7 Advantages of Playing Poker in a Casino

Large Casino Sign and Texas Holdem Hand

Gambling in a casino can be an overwhelming experience for a lot of people and can absolutely feel like it’s not worth the effort, but I promise you that there are many advantages to gambling in a casino that most people don’t even consider.

You have seven big advantages when you gamble in a casino as compared to gambling anywhere else. Here’s why you should give all the glitz and glam of the casino a shot and put aside your fears about how overwhelming or annoying the experience will be.

1 – Some Casino-Goers Are Drunk

Sure, this sounds terrible, but it’s absolutely a fact. When you gamble in a casino, pretty much everyone there is going to be drinking, and that means you have an advantage when you’re playing against other gamblers.

Does this mean that the staff are drinking and that your dealers are going to make mistakes? Absolutely not. The staff would probably get into loads of trouble if they started drinking on the job.

That means games that only have a dealer and don’t feature other players aren’t going to have this advantage. Instead, you want to focus on games where you’re playing with other people, like poker.

Playing poker against intoxicated people can get pretty annoying, and there’s certainly an element of ethics here that you’ll have to make peace with. But the reality is that you can make a lot of money off people who have made the poor decision to drink and play cards. So, if you stay sober in the casino (or heck, even sober-ish), you’re at an advantage.

2 – The Casino Is Open 24/7

Playing real money poker online is lots of fun and has many of its own advantages, but one of the big problems with online poker is that playing late just means you’re playing people who just woke up and are playing in the morning.

What that means is that the majority of the people you’re playing against are well-rested no matter what time of the day you’re playing. If you get on at 3 AM, you’re probably playing people in another part of the world who are ready to take your money.

At a casino, the experience is a lot different.

A Live Poker Game Table

Now, sure, you’re going to run into shift workers at the casino who actually are well rested at 3 AM and used to being up really early or really late. But the majority of people are going to be tired.

Again, just like the advantage of playing with a few drunks, playing against tired people gives you an advantage as long as you are okay with the ethical implications of this and have gotten enough sleep yourself!

3 – Casinos Often Have Players Clubs

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the online casinos are doing their very best to catch up with VIP Programs, but the fact of the matter remains that physical casinos are really, really good about having lots and lots of rewards systems available for the average player.

These rewards programs are often called players clubs and are designed to keep you playing. You get bonuses and rewards as you continue to play and spend money.

Sure, there are some websites that do this, but not all of them do. Casinos have hopped on this bandwagon for decades and have perfected the art of giving you just enough rewards to make it worth your while (while not breaking their own bank).

If you take the time to sign up for a player’s club, you’re going to be pulling in some sweet rewards in no time that you wouldn’t be able to get at a physical casino.

4 – You Can See the Other Player’s Tells

One of the biggest drawbacks of playing online is that you can’t see the other players. Poker, especially, has long been known as a game of psychology more than luck. If you can figure out what other players are thinking based on their speech and body language, then you’re in a better position to win money off of them.

That being said, I think this even applies at games where some level of skill is involved against the dealer, like blackjack. But not everyone would agree with me there.

As far as poker is concerned, playing online makes it significantly harder to figure out what the other players are holding in their hands.

Does one player scratch his nose when he gets a bad hand? Does another player adjust her glasses when she gets a good hand? Does one guy start talking a bunch of trash when he’s bluffing? Does the stoic girl with the great poker face have a little twitch whenever she has a pocket pair?

There’s no way in the world you’ll get to learn these tells when you’re playing online. But when you’re playing in a casino, you have the chance to figure out what the other players are thinking more accurately than if you are playing online.

5 – You Can More Easily Set Other Players on Tilt

Being online is sometimes no substitute for the real thing, and one of the biggest advantages to playing poker in a casino is that you can much more easily set other players on tilt and take advantage of throwing them off their game.

Why is this the case? Because you can use your words much more accurately and abrasively when you’re playing poker in person than when you’re playing online.

Sure, some online poker sites allow you to chat with the other players and try to set them off their game, but those players can literally obscure the chat and ignore everything you say.

A lot of online poker sites allows you to turn the chat off. But for others, all you have to do is open another browser window and put it in front of the chat box.

That’s just not possible when it comes to playing poker in real life. You can say just about anything you want, and nobody will be able to do anything about it (unless you start getting really mean or crazy, which I absolutely don’t recommend).

Most people can be triggered in some way or another to freak out a little and get angry or anxious if you say or do the right thing. If you’re playing online, it’s much, much harder to set someone on tilt and then clean up at the card table.

6 – You Can Control Yourself More Easily

When you’re sitting at a computer and gambling, you can pretty much set up your laptop in your bed and play all day long if you want to.

While this can be a great thing for some people, it’s not great for everyone. Going to the casino costs money and time, and it usually means you have to walk away from your family for several hours. this means that you can’t just get up and play with the kids for an hour then go back to gambling. You go, you usually have to drive, then you have to come home.

This can be hugely beneficial to people who gamble a lot and can accidently play for too long if they’re not paying attention. I’m not saying this is going to cure a gambling addict, but very few people actually become addicted to gambling.

For most people, it’s just a matter of control. But playing poker online makes things a lot harder to control. It’s just too convenient for some people, and it can get out of hand without meaning to.

If you go to the casino in person, you’ll have to go home at some point. You’ll have to make the most of your trip, and you’ll just be less likely to gamble for day after day during all your free time.

7 – You Won’t Play Against the Best Poker Players in the World

One big problem a lot of people don’t realize that online poker has is that many of the best players in the world love it. And if you’re playing against them online, you often won’t even know it!

Professional Poker Player at a Table

When you play at a casino in person, trust me when I say that it will be really clear if one of the superstars of poker walks into the room and sits at your table. Everyone will probably leave!

Many of these players make the majority of their money each year at real money online casinos, and it’s not like the website is going to tell you that you’re sitting at the table with someone who is about to clean your clock.

Playing in a casino avoids all this hassle and ensures you’re playing at the very least with people who are just good in your region.

Any Advantages I Missed?

Entire books have been written about the game of poker and the way to win it all, so I’m sure there are some advantages that I’ve missed. Anything you want to add?

Let me know in the comments!