7 Coolest Places to Visit Near Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel Boonville

Isle of Capri Casino & Hotel in Boonville

Isle of Capri Casino & Hotel Boonville is a decent gaming destination in Boonville, Missouri. Odds are, you won’t spend a ton of time here. But if you’re in the area for a while, then you have more than a few cool places to visit outside the venue.

Today’s post talks about all there is to do in and around the Boonville, Missouri region. You’re getting plenty of outdoor and recreational activities, along with a few cool scenic experiences and museums dotted about the region.

Best yet, many of these attractions are within walking distance of the venue. So, if you’re not crazy interested in driving out of your way to visit vacation destinations, you don’t have to. Just stretch those legs, and explore Boonville, Missouri.

Find out what there is to do near Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel Boonville by reading below.

1 – Warm Springs Ranch

Let’s kick things off at Warm Springs Ranch, Boonville’s sole 2021 recipient of TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Award. Located at 25270 Highway 98 in Boonville, you’re getting a close-up with many of the area’s horses, making this one a great draw for any horse lover in your travel group.

But these aren’t just any horses. If you’re familiar with Budweiser, you will notice right off the bat that these Clydesdale horses are synonymous with the brand. And Warm Springs Ranch is where you can catch the story of how the horses became part of Budweiser.

You will find both foals and adult horses, and yes, the horses are friendly enough that you can pet them and even pose for a selfie with Bud’s famous horses.

You can also take a tour of the ranch, and per reviewers on TripAdvisor, their guide is full of knowledge and has an answer for every question thrown their way. So, if you’re a fan of Budweiser and its history, brace yourself for an interesting educational experience you won’t find anywhere else.

2 – Katy Trail State Park

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in America’s Heartland, which boasts storybook scenery regardless of the state you’re in, Katy Trail State Park is the place to be.

You’re looking at the longest rail-trail in America, and it’s the ideal spot in the region whether you’re a biker, walker, hiker, runner, or if you’re a nature-lover interested in catching a few nature pics.

Oh, and if you’re into history, Katy Trail State Park is also a hotspot to step back in time and discover the past.

Katy Trail State Park

Overall, the trail runs 240 miles and is part of the former Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad. Overall, you will find 26 trailheads, many of which are in the area, along with fully-restored railroad depots if you need to take a break.

If you’re interested in discovering the Heartland’s beauty and all the trail has to offer, you will find it at 101 Lewis St. Machens to Clinton in Boonville, Missouri.

3 – River, Rails, and Trails Museum

Officially known as the New Visitors Center and Rivers, Rails, and Trails Museum, you will find this cool place to visit near Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel Boonville at 100 E. Spring Street in Boonville, right in the historic depot district next to one of the Katy Trailheads.

So, if you’ve ventured to Katy Trail and would like a little more information on that history, this is the prime place to go as their niche involves the history of the transportation industry.

Their exhibits include more than artifacts from trains that once graced the rail trail; you’re also getting replicas of the Keelboat, covered wagons, and steamboats. If you’re interested in 19th-century transportation, or if you’re just curious to see what life was like back in the day, it’s a good place to visit.

Oh, and did we mention that both attractions in the last two sections are just a short walk away from Isle of Capri Casino? Like, less than a quarter-mile away?

Other attractions near the attraction include the Katy Bridge (see Section 4), the Katy Depot, Katy Caboose, Champion Bicycle, and the Antique Mitchell Motor Car Museum (Section 5).

Overall, you’re getting a fantastic mini-museum and a helpful visitor’s center that will ensure that you have plenty to do during your time in Boonville, Missouri. Now let’s check out a few of those nearby attractions.

4 – Katy Bridge

As implied above, Katy Bridge is also within walking distance of Isle of Capri Casino. If you’re interested in stretching the legs between casino games, it’s a good idea to visit this historic gem.

Many tourists use Katy Bridge as a means to catch breathtaking scenery from the Missouri River. They have a walkway on this old railroad bridge which gives you plenty of solid access if you’re interested in taking a few photos of the area.

Katy Bridge in Missouri

You can only walk halfway, but the walkway is secure with railings, along with handicap accessibility.

If you’re interested in taking a walk there, the quickest way is to venture over from the parking lot behind Isle of Capri Casino Boonville and you will arrive at the bridge within 5 minutes.

5 – Lewis Miller’s Mitchell Collection

Many of us are into antique cars. But when we often think of antique cars, hot rides from the 1950s and 60s often encroach our brains. This isn’t the case here with the Lewis Miller’s Mitchell Collection, located at 210 E. Spring Street in Boonville.

You will treat the eyes to some old, old, old vehicles that have been restored to their former grandeur. Some of the cars here are so old that they resemble carriages. I’m sure you may have seen one in a history book back in school, and now, you get a close-up.

So, per many reviewers on TripAdvisor, you must arrange a special tour. But this is easy enough, as you can do so right over at the nearby visitor center outlined in Section 3. Reserve your spot and prepare to step back into the early 20th century for what may be the most historic collection of cars in America.

You will receive a personal tour guide who will give you an inside look at all the cars on display. Oh, and don’t forget to look at the descriptions near each car which will tell you their cost back in the day compared to what they would cost in current dollars. It’s quite a jaw-dropping read.

6 – Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail

It’s not a trip to the Heartland without a mention of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, right?

If you’re interested in literally walking the historic trail of America’s most well-known frontiersmen, then this is your opportunity as this route is the same one Lewis and Clark traveled from 1804 to 1806, and it spans over 3,000 miles, beginning in Illinois and ending in Oregon.

And yes, in case you’re asking whether anyone’s ever walked this trail and retraced Lewis and Clark’s expedition, it has been done multiple times.

Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail in Missouri

Many reviewers on TripAdvisor will tell you the best time to embark on a trail hike is in the spring, right when the honey locust and honeysuckle trees are in full bloom.

Take in their scents while you hike and bike this scenic trail. Many bikers love taking the 43-mile round trip. Especially those who want to enjoy the loneliness the trail brings when they venture so far out. If solitude in nature interests you, it’s more than worth taking a long bike ride.

7 – Ravenswood and Roslyn Heights

If you’re looking for perhaps the area’s most historic farm, you will find it right here at Ravenswood, a property whose roots date back to 1882. Many reviewers on TripAdvisor have praised the place that remains in the Leonard family’s hands to this day.

They will tell you all about the tours of the home that they once offered. At this time, however, the Leonards do not offer tours. However, you can still get a close-up of the property and snap some beautiful pics of it and the surrounding area.

Roslyn Heights serves as headquarters for the Missouri Daughters of the American Revolution. And if you’re in town during the right time, they will give you a tour of this historic home. They also host an open house around the Holidays.

However, if you’re not here during the Holidays, reviewers have also stated they hold many events at the house, and they would also like you to make it a point to explore those grounds during the spring as they’re blooming with interesting plant life.

Check it out at 821 Main Street in Boonville.

Come See What Boonsville, Missouri has To Offer

As you can see, Boonville, Missouri isn’t the largest area but that doesn’t mean there aren’t cool things to visit while you’re here, and Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel Boonville is just one of a few reasons to visit.

Whether you’re into the outdoors or if you’re looking to catch a fine history lesson at the museums, or Ravenswood, you have a lot of cool ways to pass the time.

Have you visited Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel Boonville? What about any other casinos in Missouri? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments and also let us know if you visited any of the attractions listed above. We are looking forward to reading your stories.