7 Best Attractions to Visit Near Quality Inn Rosebud Casino

Quality Things To Do Near Rosebud Casino Quality Inn

You will find Rosebud Casino and Quality Inn right at the Nebraska-South Dakota State Line. And while it holds a Valentine, Nebraska, address, Google Maps shows that Quality Inn Rosebud Casino resides on the other side of the highway on the South Dakota side.

However, today’s post details an array of attractions that you will find in both the Mission area in South Dakota as well as the area surrounding Valentine, Nebraska. They’re a couple of small towns, to say the least.

Still, you won’t find a shortage of things to do in the Mission-Valentine area. So, if you’re looking for things to do outside of gambling at Rosebud Casino, then today’s post gives you a few solid ideas.

Ready to discover the South Dakota-Nebraska line? Keep reading for more information.

1 – Oyate Trail

If you’re up for quite the hike, head off on the Oyate Trail. Here, you’ll find 388 miles of highway along Highways 50 and 18. And no, it’s unnecessary to go on such a road trip that you need to go all 400 miles of the tour unless you’re really curious as to discovering what’s out there.

But if you embark on the Oyate, you’ll find several cool small towns in your wake.

If you’re looking for a sightseeing tour, small-town South Dakota is one of many landmarks on the Oyate. You will also run into several cool historical and cultural sites, many of which are sacred to the area’s Native American population.

If you’re looking to go the whole nine yards, you will need to take about three days off from gambling at Quality Inn Rosebud Casino. It makes for the perfect road trip in South Dakota whether you’re looking to go short and just spend a day away from the casino floor or if you’re taking the three-day trip.

The Oyate Trail provides a unique attraction that you can add to your vacation following your time at Rosebud Casino and Quality Inn. It’s also an excellent pick if you’re looking to get to know the area or need a day off from the casino.

We, and many other visitors, think it’s more than worth seeing.

2 – Sicangu Heritage Center Museum and Archives

If you’re looking for an epic history lesson regarding the people of the Rosebud Reservation, look no further than the Sicangu Heritage Center Museum and Archives. This collection will tell you a few breathtaking tales regarding the area’s Indigenous population, and it’s an absolute must if you love history.

And best yet, you will find the heritage center right at Sinte Gleska University, which serves as quite the area attraction itself.

So, make sure you carve out a little more time than you may have expected, given the number of things to do both here at the museum and at the university itself.

Inside View Of Several Exhibits At Plains Art Museum

A small museum by many standards, they offer more than a few solid hands-on exhibits that combine fun with education. Its collection of artifacts tell a tale of what life was like on the reservation way back when. And if you’re looking to learn more, they reportedly have a larger museum in nearby St. Francis.

However, Sicangu Heritage Center Museum and Archives is just one of a couple of cool museums in the area—one of which we will discuss later in today’s post.

3 – Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge

Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge is the ideal place to be if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the area’s nature and wildlife scene.

You’ll find it about a half-hour away from Mission in Valentine, so it’s closer to Quality Inn Rosebud Casino than TripAdvisor points out.

A few animals that you can spot here include prairie dogs, antelope, and even wild buffalo. It’s a great place to take the entire family if they’re interested in viewing wildlife in action. Plus, its impeccable scenery and geological structures also make the wildlife refuge a definite keeper.

Experience the waterfalls, hang out and hike by the river banks and listen to the gentle flow of the river under the clear blue skies and deciduous scenery that the wildlife refuge brings out. And if you didn’t fare well at the slots or tables, a trip here will relieve a lot of built-in stress.

You can’t go wrong when you venture into the wild at the Nebraska-South Dakota state line. Whether you’re looking for a day-long outing or if you just want to hit the area for an afternoon, you’re in for an illustrious experience in the Heartland.

4 – Centennial Hall

You will also find Centennial Hall in Valentine, and it’s yet another phenomenal place to uncover more of the area’s local history.

Reviews on TripAdvisor remain mixed, with some praising the Hall’s collection of artifacts, while others are more meh about the entire experience.

But hey, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. A few locals have posted some interesting tidbits on Centennial Hall, with one insistent that you will find a spirit or two here.

The strange odors and feelings of being watched, as one described, accurately states that something’s going on here. So, if you’re the kind of person that’s interested in the paranormal, make a trip to Centennial Hall.

Pioneer Village Museum

It’s one of those museums that basically depicts a quick tale in the area’s history. But that doesn’t mean the history itself isn’t still hanging around in other shapes and forms.

Whether you’re here for a history lesson or a thrill, it won’t take you long to tour this interesting piece of Valentine, Nebraska.

5 – Bolo Beer Company

And what’s a trip to a casino or just a simple trip outside the area without a brewery or local beer company involved?

Often, there isn’t one. Anyone that’s into local crafts or wants to get a taste of the local atmosphere within a vibrant attraction should head over to the Bolo Beer Company. This is where you will find what you’re looking for.

Also in Valentine, Nebraska, his little company features an eclectic interior. The best way to describe it is if you combine the classic Midwestern theme with modernization. It’s a fine way to unwind after a long day at the casino.

Not to mention, reviewers on TripAdvisor rave about their beer selection. And yes, you can sample as many as you like and take home your favorites. Along with a great staff and a stellar atmosphere, it’s the ultimate place to party anywhere in the area that’s not named Rosebud Casino.

6 – Smiths Falls State Park

Smiths Falls State Park offers an epic sightseeing adventure. If you’re the outdoorsy type, it’s yet another cool place in the area to frequent—especially if you’re looking to stay closer to Valentine, Nebraska, as opposed to Mission, South Dakota.

Best yet, if you’re a novice hiker or you happen to be interested in pursuing hiking, take a trip to Smiths Falls as they offer more than a solid fair share of beginner hiking trails.

Plus, you’re in for dozens of outstanding sights along the way, including bridges, rivers, deciduous forests, and waterfalls.

Grand Portage State Park Waterfall

It’s also a kid-friendly place. Reviewers on TripAdvisor have even stated that their children have had a blast interacting with nature here. And of course, it’s always the best place in the area for a picnic if you’d rather nix the lunch and dinner at Rosebud Casino and eat under the sun.

Smiths Falls provides the best way to break into the outdoors and recreational scene. And you couldn’t have asked for a better region in America.

7 – Cowboy Trail

The Cowboy Trail is another solid option in Valentine. Here, you’ll also find a fair share of hiking and biking trails that provide an endless array of scenery that you can easily lose yourself in.

Plus, if you’re looking for solid vantage points of the Niobrara, this trail features a few breathtaking overlooks.

A rail trail, the Cowboy Trail extends from Norfolk to Chadron and if you’re a more experienced hiker or someone who craves an endurance-related challenge, you can do so here. Odds are, you’ll be walking, jogging, or riding long distances in the middle of Nebraska’s finest selection of scenery.

You’ll also get scenic views of the surrounding prairie lands and even the Great Plains. Flora and wildlife also flourish amidst the trail. And the surrounding farmlands completes the picturesque experience that you can come to expect at the Cowboy Trail.

It makes for a vigorous yet relaxing day away from Rosebud Casino.


So, there you have it. Those are just a few high-quality attractions and activities to do near Quality Inn Rosebud Casino. And as has become the theme with small-town America, you have a lot of outdoorsy, recreational, and historical places to visit and immerse yourself in.

If you love the great outdoors, you won’t get enough of the attractions surrounding Mission and Valentine. The scenery remains impeccable and its quaint setting will give you flashbacks to the hit TV series Little House on the Prairie.

It doesn’t hold those big city attractions. But really, who cares? The fun places to visit within the 30-mile radius of this casino hold their own.

Have you been to any of the above attractions near Quality Inn Rosebud Casino? If so, tell us where you went in the comments, and let us know about your experience. We cannot wait to read your stories.