7 Destinations to See and Activities to Do Near Northern Lights Casino

Two Attractions Near Northern Lights Casino

Northern Lights Casino is one of the finest attractions in Walker, Minnesota. And like many casinos in Minnesota, you’re looking at small-town flair. If you’re looking to venture off from the casino grounds and explore the area, keep reading to learn more.

One of the attractions listed in today’s post is another casino known as Cedar Lakes Casino. So, if a brief casino tour is up your alley in North Central Minnesota, then a trip to Northern Lights Casino will provide one of two epic casino experiences.

If you’re looking for more casino gaming along with a tour of the Walker area in MN, today’s post is a must-read. Let’s go over the surrounding area and discover a few more attractions near Northern Lights Casino.

1 – Cedar Lakes Casino

Cedar Lakes Casino is another awesome casino in Cass County, and it’s not too far from Northern Lights Casino.

If you’re looking for more ways to win, or if Lady Luck just isn’t on your side at Northern Lights Casino, perhaps you’ll be able to change it with a trip to Cedar Lake Casino.

They boast more than their fair share of casino games, including slot machines, table gaming, and bingo options, just to name a few. And yes, chances are you’ll find all of your favorite themes and preferred denominations, along with stellar blackjack gaming, plus a unique bingo atmosphere.

Like Northern Lights Casino, they also have a couple of outstanding dining options. So, if you’d rather stay in Cedar Lakes for the day as opposed to leaving the premises to scavenge for fine dining options, you don’t need to go far.

Much like Northern Lights, they also provide stellar promotions and entertainment options. Head on over, try your hand at their many casino games, and see if Lady Luck will allow you to take home some fruits of your wagers.

They also have pristine lodging options. So, if for whatever reason you can’t find anything to your liking in Walker, consider staying overnight at Cedar Lakes Casino.

2 – Portage Brewing Company

Of course, all of those small towns boast big-time local crafts, and it’s no different here in Walker than anywhere else. And while you’ll find a few sweet crafts over at Northern Lights Casino, it’s probably nothing compared to what you’ll discover over at Portage Brewing Company.

Located right in Chippewa National Forest, Portage Brewing Company is always boasting an experimental rotation of complex beers. Odds are, you’ll find something that will more than fit your tastes.

Wall Of Portage Brewing Company

It’s a fantastic venue to frequent if you’re looking to take an afternoon or evening off from your casino gaming.

They also boast a friendly and interactive staff who are always willing to tell you a few stories about Portage Brewing Company and the Walker, Minnesota, area. If you’re into cool, local lore, you’ll find more than just great tasting brews here.

3 – Leech Lake

If you’re over at Portage Brewing Company, or if you’re headed to the brewery later on, take a trip to Leech Lake for a fun afternoon of recreation. Sure, the tables and slots are always welcoming at Northern Lights Casino.

But you’ll also find far more than your fair share of fun over at Leech Lake.

It’s one of the best lakes in Minnesota, with one reviewer on TripAdvisor claiming you can, “Visit Leech Lake a dozen times and not see it all.”

Now, that’s a ringing endorsement. So, what will you discover here? It’s a hotbed for fishing, especially if you’re looking for Northern Pike and Lake Perch. They also have their fair share of Walleye and Musky, along with bass.

Leech Lake also boasts fantastical scenery when the leaves fade in the fall. Despite its reputation as a hot attraction in the summer, tourists flock here in the fall to snap photos of the changing leaves dotting the landscape.

Whether you’re looking for a day on its sandy shores, fishing, or epic sightseeing, Leech Lake has it all. So, head on over, then frequent the Portage Brewery after for an excellent one-two combo in the afternoon.

4 – Walker City Park

When you talk about hidden gems in small-town America, Walker City Park epitomizes the definition. Head on over and experience the area’s finest overlook of the lake and Minnesota’s north woods.

You’re looking at a clean park that boasts a fantastic view of the sailboats in the distance out on the lake, along with the beachgoers frequenting the shores. It’s a fine way to engage in the art of people watching, nature watching, and picnicking.

And once you’ve eaten your fill, be sure to head over to the lake itself, walk the shoreline, and even take a quick swim.

Walker City Park Playground

The park also boasts a fantastic playground. So, if you’re here with the kids and they’re looking to burn some steam, you know where to take them.

A trip to the park is a fun experience for the whole family if you’re in Walker during the summer months. And given its proximity to the other attractions on this list, it’s yet another place to spend a few hours during the balmy afternoons in Northern Minnesota.

5 – Shingobee Recreation Area

For more recreation in the majestic Minnesota wilderness, Shingobee Recreation Area is where it’s happening. While you’ll find a few awesome recreational activities over at Leech Lake and Walker City Park, you’re getting even more options here at the rec area.

You’ll find Shingobee Recreation Area just south of Walker off Highway 34, and this hidden gem near the town is a fantastic multi-use facility for hiking and biking in the summer and skiing in the winter.

You’re looking at five miles of winding trails here that cut through scenic aspens and the bounding terrain is fantastic if you’re an experienced hiker. Reviewers on TripAdvisor will warn that you will come across a lot of these, so this rec area isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Reviewers also warn that the winter activities aren’t for everyone here, given the landscape. Most don’t recommend anyone under 13 skiing, sledding, or snowboarding here because of the rather dangerous terrain.

So, if you’re looking for a place full of fun activities to engage in with kids, err on the side of caution if they’re younger.

6 – Green Scene’s Walker Community Farmers Market

No, this attraction isn’t undermining the fantastic food you will find in the dining areas at Northern Lights Casino—far from it. But if you’re someone who enjoys fresh, local food from scratch and you don’t mind preparing your own food on vacation, Green Scene’s Walker Community Farmers Market is for you.

And even if you’d rather eat out during your time in Walker, reviewers on TripAdvisor have also noted that this farmers market sells more than just local eats; they also engage in wood crafts. If you’re on the hunt for décor, the market has a fine selection.

Green Scene's Walker Community Farmers Market Selection

One reviewer even noted that during their time at the market, it held more wood crafts than produce. Other craft items sold here include quilts, jewelry, and toys. So, perhaps you’re looking at an attraction that is part farmers market, part craft fair.

Hey, does anything better epitomize a small-town attraction?

7 – Circle of Time

Like Green Scene’s Walker Community Farmers Market before it, Circle of Time also boasts unique, small-town flair. Circle of Time, in many aspects, is nothing more than a roadside attraction comprising the monuments and statues category on TripAdvisor.

As with a few attractions on this list, Circle of Time is fit for the whole family and it also makes for a good stroll into the town of Walker from the casino.

It tells a compelling tale of the history of important people in the region from different time periods, all of which are depicted in bronze statues by sculptor Joe Randell. Every statue at this fine attraction boasts a plaque underneath, containing a story regarding its significance to the region’s history.

Think of the Circle of Time as an outdoor history museum in a manner of speaking that you can get through in as little as a few minutes. Given the inscriptions on the plaques below it, you can also prepare yourself to be blown away with the knowledge you will walk away with here.

Our Summary of the Area

Despite its small size, Walker boasts more than its fair share of attractions both in and around town. And even better, none of them will take too much time out of your day unless you’re willing to double up on them, such as visiting the city park, lake, and brewing company in a single day.

Or if you’re looking to take the time to visit Cedar Lake Casino, you’ll be happy to find even more ways to win.

Regardless, you can turn a small trip to Northern Lights Casino and the entire town of Walker into a weekend getaway. And if you brought the entire family, a few of what you will find above is fit for guests of all ages and interest levels.

Have you ventured to Northern Lights Casino? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments and let us know if you visited any of the above attractions.