7 Awesome Attractions Near Northern Edge Casino

Scenic Attractions Near Northern Edge Casino

Northern Edge Casino is a grand attraction in Farmington, New Mexico. And like Fire Rock, it’s one of the few Navajo casinos in the state, and one of the awesome native American casinos across the US. But unlike Fire Rock, the town of Farmington has a few more nearby attractions that you can check out when you need a break from the casino floor at Northern Edge Casino.

Whether you’re vacationing in Farmington, or if you’re here for family, friends, or even a business trip, today’s post is a must-read regardless of whether you pay Northern Edge Casino a visit.

Are you ready to discover a few awesome attractions near Northern Edge Casino in Farmington, New Mexico? Let’s get started.

1 – Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness

Head over to NCM Road 7297 in Farmington and check out one of the region’s coolest attractions. Your best bet is to seek out a Navajo tour group and get with a guide if you’re looking for the hottest spots to take photos of the picturesque scenery and to find the best places to stop and eat lunch.

Now, while it’s technically the wilderness, this isn’t the place for green/forested scenery. Instead, you’re treating your eyes to geological rock formations that look as though they’ve been carved by a world-renowned sculptor. They’re nature-created, but you would have a hard time believing it.

If you’re a photographer or if you just take photos for a hobby, you need to keep this attraction at #1 on your vacation itinerary. It’s just too good to pass up such a sensational opportunity to catch and collect a dynamic photo gallery that will become the highlight of your trip.

The hills and valleys formed by these formations, along with the larger-than-life natural sculptures are something you will only see in the American Southwest. If you don’t venture out here often, you must stop by and at least go for a short hike in the area.

One word of caution though: Plan to spend at least half a day here, so book your trip into Bisti when you have little going on for the day.

2 – Salmon Ruins

Check out the Salmon Ruins at 6131 US 64 in Bloomfield, although TripAdvisor mislabels the address as Farmington. Think of the Salmon Ruins as New Mexico’s version of Mesa Verde, Colorado.

You’re getting two attractions in one here. As you turn off the highway you will spot a museum that has a collection of artifacts, interpretive signs, and exhibits that chronicle the life of those that migrated from the Chaco Canyon.

Salmon Ruins in New Mexico

The latter of whose ruins are also nearby, but TripAdvisor reviewers have stated their preference for the Salmon Ruins.

Reviewers commend the museum for its amazing displays, calling it a place that “leaves no stone unturned.” Once you’ve visited the museum, head outside and check out the ruins for yourself.

They even give you a guidebook that describes the ruins, their purpose for those who inhabited them, and more interesting tidbits. Keep in mind you’re just borrowing the book, so please return when you’ve finished. If you’d like to keep one, they sell them at the museum for a cheap price.

3 – Three Rivers Brewery

Small to mid-sized towns are often well-known for local drinks and crafts, and Farmington is no different. While you may have tried a few local crafts at Northern Edge Casino, you’re shortchanging yourself if you don’t venture out to Three Rivers and try a wider selection of brews if that’s your thing.

However, unlike many breweries, locals know them just as much for their great food as they do their brews. And while you still won’t find a full menu here, at least according to some reviewers, they serve more than just basic pub food and concessions.

With that said, you can venture on out to Three Rivers and enjoy lunch or dinner while you’re out touring Farmington and the surrounding area. You can even take a tour of the brewery and gain some behind-the-scenes looks at how they prepare their beer.

Having opened around the turn of the century, both locals and tourists alike have made plenty of return trips to Three Rivers given their prompt service, original food and brews, and engaging tours. You will find Three Rivers Brewery at 101 E Main Street in Farmington.

4 – B-Square Ranch

Head over to 3901 Bloomfield Highway in Farmington and you will come across B-Square Ranch. This place has dedicated itself to the mechanical industry, and it’s a great place to visit if you’re looking for a close-up of the industry and its significance to Farmington.

Some reviewers have stated that depending on your age, it can act as either a nostalgic or an educational experience. If you’re over 50, prepare for some nostalgia. And if you’re in the younger generations, odds are you’re in for quite the educational experience since you probably haven’t seen what their displays offer.

Scenic Stop at B-Square Ranch

Their collection includes some of those larger, clunkier, older electronic machines, farm equipment, and of course, steam engines. Okay, so even if you’re over 50 you may still learn something you otherwise may not have known about.

They require reservations. Initially, it looked like a pandemic requirement; however, even those dating back to 2018-19 and before that noted the need for reservations. The reason for this is because it will take somewhere between five and seven hours to complete touring, though some reviewers have stayed even longer.

5 – Farmington Museum

Head over to 3041 E Main Street in Farmington and you will stumble across another museum, this one dedicated to the City of Farmington, itself.

If you’re staying in a hotel in the area, odds are they may tell you about Farmington Museum as it has been a staple in the community for years and tourists have long noted the hospitality of the staff, who always have the gift shop up and running.

Reviewers also love seeking out the Farmington Museum because they don’t charge for admission, so you don’t have to get lucky on the slots and tables over at Northern Edge Casino.

And since you’re walking into a museum that depicts the history of Farmington, you’re getting an eclectic set of exhibits that range from dinosaur bones to the oil and gas industry, and more. One reviewer even said something about a sunken pirate ship, so there’s something interesting for everyone in your travel group.

6 – Chokecherry Canyon

If you’re looking for more activities on the nature side, check out Chokecherry Canyon. It’s yet another attraction near Northern Edge Casino that you will want to block off quite some time for, with TripAdvisor recommending at least three hours.

You will find Chokecherry Canyon at Pinon Hills Boulevard and Glade Road Glade Run Recreation Area in Farmington. Technically, you’re going just north of Farmington, and when you get there, you will find off-road trails galore to ride your ATVs and dirtbikes.

Trailhead at Chokecherry Canyon New Mexico

One word of caution, though, the trails vary in difficulty. If you’re looking for a thrillride, do yourself a favor and make sure your vehicle is capable of handling the more difficult terrain. However, they have a few easy trails here, so you’re in luck if you’re a beginner.

7 – Berg/Animus Trail

If you’re not hot on going ATV or dirtbike riding (only a select few are), the Berg/Animus Trail is a perfect alternative. And if there’s one cool thing about New Mexico and its neighbor, Arizona, it’s that the terrain can change in literally a blink of an eye, from desert to woodlands and back again.

This is what makes the Berg/Animus Trail so unique. Many see Farmington as a desert city, but if you deviate just a little into its outskirts, you see the region in a new light. It’s as though someone transplanted you from the Southwest to the Northeast, given the sudden shift.

If you’re looking for some recreation activities, hit the trails either on foot or a bike, as several reviewers have noted their bike-friendly terrain. Others have come out here to go either bird or nature watching.

And still others find their happy place at the park near the river banks that run through it. It’s a definite change in landscape as opposed to what we often think of when New Mexico and Arizona (you will find Farmington near the Four Corners).

But if the desert isn’t your thing and lush forests, flowing rivers, and familiar wildlife are, look no further than the hidden gem in San Juan County called the Berg/Animus Trail.

Our Final Thoughts on These Attractions

Since you’re not necessarily in a small town when you come to Farmington, odds are you will find even more cool places to visit than just the awesome attractions near Northern Edge Casino that we listed in today’s post.

But if you have not yet been to Farmington or if you know nothing about the area, you at least have a few cool ideas to add to your budding vacation itinerary.

Choose a few of the more interesting attractions on today’s list, place them in the notetaking app, and start your visit to the area in style.

Have you visited any of the attractions on today’s list? If so, where did you go? Also, did you have a chance to visit Northern Edge Casino when you were in the area? How about any other New Mexico casinos? Tell us your stories in the comments.