7 Common Misconceptions About Popular Casino Games

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There are several great things about casinos that make them the perfect entertainment spot. The top draw, of course, is the variety of games gamblers can choose from.

Each game is different, but they all have one thing in common: They provide people with the opportunity to win money. Whether the game is played on a machine in a casino, on a computer, or in person at a table, gamblers always have the potential to turn a profit.

There are other benefits to casinos, and most games are fun, but it’s safe to say a majority of people gamble in an attempt to make money. As you might already know, when money is on the line, people tend to say and believe some crazy things.

Some of those things are directly related to certain games and the way people play. Gamblers are known to partake in some absolutely preposterous mental gymnastics when discussing their favorite games.

Many of these ridiculous beliefs are easy to disprove, yet seem to always be floating around the world of casinos. To make sure you don’t buy into these delusions, here are seven of the most common misconceptions about popular casino games.

1 ‒ There Isn’t a Definitive Hierarchy

Comparisons are simply a part of human nature. For whatever reason, people love to compare one thing to another to determine which is superior. These comparisons manifest themselves in power rankings, “best of”s, and tiered lists that exist all around the internet.

Unsurprisingly, casino games tend to be lumped into these sorts of lists all the time. However, it’s not fair to claim that certain games are empirically superior to other games.

Deciding which games are better than others is purely subjective. Still, that doesn’t stop gamblers from claiming that blackjack is a better table game than craps, or video poker trumps slots in a landslide.

The fact remains that each game has its pros and cons. The only thing that really matters is if you can enjoy a game and have the opportunity to make money.

Certain games do have better odds than others but aren’t as entertaining. Additionally, you might find that you despise a particular game that’s incredibly popular but prefer playing one that has a lesser reputation.

Don’t be discouraged from experimenting with a variety of casino games when you’re learning to gamble. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and just because something is popular amongst the masses doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it.

2 ‒ Slots Are Boring and Only for Novices

Slot machines often have the worst reputation of all the casino games.

People who exclusively play slots can often be regarded as lesser gamblers who aren’t skilled at their craft. While the game involves no strategy or expertise, that doesn’t mean it only caters to “unskilled” novices.

Slots are a great game for several reasons. They are often more relaxed than other games, offer mindless entertainment, and can still pay out huge jackpots when playing progressive slot machines.

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In fact, many gamblers love to both start and finish their casino trip at a slot machine. They’re located all around most casinos and it’s never challenging to find an open machine.

Slot players get a bad rap and a lot of undeserved hate. If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the casino: slots provide the perfect opportunity to do so.

3 ‒ The Poker Room Is Reserved for Veteran Gamblers

Casinos can be a confusing and even intimidating environment for people who aren’t familiar with them.

If you have zero gambling experience under your belt, a casino might as well be another planet. The games won’t make much sense, as will the words and phrases you hear thrown about casually.

To go along with that, certain parts of the casino can also be quite disorienting. One of the most intimidating portions of most casinos is the poker room.

Certain casinos offer poker players the ability to play their favorite game in a secluded area of the gambling floor.

That might be all well and good for those players, but it creates an odd situation for amateurs and less experienced gamblers. But don’t worry, you don’t have to have a special ticket or conjure up a secret password to gain entrance to the poker room.

Gamblers of all skillsets and experience levels can play poker, but be aware that most casinos have different, more strict rules and etiquette to follow.

4 ‒ You Have to Count Cards to Make Money on Blackjack

Speaking of popular card games, there are arguably more misconceptions surrounding this game than all other casino games combined.

Blackjack is typically known as the world’s most popular and mainstream casino game. That popularity is directly caused by a few things:

  • The game requires both luck and skill from players.
  • It’s more complex than other games, but somewhat easy to learn.
  • It often has the best odds in the house.
  • Even casual gamblers know about the game due to popular culture.

The last item of the previous list might be the most significant and should be credited for the game’s rise.

Several huge Hollywood box office hits revolve around the game, glamorize it, and portray it as something that it isn’t. In the movies you may or may not have seen, blackjack players are depicted as math whizzes who try to bankrupt casinos by counting cards.

The main characters often engage in some covert operation that involves complex strategies and incredible feats of skill. If they’re caught, they run the risk of being detained by the casino and losing everything.

Images of Casino Themed Movies

The problem with that depiction is that the practice of counting cards isn’t illegal, as long as it’s done correctly. Plus, it’s far less complicated than you might think.

However, most people don’t know how to count cards but still have a really good chance of winning money. Learning to count cards really only increases your chances of winning by a few percentage points at most.

5 ‒ There Are No Rules at Craps and Roulette Tables

Craps and roulette tables are generally some of the rowdier and chaotic places inside a casino.

Compared to a blackjack table that typically seats around six players, craps tables can host more than three times that number. Additionally, both craps and roulette are designed to build up drama.

That’s mostly due to the outcome of the games being decided by rolling dice and bouncing balls.

So, as you can imagine, things can often get somewhat out of control. However, just because these games are typically louder than others it doesn’t mean that you can ignore basic common courtesy.

If you fail to abide by basic etiquette, you can paint a target on your back and even be asked to leave the premises.

6 ‒ Casinos Rig Machines

Of all of the wild rumors about casino games that fly around, one of the most widespread is that slot machines are rigged.

However, no upstanding casino would rig any type of casino game, machines included. But it’s sort of understandable why this misconception has persisted for so long.

It would be overly complicated for the house to rig a table game. There are far too many eyes on the dealer, and players would get suspicious quickly.

People Sitting at Table With Dealers Hand On Table

Machines are different. There’s really no way of monitoring how often games like slots and video poker are paying out. But that doesn’t mean these games are rigged.

If a casino was caught artificially influencing results in the house’s favor, their reputation would be ruined. The practice, at its core, is fraudulent.

7 ‒ Blackjack Dealers Can Decide Who Wins and Loses

Some blackjack players assume that dealers decide who wins and loses each hand. Additionally, certain players go so far as to think that these casino employees have something to gain from “winning” hands.

It’s important to note that when you play blackjack, you aren’t competing against the dealer; you’re competing against the house.

Just because a dealer collects losses and pays out wins doesn’t mean they have any control over the outcome. They must play by the house rules and follow the rules of the game strictly.

Blackjack dealers are often on the unfortunate receiving end of harsh criticism from angry gamblers. However, there’s no point in blaming these employees for simply doing their jobs.

So Forget These Misconceptions and Enjoy Your Casino Trip

Wild assumptions and illogical rumors are common in casinos, especially those that relate to certain table games and machines.

First off, there isn’t one game that is superior to the rest, despite what you might have heard in the past. Each game has its own unique benefits and downsides.

Certain games, like slot machines, get a bad rap due to their simplicity. Just because they aren’t demanding and don’t require skill, it doesn’t mean that they’re exclusively for beginners.

Speaking of slots, no casino in its right mind would rig any of its machines. That would constitute fraud and ruin its reputation.

Finally, you don’t have to be a math whiz or card counter to thrive at the blackjack table. Anyone can play the game; just don’t accuse the dealers of favoring certain players.