6 Winning Gambling Strategies for Smart Gamblers

People Playing At A Blackjack Table. Gambling Strategies Wording In Bottom Left Corner

There’s a simple system you can use if you want to win more often when you gamble. Once you learn this simple system, you’re going to wonder why you haven’t been using it all along.

All you have to do is implement the same strategies that winning gamblers are using.

In this article, you’re going to learn six different gambling techniques that you can start using immediately. And you’ll soon find your bankroll gradually increasing in profit rather than slowly dwindling down.

1 – Bet on Blackjack

Winning gamblers play real money blackjack more often than any of the other casino games combined. The main reason why this is because blackjack is usually the only game in the casino that gamblers can beat.

Casino games are tricky. No matter how you play or how many strategies you try to use, there are certain casino games that you just can’t win. Most of the time, it’s because these games rely on luck rather than skill.

Blackjack is designed in a way where you can play with a high rate of return by simply using a good strategy. You can also win more often in blackjack by finding games and tables that have good rules.

There’s even an advanced blackjack strategy called “card counting” that makes returns even higher. In fact, card counting is such a powerful gambling strategy that it can make returns higher than 100%.

When you get a return of 100%, it means that you’re breaking even. And if the return is over 100%, it means you’re winning profit.

To get started, learn all the best blackjack rules. Then, learn the best strategy for each hand using a blackjack chart. Finally, learn an easy card counting strategy to gain an advantage over the house edge.

2 – Play in Poker Rooms

Even though you can play poker at a casino, I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a “casino” game because of the way that it’s played. With poker, you’re not trying to win against a dealer like you would in a game of blackjack.

When you play most casino games like slots, you’re fighting the house with odds stacked against you. But when you play poker, you’re trying to win over other poker players. This means that you only have to use better strategies than your opponents in order to win. This is what makes poker a great opportunity to win more often.

It sounds easy, but it can definitely be difficult to learn how to use poker strategy better than your opponents. There are hundreds of strategies you can use to play poker. And there are plenty of great poker players out there.

Bellagio Poker Room Dividers

The good news is that all you really have to do is learn one strategy at a time. After you master one strategy, you can move on to the next one and try to implement that into your gameplay. When you keep stacking poker strategies long enough and practice those skills, you start winning more money.

As a poker player, you get better with more hands-on experience. Keep learning new poker strategies and playing against diverse gamblers. Soon enough, you’ll learn what works for you.

3 – Bet on Sporting Events

Betting on sporting events also yields different results than playing typical casino games. The odds are still against you, but instead of fighting a casino edge, you pay a fee on every sports wager that you lose.

A common way to bet on sporting events is by placing a wager of $11 to win $10, or $55 to win $50. Every time you win, you get back all of the money you placed at risk plus the winning amount. When you lose a wager, you lose the entire amount you risked.

This creates an overall edge for the sportsbook because they collect a little more on the wagers that they win than they have to pay out on the wagers that they lose.

This gives you an opportunity if you learn how to pick winning sides more often than you pick the losing side. In fact, you only have to pick the winning side 53% of the time to make a profit.

By doing enough research on the sports and events you want to bet on, you can definitely win more often than you lose.

4 – Gamble on Horse Races

When you gamble on horse races, you’re competing against everyone else who gambles on the same races. The money that the horse track collects on wagers is put in something called a “pool.” The track takes a cut of the total pool off the top, then pays out all of the remaining money in the pool to gamblers who made winning bets.

You need to learn how to evaluate horses, jockeys, and past results so that you can place winning wagers on a majority of the races that you bet. This requires quite a bit of experience.

This skill is called “handicapping,” and you can acquire this skill if you study the numbers and learning from your prior betting mistakes.

Start by learning all of the wager options at the track and learning how to read and evaluate racing programs or sheets. You also need to learn about the track conditions and how the weather can influence each horse.

Horse Racing

Learning how to win as a horse race gambler is challenging, but once you pay attention to the small details, you’ll find that there are plenty of races where you can place winning bets.

5 – Avoid the Worst Gambling Opportunities

In the first few sections of this page, I’ve covered the best gambling opportunities that smart gamblers use to make a profit.

But on the other side of the coin, there are some gambling opportunities that are so bad that you need to avoid them at all times. Here are the worst gambling opportunities:

Slot Machines – Slot machines tend to take your money faster than any other game in the casino. These games play at a high rate of speed, and they have a consistent edge for the casino. This means that the more you play slot machines, the more money you lose. Results are randomized, so there’s no real way to apply any skill or to change results.

Lottery Games – Lottery games can have big top prizes, but the edge is even higher than when you play slot machines.

Keno – Keno is a type of lottery game found in some casinos. The edge the casino has in most casino games is even worse for you than the edge they have on slot machines.

Most gambling opportunities that aren’t listed in this section or in the other sections of this article fall somewhere in between.

The best thing to do is stick with the four gambling opportunities listed earlier in this article if you want to win consistently as a gambler.

6 – Use Online Bonus Offers for Profit

Smart gamblers know how to evaluate online and mobile casino bonus offers. Most bonus offers look good on the surface, but in the end, they might not help you make a profit with high rollovers and specific terms. Still, there a few special bonus offers that can help you win.

The key is to learn how to identify the best bonus offers and avoid the ones that cost you more money.

To learn which offers are the best, you have to read and understand the terms of each offer.

Every bonus has “rollover requirements” or “playthrough requirements.” If you come across a bonus, check to see if these requirements are high.

A lot of bonuses force you to play for so long that you can’t win. The common requirement is around 35x or 40x. Anything more could be too much for the average gambler. But it also depends on whether you’re a high roller.

Some offers require you to complete these rollovers in a certain time frame, so it’s best to keep an eye out for that. Another caveat to bonuses is whether they exclude certain games from meeting playthrough requirements. Make sure to look through the terms to find any exclusions.

The bad news is that there isn’t a fast or easy way to find the best bonus offers. You just have to find as many bonuses as you can and read what you have to do to satisfy the terms. Most of the time, the bonuses that offer the highest amounts have the worst terms.

Be Smart

Smart gamblers know that some gambling opportunities are better than others. They also know which games they can afford to play and which gambling opportunities they should avoid.

The best games for gamblers include blackjack, poker, sports betting, and horse racing. Some of the worst are slot machines, keno, and lottery games.

No matter what gambling opportunity you choose, you have to work on becoming an expert. You have to know all of the rules and all of the best strategies if you want to win.

Smart gamblers also know how to get the best mobile and online gambling bonuses and how to use them to make a profit. If you implement these strategies, you’ll become a profitable gambler over time.