7 Awesome Destinations Near Sevenwinds Casino

Lumberjack Contest On Right Man Golfing On Left Sevenwinds Casino Logo Center

Today, we’re talking about a few awesome destinations near Sevenwinds Casino. If you read a previous post on nearby Grindstone Creek Casino (one attraction mentioned in today’s post), you already have a firm grasp on a few popular locations in the Hayward, Wisconsin, area. In which Sevenwinds resides.

Today’s post expands with a few more exceptional destinations in the area. This time touching on golf outings, shopping centers, boat tours, and even concerts and shows. So, if you’re into any of the aforementioned activities, today’s post is a must-read if you’re heading to Hayward.

But first, let’s kick our tour of the town off at Sevenwinds Casino’s sister, Grindstone Creek Casino.

1 – Grindstone Creek Casino

If you need a break from the crowded atmosphere over at the large Sevenwinds Casino, hop in your car and drive across town to Grindstone Creek. This tiny casino, tiny by even mini-casino measures, features between 85 and 100 slot machines.

Grindstone Creek takes on a no-frills approach, so it’s just you, the casino, and your favorite slot machine games. There’s not much in the way of glamor here, and it makes for an excellent change of pace if you’ve spent most of your time at Sevenwinds.

So, for a different gaming experience, chances are Grindstone Creek Casino is calling your name. And it’s a great way to become familiar with the Hayward area if you have yet to step off of the resort. Head on over, find a few more ways to win, and get to know Hayward, Wisconsin.

Sure, they don’t have all the thrills that Sevenwinds Casino possesses. But it’s a great way to have some quiet, one-on-one time with yourself while you enjoy a decent selection of casino games.

Let’s see what else we have in store.

2 – Fitness Fanatics

If you’re in town for an extended stay and you’re looking for a good place to burn a few of those restaurant calories, look no further than Fitness Fanatics. And no, it’s one of those gyms where everyone’s doing their own thing, so you’re really getting a small community feel here.

Instead, they offer fitness classes of all types. It could resembled the ones you may get back at home, except with a few different avenues you may have yet to hear of. A few of their classes involve yoga, body blitzes, circuit training, barre, interval training, pilates, step classes, and even power pumps.

It’s a great way to burn off steam if luck didn’t fall your way at Sevenwinds or Grindstone Creek Casino. Or if you’re more of an early bird, wake up early and see if you can squeeze in one of their early morning workout classes. If you’re looking for something in the evening, they often have something as late as 6 p.m.

Weight Equipment at a GYm

Quite a schedule, right? They often offer between 25 and 30 classes per week. So, if you’re looking for more accountability than just the instructors themselves during your vacation, make Fitness Fanatics your next grand adventure.

3 – Scheer’s Lumberjack Show

If you’re looking for area entertainment that even Sevenwinds Casino can’t offer, you will find it at the Scheer’s Lumberjack Show. Here, you’ll find world-class athletes compete in over 10 lumberjack-style events.

The same ones featured in the Lumberjack World Championships. Featured events include the Log Roll, Pole Climb, Boom Run, Hot Saw, and Ax Throw. They also invite kids on-stage to crosscut saw with the lumberjacks.

Scheer’s Lumberjack Show features five events per week during their peak season between Memorial Day and Labor Day. If you’re heading to the area during the warmest months of the year and you’re looking for a sport unlike any other, the lumberjack show is where it’s happening.

Prepare for some mind-boggling shows of strength and endurance from the area’s finest professional lumberjacks. It’s competition in the likes of which you’ve probably never seen before.

Odds are, you and your family will want to return to this lumberjack show annually if you come to Hayward often.

4 – Lynne Marie’s Candies

Because we’re all craving at least something local when we’re not in the area, right? And while chances are you will uncover several awesome desserts over at Sevenwinds Casino, the odds are even greater that you’ll find an even greater selection of mouthwatering choices here at Lynne Marie’s.

And you’ll know the magnitude the second you walk through the door, given the fine smell that lingers throughout the property. Kid in a candy store feeling at its absolute finest. But be careful though, because reviewers have warned you’ll probably spend more money than intended once you catch the selection.

Your best bet is to probably win a few bucks over at Sevenwinds or Grindstone Creek before you head in. And further, beware of the locals. Chances are, they’ll talk you into buying the store’s world-famous fudge that has remained a staple in the area since the mid-1980s.

Yes, chances are it’s going to be hard to pass up. Especially if you’re one who insists on trying local fare in different courses.

5 – Big Fish Golf Club

If you’re looking to step away from casino gaming for a while and embark on a different game, Big Fish Golf Club has what you’re craving. From the illustrious views of the Northwoods to the quaint architecture of the buildings surrounding the course, you’re in for more than just another golf game.

You’re looking at an 18-hole, championship-level course in the Hayward area, and this Pete Dye-designed course has maintained a rating as one of the top golf courses in Northeastern Wisconsin for years.

One Hole At Big Fish Gold Club

They also feature Stay & Play options, so it gives you another place to consider spending a few days in the area. Big Fish Golf Club also offers golf instruction, so be sure to perfect your game before you take it to the fairways.

Also, be sure to stick around and grab a bite at Mulligan’s Pub, and check out their Event Center to see if there’s any hot entertainment invading the area when you book your stay. There is so much to love here, and as you can catch from today’s description, it’s more than just your average golf course.

And if you’re in for a few golf outings, be sure to check out the next subheading, which talks about the Hayward Golf Club.

6 – Hayward Golf Club

Hayward Golf Club is another fantastic option in the area. Perhaps not as prominent as the Big Fish location, Hayward Golf Club still holds its own and offers a solid consolation.

This prestigious and affordable golf club has received a 4-star rating from Golf Digest, and the par-72 course will provide a unique challenge to both the seasoned golfer to the beginner.

Whether you’re just beginning your golf hobby or if you’re deeply ingrained, allow Hayward Golf Club to be the site of your next outing.

Along with the well-groomed golf course, you’ll also treat your eyes to the stunning surrounding Northwoods scenery, including evergreens, deciduous trees, and even the surrounding water hazards.

Golf Digest has also rated this course as one of the Top 100 Good Value Golf Courses in America, adding a bit more to its prestige.

A trip to the Hayward Golf Club, along with the Big Fish Golf Club, provides a dynamic duo of golf outings and scenery that only Wisconsin’s Northwoods can bring.

If you love outstanding scenery to go along with your golf game, make the straightforward decision, take a few hours from the floor, and play a few rounds of golf in picturesque beauty.

7 – Nordic Northwoods

Yes, as the name implies, you’re getting a Nordic-themed experience when you enter this gift shop. It’s the perfect place to find local decor that you can use to spice up your home.

Housed in a Northwoods-theme building featuring beautiful flags of the great Nordic Nations on its exterior, you cannot miss it. And the venue’s interior is literally stacked from floor to ceiling, full of Nordic-inspired items.

From their famous gnomes, to winter-themed paintings of ravens and wolves, to figurines, wooden crafts, jewelry, and so much more, this place is a must-visit if you own a Scandinavian/Nordic-themed living room or den back home.

Best yet, everything you see in the store is homegrown, right in the heart of Hayward. So, beyond catching a few more dynamic pieces of decor for your home, you’re also giving a fantastic local business a boost.

Summarizing Our Thoughts on the Area

Sevenwinds Casino is definitely the big sister to Grindstone Creek Casino. And with that, it boasts more than a fair number of fine amenities, gaming options, dining, etc. But even if it’s the focal point of your vacation, be sure to explore the seven outstanding destinations featured in today’s post.

And if you read about the 13 places near Grindstone Creek Casino (in which I mentioned Sevenwinds), then you have a grand total of 18 popular destinations to discover in this town along with two casinos. Now, that’s one solid vacation to the Northwoods.

Have you been to Sevenwinds Casino? If so, did you check out Grindstone Creek and any of the locations mentioned in today’s post? Let us know in the comments and tell us about your experience. We can’t wait to read your stories.