6 Ways You Can Turn the Tables on the Casinos

Group of People Gambling at a Roulette Table

Every casino gambler wants to win, but few learn how to turn the tables on the casinos. As a result, the casinos keep cranking out profits, and the players keep losing money.

The good news is you can turn the table son the casinos if you learn the right strategies. Here are six ways to change your luck the next time you gamble in a casino.

The two most important tips are in this post’s first and fifth sections. You can go from a loser to a winner overnight with these two strategies.

Don’t Do What the Casinos Want You to Do

What did you do the last time you went to the casino? The odds are good that you found one of your favorite slot machines, put some money in the machine, and started spinning the reels. You probably played until you ran out of money or ran out of time. And you’re probably going to do the same thing the next time you go to the casino.

Maybe you don’t care for the slot machines, and you grabbed a seat at your favorite table game. You played a few hours and got up for a while but ended up losing money.

Either of these scenarios is fine if you’re gambling for entertainment, but both scenarios are common. Gambling like this is exactly what the casinos want you to do. The casinos don’t want you to think about gambling as anything other than a form of entertainment.

You have a chance to win when you gamble in the casino, but on average, you lose. This is because casinos are set up so the casino makes lots of money, and the average player loses a little money. It’s not that casinos are evil, but they’re designed to make money.

If you want to turn the tables on the casinos, you have to stop doing what the casinos want you to do. You can still gamble in the casino, but you have to do it in a different way than most people gamble in the casino. And you’re probably going to have to change the way you’ve been gambling.

The change starts with your mindset. Change the way you think about gambling right now, and use the tips in the rest of this post to change the way you gamble even more.

Use Rewards, Coupons, and Everything Else

When I gamble in local casinos or take a trip to gamble in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, I always sign up for the player’s club and use my card. I want to earn as many comps and benefits as I can. I figure that I’m going to be gambling anyway, so I might as well earn some rewards along the way.

I also keep an eye open for coupons and specials offered by the casinos. In addition, by signing up for the player’s clubs, I receive notifications of special tournaments and contests, and I try to take advantage of as many of these things as possible.

Players Club Sign

Start collecting memberships to reward’s clubs and watch for specials and coupons and deals about gambling. Casinos are willing to offer a lot to get gamblers in the door, so take advantage of every offer you can find.

Use Bonuses in Mobile and Online Casinos

When I started gambling, the internet didn’t exist. I had to travel a couple of hours to find a dog track, and they didn’t even offer casino games at the time. And if I wanted to play in a real casino, I had to get on a plane and travel hours.

Now I can open my laptop computer, play at 100’s of different casinos, play in online poker rooms and make bets in sportsbooks. And I can travel to local casinos in less than two hours, and I live in the middle of nowhere.

Things change quickly in the world, and with every change, there are some things that are good and some things that aren’t so good. So you have to look for the good things with every change.

One of the good things about the availability of online and mobile casinos is you can get bonuses when you gamble. But, unfortunately, while I’ve got rewards and other interesting things from local casinos, I’ve never received a bonus.

Become an expert on online and mobile casino bonuses. Start reading the terms and conditions for every bonus you see and try many different types of bonuses. As you learn more about bonuses, you’ll be able to find good bonuses you can use every time you gamble.

Blackjack and Video Poker Insider Secrets

The two best games in most casinos are blackjack and video poker. Blackjack games with decent rules and video poker machines with decent paytables have the highest rate of return in the casino. And a high rate of return means that you lose less money when you gamble.

The secret is that you have to use the right strategies when you play video poker or blackjack, or the return isn’t as high. So the first thing you need to do is learn how to use the best strategy for each of these games.

Casino Cards Laid Decoratively on a Blackjack Table

You can find strategy cards for these games online or in casino stores. Buy a set of strategy cards and carry them with you when you go to the casino or when you play in online or mobile casinos.

The only other thing you need to learn how to do is identify the right video poker pay tables and the blackjack tables that have the best rules.

You Only Need to Find One Advantage

Most casino gamblers are happy winning sometimes and being entertained. Of course, they lose some money, but they keep their losses to a reasonable level and have fun while they gamble. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the way most people gamble, but what if I told you there’s a way you can gamble without losing money?

I’ve been playing poker and blackjack and betting on sports for a long time, and I don’t lose money. Of course, I lose money sometimes, but overall I make a little bit of money. And sometimes I make a good amount of money.

I’m not the most successful gambler I know, as some gamblers make a living gambling. But some gamblers are like me and gamble as a hobby and have figured out how to do it without losing money.

The secret is that you need to find at least one advantage or one way to gamble while breaking even. It just so happens that the three ways that I gamble all have a way to break even or make a little money if you know what you’re doing.

The subject is deeper than I can cover in this section, but if you want to get started, spend some time learning more about blackjack, betting on sports, and poker.

Look for Casino Attachments

Sometimes the best way to gamble isn’t on the casino floor. While blackjack and video poker are good gambling options, casinos that have a sportsbook and/or poker room offer more chances to win.

Poker players can use strategy to make a profit, which is more than most casino players can say. Of course, if you’re not a good strategy player, you’re probably going to lose money playing poker. But you can learn how to improve your strategy over time.

Holdem Player Holding a Royal Flush

Sports betting is another area where you can learn to make a profit if you improve your handicapping skills. Another good thing about betting on sports is you can watch a game after you bet on it and not place bets every few seconds like you do in the casino. Betting this way can save you a lot of money over time.

The important thing to learn here is that you should keep your eyes open to all of the gambling options in and around the casino. Sometimes you’re better off gambling in another area of the casino than on the casino floor.

Our Final Thoughts

No matter what else you learn from this post, the most important thing is never to do what the casinos want you to do. The casinos want you to do things the way they plan so that you lose money consistently.

Your goal is to turn the tables on the casinos, and the only way to do this is to stop doing what the casinos want. Use the six things listed in this post to get started on the right path.

Remember, you only need to find one advantage to turn the tables on the casinos. So find your advantage and then hammer it home.