7 Attractions on and Around Riverside Casino and Golf Resort

Clothing Store on Left Golf Course on Right Riverside Logo Center

Riverside Casino and Golf Resort has a solid number of attractions not just around it, but right on the property. So, if you’re planning on heading to one of Iowa’s premier casinos, a trip to Riverside is well worth it.

At the casino alone, you will find the Blue Top Ridge Golf Course, which serves every bit as much of an attraction as the casino itself. But it doesn’t end there. You’re also looking at the TopSwing Golf Suite, Cete Boutique, and an on-site spa.

And that doesn’t even include what you’ll discover in Riverside, Iowa. But if you’re looking for a few fun things to do, offsite, this post will give you a few ideas.

Ready to discover all the goods in and around Riverside Golf and Casino Resort? Keep reading to find out more.

1 – Blue Top Ridge Golf Course

Blue Top Ridge Golf Course offers over 7,400 yards of a course friendly enough to benefit new and veteran golfers. Along with a top-level golf game, you’ll treat your eyes to stunning views of the Iowa scenery, featuring two rivers and lakes, diverse forestry, and more.

Their dress code features collared golf shirts and slacks for men and a golf blouse or shirt along with either slacks, a golf shirt, or golf shorts. Note that they prohibit denim of any kind.

Rates vary between $50 for nine holes or twilight (3:30 or later), $80 day rates Monday through Thursday, and $90 Friday through Sunday. They also offer special discounts in accordance to specific packages or if you are of senior or minor citizen status.

You’ll also find a few cool amenities right at the course, including a golf shop and a performance studio. One of the finest golf facilities in America, the performance studio will help you perfect your game.

Using the latest tech, they’ll analyze your golf technique so you can improve your game before you head out and try your hand on the golf course. The video and analysis systems will show you flaws in your swing and will evoke the changes that you must make to improve.

Just beyond the pool area and the spa, you’ll also find the golf shop. Whether you’re looking for clubs, Oakleys, souvenirs, or even golf-related gifts, the golf shop has you covered. If you need attire for the course or even a new driver, be sure to make a trip to the golf shop.

2 – TopSwing Golf Suite

If you’re not ready to hit the Blue Top Ridge Golf Course or if you’re looking for a virtual experience, TopSwing Golf Suite at Riverside Casino and Golf Resort is where it’s happening. Or if you’re at the casino during inclement weather, this indoor golf experience is the perfect alternative.

Allowing up to eight players per bay, you’re looking at an interactive golf experience right in the comfort of the indoors. No carrying a bag full of golf clubs or driving the golf cart a hundred yards (or further) at a time.

Golf Course in Atlantic City

Best yet, you can tee up. And in between turns, enjoy food, craft beers, music, and more as you await your next turn. Oh, and the more people you have with you, the lesser the cost.

So, if there are eight of you in a group, you’re looking at a price of fewer than $10 per player.

3 – Cete Boutique

The Cete Boutique at Riverside Casino and Golf Resort is home to the most unique shopping experience in Riverside, Iowa. Featuring men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, shoes, perfumes, handbags—you name it—it’s a retail outlet that boasts a bit of everything.

Think of your retail anchors like Macy’s or Pennys; that’s where you’re headed. But look at the styles of those retail outlets and add a unique, local flair to them.

It’s something that borrows from the past but fits into any current and future trend. At least that’s how Cete Boutique describes their selection.

If it sounds interesting to you and if you have some money to spend after winning something over at the slots, tables, and sportsbook, head over to Cete Boutique and celebrate with a wardrobe upgrade.

4 – Riverside Casino and Golf Resort Spa

The Spa at Riverside is a fantastic place to venture to if you’re looking for a break from the casino floor but would like to stay at the resort.

The second you venture to this well-known on-site attraction, you’ll feel those stresses melt away. It’s probably a good thing if luck wasn’t on your side on the casino floor. But hey, everything will begin anew after a day at the spa.

They offer services that feature massages, skin care, body treatments, gentlemen’s treatments, nail services, hair and waxing, plus customizable spa packages.

So, if you’re looking for something specific, you can always customize your experience and hone in on the finest treatment of your life.

Woman In Spa Resort Sitting on Couch

If the casino gaming has stressed you out, rejuvenate yourself at the Spa at Riverside and watch those troubles fade into nothing.

5 – Star Trek Home Voyage Museum

Looking to venture beyond the resort? Head over to the Star Trek Home Voyage Museum, and brace yourself for a memorable experience on one of the finest television franchises of all time.

If you grew up watching or if you’re a fan of Star Trek, reviewers per TripAdvisor insist the Star Trek Home Voyage Museum is a must-visit attraction in the area.

Not only will you find a collection of artifacts, costumes, and other memorabilia from the show, you’ll also find a gift shop. Heading over and selecting something memorable is a fine way to commemorate your time in Riverside, Iowa.

It’s a smaller museum, but it still serves as one of the area’s finest attractions outside Riverside Casino and Golf Resort.

If you’re a fan, head on over and check it out. Or if you’re looking for an educational experience regarding one of the greatest television shows in history, it also makes for a good experience.

6 – Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk

Another popular attraction in Riverside, the Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk, is where the man himself will be born in about 2017 years from March 2021. A truly unique attraction you will only find in small-town America, it’s yet another attraction any Star Trek fan needs to see.

If you’re sensing a pattern that Riverside has hit home on the Star Trek theme, you’re absolutely right. There is also a statue of Captain James T. Kirk, himself across the street from the Star Trek Museum.

And it’s just the beginning. Reviewers on TripAdvisor have also stated they have stumbled across statues of Star Fleet Crewmen, a Starship model, plus banners all over Main Street. Oh, and in case you’ve wondered, Riverside, Iowa’s motto is, “Where the Trek Begins.”

Yeah, so if you’re frequenting Riverside Casino and Golf Resort and if you love Star Trek, you’re in more luck than you can ever imagine. Even if the slots and tables didn’t go your way, a trip to Riverside itself will.

Head on over to the Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk, the Star Trek memorabilia in the area, and top it off with a trip to the Star Trek Museum.

7 – Kalona Historical Village

Okay, so if you’re not a big fan of Star Trek but you’re still looking for a cool place to visit beyond the walls of Riverside Casino and Golf Resort, head over to the Kalona Historical Village.

You’re taking a step back in time at this attraction. History buffs rejoice! This may very well be the top attraction on today’s list. Here, you’ll find attractions within the attraction at the Kalona Creamery and Golden Delights Bakery, among others.

Golden Delight Bakery

But let’s not forget about the interior of the many buildings at this site. When you walk through the doors of the houses and churches, you’ll find them frozen in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

You’ll also find information, displays, and even audio recordings that will give you the ultimate history lesson at this spacious, indoor-outdoor attraction. Whether you’re looking to take a step back in time or if you just want a cool history lesson, there are a lot of reasons to visit the village.

It’ll also take some time to get through. So, it’s best that you carve out an entire afternoon before you head over to the Kalona Historical Village. It has no suggested duration time on TripAdvisor, but many reviewers have stated it’ll take between two and four hours just to get through everything.

In Closing

As you can see, you don’t need to leave Riverside Casino & Golf Resort to find the finest attractions in the area if you choose not to.

But if you’re in the age bracket that grew up watching Star Trek, or if you became a fan of the series at a later date, you have a lot of reason to venture off the resort.

Spend a day or two playing golf either at Blue Top of TopSwing, head to the spa, the boutique, and venture out to see the Star Trek attractions and the historical village. A fun time out in America’s Heartland awaits you and your family.

Have you been to Riverside Casino and Resort? If so, did you venture off the resort or did you take part in any of the attractions listed above? Let us know in the comments.