the burden more clearly. Maybe you’re merely overworked or stressed about something; casinos can give you a much-needed break from the worry that cripples many.

In online casinos, you rarely get far enough from your trouble to see it in its true light.

7 – The Massive Casino Companies Don’t Want Strictly Online Services

One of the significant fears of the major casino operators is what would happen to any of the smaller companies by going strictly to online formats. And that’s one reason that online casinos and land-based casinos are always fighting.

The war for new business would be so desperate that the smaller companies would cut the larger companies off at the knees on their way out.

It’s a legitimate concern, and the casino operators aren’t about to start losing money and employees by going online.

Our Thoughts on This Constant Battle

Don’t stress if you’re worried that your favorite casino is heading for online platforms. Their online counterparts cannot satiate the demand for land-based casinos.

That isn’t meant to imply that online casinos don’t serve a purpose. But the above 7 factors ensure online casinos won’t replace land-based casinos.