7 Blackjack Tricks That Professional Gamblers Use

Painting Stylized Hand of Blackjack

One of the most popular casino games for professional gamblers is blackjack. It’s one of the games where professional gamblers can get an edge, and once they learn how to do it they can make a consistent profit over time.

The casinos know that some of their blackjack games are vulnerable to professional gamblers, so there’s always a battle between the casinos and the professionals.

Here’s a list of seven tricks that professional gamblers use when they play blackjack. Once you learn these tricks, you can see that playing blackjack at a professional level is easier than most gamblers believe.

1 – Look for Poor Dealers

When I say poor dealers, I don’t mean ones that don’t have much money. While a few crooked gamblers have tried to bribe and buy dealers over the years, it’s a bad idea.

What I mean when I say poor dealers is ones that have poor dealing techniques and/or poor shuffling technique. When you identify blackjack dealers with poor techniques you can use their poor procedures to make money.

A blackjack dealer with a poor dealing technique occasionally flashes the value of their face down card to certain positions at the table. Every time you play blackjack watch the dealer’s hands as they place their face down card on the table.

You won’t see the value of the face down card often, but when you do it gives you a big advantage on the hand.

In hand shuffled blackjack games, some dealers don’t do a good job thoroughly shuffling the discards. When you play on a blackjack table with one of these dealers, you can use shuffle tracking techniques and ace sequencing techniques to get an edge.

2 – Students of the Game

Professional blackjack gamblers are students of the game. They know everything they possibly can about blackjack, because knowledge is profitable.

If you want to be a professional blackjack gambler you need to know every possible rule and variation of the rules, the house rules everywhere you play, the proper dealing procedure, how to quickly determine pay outs, and everything you can possibly learn about at least one effective card counting system.

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You need to read a wide range of the best books about blackjack, practice your skills, read articles, get to know the skill level of as many dealers as possible, and learn how to spot profitable opportunities every time you’re in a casino.

Every time you make a mistake playing blackjack it costs you money. The best blackjack gamblers rarely make a mistake. You need to know the one best play for every possible situation at the blackjack table, and always make the best play.

You also need to know every possible side bet that might be available, the house edge of each side bet, and if there’s any way to use each side bet profitably.

Immediately identify what you know and don’t know about blackjack, and start learning what you don’t know. You must be a student of blackjack in order to have a realistic chance to make money playing.

3 – Track the Best Games

Every blackjack game has a house edge based on the rules offered and your ability to use the best strategy. You’re going to learn more about using the best blackjack strategy in the next section, so I’m going to cover the importance of rules in this section.

Every blackjack rule influences the house edge, with some increasing it and some decreasing it. You want to find games that offer a combination of rules that push the house edge as low as possible.

The best games have rules that have a house edge of less than .3%, and most casinos have games available that have a house edge of .5% or less.

But if you’re not careful, you can play at tables with a house edge of 1% or higher.

Learn how each blackjack rule influences the house edge, and start tracking the rules for each table everywhere you gamble. This way you always know where you can find the best blackjack tables.

4 – Use Strategy 100% of the Time

No matter what else you do, you always have to use the best strategy when you play blackjack. This is the only way to keep the house edge low, and every blackjack player can do it without much hassle.

Eventually you need to memorize the best blackjack strategy, but until you memorize it, all you need to do is get a blackjack strategy card and use it.

Don’t ever deviate from the plays listed on your strategy card unless you count cards.

5 – Only Use Side Bets When They’re Profitable

The basic rule for casino game play is to never use side bets. Side bets are available with many casino games, and the main things they have in common is that they’re a way for the casinos to get you to bet more on each hand and they increase the profit for the casino.

In fact, if you simply never make a side bet while playing blackjack, including the insurance or surrender bet, you’re doing better than most blackjack gamblers.

But professional blackjack gamblers also know that sometimes you can use a side bet to make a profit. Some side bets can be beat by counting cards, and some can be used when you have a poor dealer.

Red Blackjack Table With Chips and Cards

Here’s an example of a profitable side bet with a poor dealer:

When the dealer has an ace showing, they offer the opportunity to take insurance or even money. Normally this is a bad bet that increases the house edge. But there are two situations when taking insurance is a smart play.

If the dealer is sloppy and you see that the face down card is worth 10 points, you take the insurance. You know the dealer has a blackjack, so you take the insurance and break even on the hand.

The other time that it’s profitable to take insurance is when you count cards and the deck is high in 10 point cards. All of the best counting systems have information about when insurance is a good play.

6 – Count Cards

Counting cards at the blackjack table is one of the easiest ways to make a profit in the casino. This isn’t to say that it’s easy to count cards, but it’s a skill that you can learn.

This section doesn’t have enough room to give you a complete run down of how to count cards, but many resources are available. I recommend getting at least a couple books about counting cards and studying them.

Learn about the most popular card counting systems for blackjack, pick a system, learn everything about it, and practice using it until can use it in every situation.

Here’s a link that explains how card counting works and how you can get started.

7 – Use Team Play When It’s More Profitable

One thing that most blackjack professionals and books don’t talk about much is the use of team play. Most casual gamblers didn’t even know team blackjack play was possible until it was popularized with a movie about the MIT blackjack teams.

But smart blackjack professionals have been using team play for decades, and Ken Uston wrote about it a long time before the movie was made.

While casinos quickly learned how to spot and combat single card counters and advantage players, they still struggle to catch smart advantage blackjack teams.

A blackjack team consists of two or more players, with some teams using over 10 players. The main way a blackjack team works is by having one or more players making table minimum bets and counting the shoe.

When the count is favorable, they discreetly signal another team member who joins the table. The new player makes higher bets and makes a long term profit. While the new player usually knows how to count cards, they don’t even need to be a counter for this system to work.

The big player is able to make enough profit to make up for the small losses that the counters have and have enough left over for the team to make a good profit.


Learn how to use the seven tricks that professional gamblers use when they play real money blackjack and you can beat the casinos. It’s easy to track the best games and use the proper strategy. Anyone can do these things with a minimum amount of effort.

And it’s not much harder to look for poor dealers and use card counting to your advantage. The only reasons why some gamblers don’t use these tricks are either laziness or ignorance.

Now that you know about these tricks, you can’t claim ignorance. So get started today, and you can enjoy blackjack profits for the rest of your life.